Ariana Grande “Moonlight” Lyrics Meaning [Explained]

Ariana Grande’s “Moonlight” is a captivating song that has gained widespread popularity since its release in 2016. The song is a perfect blend of Grande’s soulful voice, well-crafted lyrics, and captivating melody. At first glance, “Moonlight” may seem like a typical love song, but upon closer examination, the lyrics reveal a deeper meaning that touches on the complexities of romantic relationships.

In this article, we’ll explore the alluring meaning behind “Moonlight” and what the song represents to Ariana Grande and her fans.

The Meaning Behind “Moonlight”

A Journey Through the Lyrics of “Moonlight”

To understand the meaning behind “Moonlight,” it’s essential to take a journey through the song’s lyrics. The song opens with the lines “The sun is setting, and you’re right here by my side,” setting a romantic tone for the rest of the song. Grande’s soothing voice draws the listener in as she describes the feelings of love and attraction towards her partner.

In the chorus, Grande sings “I never knew, I never knew/ You could hold moonlight in your hands/ ‘Til the night I held you/ You are my moonlight, moonlight.” The metaphor of holding moonlight in one’s hands is a powerful image that represents the magic and wonder of being in love. Grande’s revelation that her partner is her moonlight is a touching moment in the song and conveys the depth of her feelings for him.

In the second verse, Grande sings, “I kiss his fingertips as I’m wishing he’s all mine/ He’s giving me Elvis with some James Dean in his eyes.” Here, Grande uses the imagery of two iconic figures, Elvis Presley and James Dean, to describe the allure of her partner’s gaze. The lines show that Grande is attracted to her partner’s confidence and coolness, qualities that are reminiscent of the two legendary icons.

The Allure of Unrequited Love

One of the central themes of “Moonlight” is unrequited love, a concept that many people can relate to. Grande’s lyrics capture the essence of wanting someone who doesn’t feel the same way about you.

The line “I be crushin’ on you, baby/ Stay right where you are” conveys the longing and desire that Grande feels for her partner. The use of the phrase “crushin'” suggests that Grande is experiencing intense feelings of attraction towards her partner, but she’s not yet sure if those feelings are reciprocated.

The Complexity of Romantic Relationships

The lyrics of “Moonlight” also highlight the complexity of romantic relationships. Grande’s lyrics convey the ups and downs of being in love, and the difficulties that can arise when two people are trying to navigate their feelings for each other. In the bridge, Grande sings, “Baby, I be fallin’/ You can trust me, I know (I know, I know)/ ‘Cause I’ve been there before/ Your love is magical, it’s beautiful/ I don’t have to be afraid.”

These lines show that Grande has been hurt in the past, and she’s hesitant to fully trust her partner. However, she acknowledges that his love is magical and beautiful, and she’s willing to take a chance on it.

The complexity of the lyrics reflects the reality of romantic relationships, where there are often highs and lows, moments of doubt and insecurity, and the need for trust and vulnerability.

The Power of Love

Despite the complexities of romantic relationships, “Moonlight” ultimately celebrates the power of love. The song’s lyrics convey the joy and wonder of being in love, the feelings of attraction and desire, and the hope that love can bring. The lines “I never knew, I never knew/ You could hold moonlight in your hands/ ‘Til the night I held you/ You are my moonlight, moonlight” show that love can be a transformative experience that brings wonder and magic into one’s life.

The final lines of the song, “You’re my moonlight, moonlight,” are a powerful declaration of love and commitment. Grande’s use of the word “you” implies that the song is dedicated to a specific person, and the repetition of the word “moonlight” reinforces the idea that this person is the source of her happiness and joy.


In conclusion, Ariana Grande’s “Moonlight” is a beautiful song that captures the essence of love and attraction. The lyrics are a powerful combination of imagery, metaphor, and emotion, and they convey the complexity of romantic relationships.

The song’s central themes of unrequited love, the power of love, and the ups and downs of relationships are universal concepts that many people can relate to. Through “Moonlight,” Ariana Grande has created a timeless song that speaks to the heart and soul of her fans.

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