5 Best Joyner Lucas Songs of All Time (2023)

Joyner Lucas is a super talented rapper who’s blown up online like crazy. He’s got skills for days and his music is always full of surprises. Joyner’s got this way of weaving words together that just blows your mind, and he’s not afraid to tackle tough topics either. 

We’ve put together a list of our top 5 Joyner Lucas tracks and verses that you just can’t miss. So, without further ado, here they are!

5. I’m Sorry (Verse 2)

If you’re looking for a song that truly captures the experience of suicide, “I’m Sorry” by Joyner Lucas is definitely worth a listen. Released a few years ago, this track takes a unique approach by presenting two perspectives: that of the suicidal person, and that of their close friend or brother.

The song starts off with a familiar portrayal of depression and self-deprecation, which unfortunately is all too common these days. But what really sets “I’m Sorry” apart is how it delves into the heartbreak felt by those who love someone struggling with suicidal thoughts. This is a perspective that is rarely explored, and it’s done with incredible sensitivity and honesty.

Joyner Lucas manages to express his anger and pain at his friend’s suicide, while also acknowledging the guilt and the desire not to make the situation about himself. It’s a delicate balancing act, but one that he pulls off beautifully.

Overall, “I’m Sorry” is a powerful and poignant song that shines a light on an important but often overlooked aspect of suicide. If you or someone you know is struggling with suicidal thoughts, this song may offer some comfort and understanding.

4. I’m Not Racist

Let’s talk about this song that came out during the MAGA-hat era of American politics. It’s become a culturally accepted piece that speaks to the differences we see as we move closer to racial lines. The song is presented in a reflective, conversational style that touches on extreme stereotypes surrounding race relations in America.

Joyner Lucas, the artist behind the song, tries to help the audience understand the thoughts behind some of the slurs different groups face. He does a pretty good job at it too! In the first verse, we see a white person saying things that many white people indirectly say daily. Some might argue that it gives an unfair platform to a harmful perspective. However, the verse does an excellent job of exposing the misconceptions that feed racial generalisations and minimise the legacy of slavery.

It’s worth noting that Joyner has experienced this himself several times before. The power of the verse lies in the fact that the opinions shared are usually never given space to be heard, and in most cases, rightly so. Joyner’s perspective can help those on either side of the argument identify and realize the flaws in their opinions.

Overall, it’s a powerful piece of art that encourages us to reflect on our beliefs and attitudes towards race.

3. Words with friends.

If you’re a fan of hip hop, you may already know about “Words with Friends” – a song that embodies the raw, unfiltered roots of the genre. It’s all about skill and versatility, with Joyner Lucas catching random words thrown by his friends and incorporating them effortlessly into his verses.

But what’s really impressive is how he takes these seemingly trivial words and weaves them into something attention-grabbing and substantive. It’s not just a fun bit – there are some real gems here that will stick with you long after the song is over.

The song consists of 10 short verses, each initiated by a suggested word from Joyner’s friends. But even in these brief moments, he manages to pack in some serious wordplay. And if you stick around for the 11th verse, you’ll get a more fleshed-out demonstration of the same skills that made the earlier verses so enjoyable.

Overall, “Words with Friends” is a great example of the freestyle era and the joy of just having fun with language. If you haven’t checked it out yet, you’re missing out!

2. Frozen

If you haven’t heard Joyner Lucas’ song “Frozen” and watched the music video, you’re missing out on a powerful emotional experience. The music video depicts a tragic car crash and the devastating impact it has on the lives of those involved. It’s heartbreaking to see how the damage caused by that one frozen moment spreads and affects everyone.

The most poignant verse for me is the first, which is written from the perspective of a dying child. The verse captures the innocence of a child facing death and the realization of all the things they’ll miss out on. When the verse begins with “Damn, this is not alright,” it expresses the shock and sadness that anyone can feel when they face the reality of a life cut short.

Joyner’s delivery in this verse is also very powerful. While it’s a grown man’s voice, he manages to convey the perspective of a young child. This verse and the entire song can be extremely moving for anyone who has experienced a near-death experience or lost someone in a similar tragedy.

Overall, “Frozen” is a song that will touch your heart and stay with you long after you’ve heard it.

1. Forever

If you’re looking for a song that packs a punch and still manages to end on a positive note, then “Forever” is the perfect choice. This track is just as meaningful as the others on the list, but its lighter instrumental and positive ending create a sense of openness that allows us to really delve into Joyner’s thoughts and emotions.

The song tells the story of a man who receives the news that a woman he didn’t want to be with is pregnant with his child. Joyner outlines the fears, concerns, and extreme thoughts that come with such a situation. In the first verse, he admits that he initially told her to get an abortion and meant it. However, in the final verse, he has a change of heart and reconciles with the situation in a more realistic way, without twisting it into a fairytale ending.

The second verse is particularly powerful as it describes the man’s conscious mind looking into the face of a child he still doesn’t want, even after the child is born. Joyner doesn’t shy away from the complexity of the situation and confronts it head-on, showcasing his rap skills and ability to handle substance-filled topics.

Overall, “Forever” is a great song that realistically portrays the transitions we face in life, and how we can learn to accept them in our own unique way.

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