10 Best Lil Uzi Vert Songs of All Time (2023)

If you’re into hip-hop, chances are you’ve heard of Lil Uzi Vert. This dude is one of the most important rappers of the last ten years, and he’s made quite the impact on the industry.

Lil Uzi Vert started out in 2015, signing with Generation Now – the label owned by the legendary mixtape hosts Don Cannon and DJ Drama – and partnered with Atlantic Records. His first tape with them, Luv Is Rage, really put him on the map. It was a mix of heartfelt love songs and high-energy anthems, blending the best of Chicago drill, Atlanta’s street melodies, and his hometown’s freestyle spirit. Plus, it was a landmark for a new, diverse rap scene that was starting to emerge on SoundCloud.

Since then, Lil Uzi Vert’s profile has only gotten bigger. He’s collaborated with Playboi Carti, Young Thug, and Future, and he’s released a ton of great music – mixtapes, albums, and singles. Through it all, he’s kept up his quirky persona, showing off fast cars, flashy clothes, and his sensitive side (because he’s always heartbroken, it seems!).

Of course, not everyone was into Lil Uzi Vert at first. Some fans and critics weren’t sure what to make of his unique take on rap, and they called him out with names like “SoundCloud rap” or “mumble rap.” But Uzi didn’t let it get to him – he just kept on doing his thing.

And now, the world has caught up to Lil Uzi Vert. He’s an undeniable force in hip-hop, and every time he drops a new tape or album – from Luv Is Rage to his latest release, Eternal Atake – it sends shockwaves through the industry. He’s got a really personal style that resonates with his fans, and that’s why we’ve put together a list of our 10 favorite Lil Uzi Vert songs and features. Check ’em out!

10. “Money Longer”

Let’s talk about Lil Uzi Vert’s banger of a track, “Money Longer” from his fourth mixtape “Lil Uzi Vert vs. the World” which came out in 2016. In this track, Lil Uzi Vert, who was just 21 years old at the time, boasts about his accomplishments without any hint of arrogance. He talks about how his money has increased, his speaker is louder, and his car is faster. The beat produced by Don Cannon and Maaly Raw is pure fire and gives the song an energetic vibe that’ll make you want to move.

Despite a brief mention of a failed relationship, Lil Uzi Vert seems to be living his best life, enjoying every moment of his success. “Money Longer” was his first major-label single, and it was a big moment for him as he stepped into the big leagues with the attitude that he had already made it. And let’s be honest, it’s hard not to feel confident when you’re on top of your game.

Noah Yoo, who wrote about the track, makes a great point about Lil Uzi’s unstoppable confidence. This track became a massive hit and proved that Lil Uzi Vert was a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. If you haven’t heard it yet, you’re missing out on a dope track that’ll have you feeling like a boss.

9. “Nuyork Nights at 21”

Are you a 21-year-old in New York City, looking for a song that resonates with your life right now? Well, look no further than Lil Uzi Vert’s “Nuyork Nights at 21” from his 2015 album Luv Is Rage.

I remember listening to this track and feeling like it perfectly encapsulated my life at the time. Even though I was delusional because, let’s face it, my life was nothing like Uzi’s. Nevertheless, the song is a hazy and effortless love song set against R&B production from ATL duo FKI. At that time, FKI was already known for their early hits with Post Malone and Travis Scott.

What I love about this song is how Uzi proclaims his admiration in a way that isn’t necessarily charming, but still sounds romantic. It goes to show that sometimes, it’s not about what you say, but how you say it. Uzi raps, “I was rockin’ Rick Owens/You was rockin’ Raf,” which speaks to the connection we have with our clothes at that age. It’s probably stronger than the one we have with our significant other.

8. “Canadian Goose”

In this track, Uzi shows off his incredible skills at ad-libs, even if it seems like he’s just repeating “yeah” over and over again. But don’t let that fool you – Uzi’s energy never wanes, and he brings a playful, Auto-Tuned call-and-response to every line.

While the track can get a bit chaotic with all the different vocal takes, Uzi keeps the momentum going with his infectious energy. So if you’re looking for a song that’ll get you pumped up and dancing, “Canadian Goose” is definitely worth a listen!

7. “Hi Roller”

If you’re looking for a musical thrill ride that captures the exhilaration of youth and newfound wealth, look no further than “Hi Roller” by Lil Uzi Vert. Produced by Rex Cudo and Maaly Raw, this track takes you on a wild journey through the rapper’s wonderland of high-end toys, designer gear, and blinged-out grills.

Listening to Uzi’s lyrics, you can feel the confidence and excitement that comes with being a celebrity with endless perks. He name-drops all the top designer brands like they’re old friends, and even boasts about his diamond-studded grill that gives him a sparkling smile. Uzi is so eager to show off his riches that he repeats and mirrors his verses, driving home the point that these prizes have become routine.

The term “high roller” usually refers to a gambler who can afford to lose big, but for Uzi, it’s a symbol of his newfound confidence and limitless credit. This song was released in 2016, just as he was on the cusp of his mainstream breakthrough, and it captures the unbridled energy and optimism of that moment in his life.

So sit back and enjoy the ride as Lil Uzi Vert takes you on a tour of his luxurious life in “Hi Roller.”

6. “Do What I Want”

Uzi’s music is like his personal playground where he focuses on his own amusement. He doesn’t follow the rules, instead, he follows his own whims. In his song “Do What I Want”, Uzi talks about how his rapid rise to fame has given him the freedom and authority to cut loose and he’s making the most of it.

The music in the song perfectly reflects the lifestyle Uzi’s living, it’s jolly, untroubled, and entertaining. The beat created by Don Cannon and Maaly Raw, with two different synth riffs that sometimes alternate and sometimes interlock, drives Uzi towards a significant realization that defines his music: “I can do anything.”

5. Migos: “Bad and Boujee” [ft. Lil Uzi Vert]

The song was already packed with energy, but Uzi’s unique style made it stand out even more. With lines like “Met her today, yeah/She talk to me like she knew me,” Uzi brought his signature charisma to the track, and his ad-libs added an extra spark to the already fire chorus.

Who could forget the iconic video with Uzi pulling off those crazy dance moves and flashing his impish grin, surrounded by the Migos crew? The song was so popular that it hit No. 1 on the Hot 100 chart and remains the biggest hit Uzi has ever been a part of. And if you need further proof of Uzi’s impact on the song, check out the fan edit where his bemused “yeah”s are looped over and over – it’s got over five million views!

All in all, “Bad and Boujee” was a huge moment for Uzi and a standout track for Migos. It’s no surprise that it remains a fan favorite to this day.

4. “Buy It”

This 2016 hit showcases Uzi’s love for designer clothing as he raps about his desire to buy everything from Murakami to Phillip Lim, all while sounding carefree and joyful. It’s the perfect soundtrack for anyone who loves shopping and wants to feel as if they’re walking through the park while adding new clothes to their collection.

Plus, Uzi’s collaboration with Zaytoven makes the song even better, as they prove to be a perfect match with their earlier hit “Too Much Sauce”. So, if you’re in the mood for some shopping inspiration and a fun, upbeat tune, give “Buy It” a listen and enjoy Uzi’s love for fashion.

3. “Grow Up”

If you’re looking for proof of Lil Uzi Vert’s talent, just take a listen to his SoundCloud uploads. One of his best tracks, “Grow Up,” is a smooth and carefree diss aimed at those who accuse him of stealing their style. But Uzi isn’t fazed by the accusations – he’s too busy admiring his sparkling diamonds (they’re as blue as the waters in Bora Bora, in case you were wondering).

The track features Uzi’s relaxed and sonorous rapping over dreamy flute production from Glohan, which sounds like it was created on a Game Boy Advance. The cover art for the song shows Uzi lying on a bed, surrounded by piles of cash and Pokémon cards, perfectly capturing the balance between his ambition and playfulness.

Despite Uzi’s jabs at his accusers’ immaturity, it’s clear that he’s not interested in growing up himself. And who can blame him? With a style this fresh and catchy, we hope he stays young at heart for a long time.

2. “Ready Set Go (Vlone)”

So back in 2016, there was this fashion brand called Vlone that was all the rage with the stylish crowd. People who wanted to show off their edgy side would shell out big bucks for their overpriced graphic tees, and it became a status symbol for those who thought they were just too cool for everyone else (but really they were just jerks).

Anyway, even though Uzi isn’t really that type of person, he was really into Vlone for a while. And you might think that making music about that kind of hypebeast stuff would be unbearable, but Uzi and his longtime producer DP Beats actually made it pretty awesome. They took the basics of drill music and turned them into this high-drama, double-speed Chief Keef type of thing, with Uzi’s sass thrown in for good measure.

Now, I don’t know about you, but even with Uzi’s stamp of approval, I’m still not convinced that buying a Vlone shirt is a good idea. But hey, to each their own, right? Alphonse Pierre sure seemed to think Uzi’s take on it was pretty sweet.

1. “XO Tour Llif3”

If you’re into rap, you’ve probably heard of “XO Tour Llif3,” the 2017 track that shot Lil Uzi Vert into mainstream fame. But did you know that this song was a game-changer in the world of hip-hop? Before “XO Tour Llif3,” Uzi and his fellow SoundCloud rappers were often dismissed as outsiders in the industry because of their unconventional styles. But a closer look at Uzi’s music shows that he’s always been more traditional than people gave him credit for.

When you listen to “XO Tour Llif3,” you can hear the classic Atlanta sound in the drum pattern and melody, thanks to producers JW Lucas and TM88, a member of the influential 808 Mafia crew. But what really makes this song stand out is Uzi’s unique style. He raps about wanting to die, which is nothing new in the rap world, but he does it with a shoulder-shimmying bounce that makes it hard not to nod your head along. Even the chorus, with its catchy and eerie “Push me to the edge/All my friends are dead” lyrics, has become a cultural phenomenon.

Uzi’s passion and intensity as a student of rap are evident in every verse he spits, and it’s clear that he’s more than just a flash in the pan. With “XO Tour Llif3,” he proved the haters wrong and cemented his place in the hip-hop canon. So if you haven’t already, give this song a listen and see for yourself why it’s more than just a hit – it’s a pivotal moment in popular music.

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