10 Best Mac Miller Songs of All Time (2023)

Let’s talk about the amazing Mac Miller and his music. He was one of the most talented artists of our generation, and his tragic passing in 2018 left a huge hole in the music world. But his legacy lives on, and millions of fans still celebrate his life and work.

Did you know that Mac Miller was a self-taught artist who released his first mixtape at just fifteen years old? And even after his untimely death, his last album was released in 2020 and received widespread acclaim.

Mac Miller’s music was inspired by a range of genres and artists, from 80s legends to fellow hip-hop stars. He had a gift for taking something old and making it new, often remixing and sampling older songs and adding his own unique twist.

His tracks had a cinematic feel, with lyrics that delved into powerful emotions like positivity, depression, loneliness, and love. The way he blended different genres and sounds created music that was truly one-of-a-kind.

It’s hard to believe that we lost such a talented artist so soon. But in honor of Mac Miller, we’ve put together a list of his 10 best songs. So turn up the volume and let’s celebrate his incredible music together!

10. The Spins

This song takes us back to 2010, with its upbeat tempo and crashing cymbals. The indie vibe mixed with Miller’s near-monotone rap make this track a fun listen. Listening to this song will remind you of simpler times, like being a stupid teenager.

9. Self Care

This song has a cool trap beat that’s similar to BROCKHAMPTON’s music. In this song, Miller talks about his addiction struggles and how he learned to love himself. Fans love this song because it’s honest and relatable for people who are fighting addiction.

8. Donald Trump

“Donald Trump” is the song that put Miller on the map. The beat is infectious, and the lyrics are all about Miller’s desire to become rich and famous like pre-presidency Donald Trump. It’s interesting to note that Trump actually tried to get royalties from Miller for using his name, but Miller refused, explaining that he could have used anyone’s name that symbolized financial success.

7. Best Day Ever

This song has a magical feel to it, with its simple keyboard riff and repetitive violin track. Miller talks about his success and happiness due to his rap career, and the song has an overall feel-good message. The music has both a softness and an inspirational tone that will make you feel good.

6. 2009

“2009” is a departure from Miller’s usual sound. The song starts with violins that sound like they’re from a 50s movie, and the piano melody is beautiful. The lyrics are heavy, as Miller reflects on addiction and depression. Many people credit this song with helping them through their own struggles with addiction.

5. Nikes on My Feet

If you’re into throwback music, you might wanna check out “Nikes on My Feet,” a Mac Miller hit from the 90s and 2000s that samples Nas’s “The World Is Yours.” It’s a simple and catchy track that showcases Miller’s rap skills, and it’s a fan favorite from his K.I.D.S. album that helped him make it big in the music scene. Listening to it will definitely take you back to the good old days when getting a new pair of shoes felt like the coolest thing ever!

4. Weekend (Feat. Miguel)

“Weekend” has a dark message, but the beat is catchy. Miller raps about the stresses of the week and how everything will be okay by the weekend. The chorus is upbeat and uses a trumpet to distinguish itself from the verses. It’s a great song to listen to when you need to escape from the stress of daily life.

3. Blue World

Another Mac Miller gem you don’t wanna miss is “Blue World.” The song remixes The Four Freshmen’s “It’s a Blue World” and talks about how Miller managed to enjoy life despite feeling down in a “blue” or depressing world. It’s a truly inspirational tune that reminds us to stay positive when times get tough and assures us that we’ll all get by one day. “Blue World” is part of Miller’s posthumous album “Circles” released in 2020, and it’s a beautiful tribute to the late rapper’s talent and legacy. Listening to it will make you miss him even more, but it will also lift your spirits up and keep you going.

2. Good News

Moving on to another track, “Good News” is from Miller’s posthumous album, Circles. The music itself has an upbeat vibe, but the lyrics are a reflection of Miller’s struggles with addiction and depression. He talks about feeling resigned to life and always dreaming, needing to wake up. Despite the sad reality, Miller tried to stay optimistic, which is evident in the song. “Good News” is a reminder of the late artist’s efforts to drive away negative thoughts and keep pushing forward.

1. Rain (Feat. Vince Staples)

If you’re a fan of hip-hop, you might know that J.O.B. Orchestra’s “Govinda” is a popular song to remix. Mac Miller and Vince Staples took a crack at it with their track “Rain.” Even though it uses the same sample as other songs, “Rain” stands out with its own unique sound. Fans of Mac Miller’s Faces album consider it one of his best songs, and it’s a perfect track to chill to.

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