10 Best Money Man Songs of All Time (2023)

If you haven’t heard of Money Man yet, you’re missing out on one of the hottest rappers in the game right now. He’s been making waves on the internet for years, and his five-year career in rap has been anything but ordinary. He even signed with Cash Money Records, but then bought himself out of the deal for a quarter of a million dollars. Talk about taking the road less traveled!

Money Man has a solid fanbase, but he’s not one to seek out day-to-day media attention or gossip. Instead, he stays active on Twitter, chatting with fans about everything from the latest crypto trends to what he should do in different cities.

One thing is for sure: Money Man is all about getting that bag. In a 2018 interview with Pitchfork, he made it clear that he sees rap as a doorway to becoming a billionaire. He’s always looking for new business opportunities and ways to grow his wealth.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt that Money Man’s music is fire. He makes melodic, trap-driven bangers that are reminiscent of ATL favorites like Future and YSL. 

But he’s also carved out his own distinct lane in the genre, and we’ve listed 10 of his best songs below for you to check out. If you’re all about that bag too, you’re definitely going to want to add Money Man to your playlist.

10. “Unknown” (Winter, 2018)

Money Man is a rapper who’s known for carrying entire albums by himself, rarely featuring other artists. In his short but prolific career, he has released several projects, and in 2018, he dropped the Winter EP, which included a rare feature from DaBaby.

The EP has only five songs, and “Unknown” is a feature-less track in the middle of it. The production is carried by the strumming of a guitar and an array of flute sounds, creating a certain sadness that gives the song a more emotional feel.

In “Unknown,” Money Man details his come-up and the struggles he faced. The lyrics speak about having to sell Gushers to feed his kids and working hard, like doing three shifts, just to make it. The guitar lick adds to the emotional depth of the song, making it stand out in the EP.

Overall, Money Man’s Winter EP may not have been extensively covered, but “Unknown” is definitely worth highlighting as a rare emotional record that showcases the rapper’s ability to carry a song all by himself.

9. “Amazon” (Epidemic Deluxe, 2020)

Money Man’s “Amazon” stands out as a fan-favorite on his Epidemic deluxe edition album. It’s hard to pick just one favorite track on this consistent album, as each song flows seamlessly into the next, making for an easy and enjoyable listening experience. 

However, “Amazon” caught the attention of many listeners, which led Money Man to officially release it as a single shortly after the album dropped. The title itself is intriguing, as it references the popular online shopping platform, and the beat is a perfect example of Money Man’s signature sound – a melodic, guitar-driven trap that has made him a beloved artist in the industry.

8. “Sacrifice” (Grow God, 2018)

Money Man sure kept himself busy in 2018, with a packed release schedule that left fans eagerly waiting for more. In that year alone, the rapper dropped a total of seven projects, including the 12-track “Grow God” which was released under Cash Money Records.

Interestingly, “Grow God” was Money Man’s first project of the year and took longer to complete than his infamous “Six Hours” project which was created in just six hours. The album’s title and cover are an obvious nod to Money Man’s second income slash hobby – growing and selling marijuana – a topic that he has explored throughout his career.

On the album opener, “Sacrifice,” Money Man starts the project on a high note, providing details from his lifestyle and upbringing while jumping from bar to bar alongside the airy bounce of the beat. The track gives a glimpse into the rapper’s personal life and sets the tone for the rest of the album.

It’s worth noting that 2018 was a significant year for Money Man, as he reportedly paid $250k to leave his deal with Cash Money/Republic Records. Despite this, he continued to produce quality music and “Grow God” is a testament to his creative output.

Overall, “Grow God” is an album that showcases Money Man’s skill as a rapper and his ability to create cohesive projects despite a hectic release schedule. It’s definitely worth a listen if you’re a fan of his music or if you’re curious about his journey as an artist.

7. “Foul” (Paranoia, 2019)

Money Man is known for his no-nonsense attitude when it comes to rapping about the gritty reality of the streets. His track “Foul” from the album Paranoia is a prime example of this. The hook is straight to the point: “These n*ggas so foul / They’ll take your life for a bag of some loud.” It sets the tone for a song that is both raw and honest.

The track features a piano and flute melody that perfectly complements Money Man’s lyrics. As with much of his music, “Foul” offers a glimpse into his own life experiences, with hints of his past woven throughout. The structure of the song is similar to “Precise,” with a chorus followed by a long verse and then the chorus again.

Money Man doesn’t sugar-coat anything in his music, and that’s part of what makes him so appealing. He tells it like it is, whether he’s rapping about making money or the harsh realities of street life. “Foul” is a testament to his ability to capture the essence of the streets and deliver it in a way that resonates with his audience.

6. “Precise” (Epidemic Deluxe, 2020)

If you’re a fan of Money Man and TraumaTone, then “Precise” is a must-listen. This track, which is featured on the deluxe edition of Epidemic, stands out with its seamless beat and looped key arrangement. The closed hi-hats also add to the song’s flow, making it feel like water that just keeps moving.

Money Man’s smooth vocals are perfectly pitched and might remind you of YSL artist Gunna. Although “Precise” is less than two minutes long and has a structure with only one long verse and two short hooks, it still manages to leave a lasting impression. It might work better as a palate cleanser or an interlude, but it’s still a solid track. Plus, it’s worth noting that this song structure is something Money Man frequently returns to.

5. “Underworld” (Epidemic Deluxe, 2020)

If you’re looking for a new song to add to your playlist, “Underworld” by Money Man and TraumaTone is definitely worth checking out. The track has an eerie vibe and would be perfect for a strip club scene in a movie or TV show.

The song starts off with Money Man sharing a personal detail about his past, which makes him seem vulnerable, but then he quickly turns it around and boasts about how he’s now able to hook up with his former tormentors’ girlfriends. This kind of everyday detail is something Money Man is known for, and it helps fans feel like they know him on a personal level.

“Underworld” follows a familiar structure with verses and choruses, but Money Man’s lyrics keep things interesting as he talks about everything from flipping bags to owning cows in Texas. The music itself is hauntingly beautiful, with guitars, flutes, and wobbly synths all blending together seamlessly.

One thing that sets Money Man apart from other rappers is how he interacts with his fans on social media. He takes the time to really engage with them, which only adds to the personal connection fans feel with him.

Overall, “Underworld” is a great addition to any hip hop fan’s library, and it shows once again that Money Man and TraumaTone make an amazing duo.

4. “Money Man Perry” (Paranoia, 2019)

If you’re a fan of Money Man, then you probably already know that his 2019 album, “Paranoia,” set the stage for the platinum success of “24” and its accompanying “Epidemic” album. One of the standout tracks from “Paranoia” is “Money Man Perry,” which kicks off the album with a bang.

The beat for “Money Man Perry” is produced by WindyGotHits and Will Moreno, and it starts off with some classical piano keys before transitioning into a more trap-infused sound. Money Man’s rhymes are short and to the point, and his flow picks up as he approaches the end of the hook, leaving the listener feeling re-energized.

Overall, the combination of Money Man’s flow and the dynamic production of “Money Man Perry” makes it a fan-favorite that’s easy to keep on repeat.

3. “Boss Up” (Black Circle, 2016)

If you’re a Money Man fan, you’d know that “Boss Up” is not just any other hit – it’s his debut hit from his first-ever project. The song also marked a turning point in Money Man’s career, as he decided to pursue rapping as a career after recording it.

In our 2020 interview with him for On the Come Up, Money Man revealed that he recorded “Boss Up” and the rest of Black Circle in a house on Wesley Chapel. He didn’t even scrap any of the songs from the project, except for one. “Boss Up” ended up being his big single from the project, and he put the tape out. Within two weeks, he landed his first show for $2,500 in Mississippi. From there, the song caught on like wildfire, spreading from Memphis to Atlanta, Arkansas, and Texas.

The importance of “Boss Up” cannot be overstated. Along with “How It Feel,” it laid the foundation for Money Man’s signature sound, which fuses ATL trap with melodic elements from instruments like the piano and guitar. It’s a sound that his fans have come to love and expect from him.

2. “Doubted Me” (State of Emergency, 2020)

Money Man has made quite a name for himself in the music industry. He’s worked hard to get where he is today, and it shows in his consistent quality and work ethic. Since 2016, he’s dropped more than three albums per year, some years with heavier releases and some years with lighter ones. In 2020, he released two new albums, but if we’re being technical, the deluxe edition of Epidemic resulted in a whole album’s worth of unheard music, so it’s more like three.

But it’s not just the constant stream of projects that has solidified his fan base; it’s the fact that each new release delivers exactly what fans expect from Money Man. The music is tight, cohesive, and filled with melodic bangers that fans can’t help but love.

One standout track from his 2020 State of Emergency album is “Doubted Me.” While it fits the Money Man sonic template, the song also offers glimpses into Money Man’s life outside of rap. He moves quickly through the track, never pausing for breath as he takes aim at anyone who ever doubted him. It’s an unrelenting and unforgiving take on his position in the game, and fans can’t get enough of it.

1. “How It Feel” (Black Circle 2, 2016)

If you’re a Money Man fan, chances are you’ve heard and loved “How It Feel.” The song not only became an early favorite among his fans, but it also showcased and defined his style. It was first released in 2016 as part of the Black Circle 2 mixtape, and it’s still a jam today.

One of the reasons why “How It Feel” is so likable is thanks to CamGotHits’ piano-heavy beat that perfectly complements Money Man’s effortless flow. It’s crazy to think that this was just the beginning of his career, with his debut project, Black Circle, dropping just a few months prior. But even then, it’s clear that Money Man had already honed his style to perfection.

After the success of his first hit single, “Boss Up,” “How It Feel” quickly followed suit. In fact, it was eventually re-released under Cash Money label in 2017 after Money Man had signed with them. So if you haven’t already, give “How It Feel” a listen and see why it’s a fan favorite and a blueprint for Money Man’s style.


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