21 Songs About Acceptance (2023)

Accepting yourself, accepting others, or accepting the loss of someone you love are often easier said than done. Through the years, songs had been people’s source of refuge whenever they struggle with acceptance.

Hopefully, this list of songs about acceptance would ace you up and give you hindsight of the different perspectives that involves acceptance, whether it be on love, grief, or self-identity.

21. “Perfect To Me” by Anne-Marie

Album: “Speak Your Mind” | Style: Pop, R&B

This song is Anne-Marie’s definition of “perfection” and most women would view perfection just as she does. It speaks about embracing one’s comfortable qualities even if they do not conform to public norms. This is the most honest song that you could add to your playlist of songs about acceptance.

20.  “Express Yourself” by Labrinth

Album: “Electronic Earth” | Style: Pop, R&B, Electronic

As most of us may find ourselves trying to adapt to societal pressures, this song calls out to do otherwise. The song talks about how vital self-expression and self-acceptance are. Being able to express yourself the way you truly are and breaking all the restrictions of your individuality, are successes that only you could attain for yourself.

19. “Imperfection” by Saving Jane

Album: “One Girl Revolution” | Style: Pop, Rock

Well, nobody is perfect and that is a truth that most people sometimes refuse. Fortunately, this song perfectly illustrates the beauty of one’s imperfection. It encourages us to view prettiness from another perspective. It also reminds us that we are not alone in this kind of struggle, however, acceptance is the only key to overcoming it.

18. “Who I Am” by Jessica Andrews

Album: “Who I Am” | Style: Country, Pop

Undeniably, this song’s a heartfelt pop ballad that speaks about self-assurance and self-confidence all in one soul. It promotes self-introspection which uplifts the hearts of people experiencing disdainful self-identity crises. Truly, there is a lot more than what meets the eye and this song is a constant reminder to this reality.

17. “Born This Way” by Lady Gaga

Album: “Born This Way” | Style: Pop

Do you happen to know someone or had been a victim yourself of discrimination for whatever aspect it may be? Lady Gaga made it clear in this song that at times when you are discriminated against, you should draw strength from the thought that you are born just the way you are and that nothing’s wrong with being you. We all have individual differences; thus, we must embrace each other’s differences wholeheartedly.

16. “You Are a Part of Everything” by Josh Kelley

Album: “For the Ride Home” | Style: Pop, Rock

The song reminds us that we are not alone in this world because we will forever be a part of everything. It’s also a song about treasuring the memories of someone gone, as much as accepting the loss and longing therein. This song had surely been a source of comfort and solace to people who lost someone, in one way or another.

15. “I Am Enough” by Daphne Willis

Album: Single release | Style: Pop, Folk

Truly, you are enough to make yourself happy and to make your world a place worth living in. No matter how many flaws you have, this song will make you think otherwise. Moreover, the song tells us that we are is already enough to feel content and validated. The song imparts a level of self-esteem most people often forget to feel.

14. “I Love Me” by Meghan Trainor

Album: “Takin’ It Back” (EP) | Style: Pop, R&B

Whom would you love best? It probably should be your own self! In this song, we are compelled to embrace our uniqueness and love ourselves fiercely more than anyone and anything else. You can feel a whole new level of self-validation as you listen to the song.

13. “The Winner Takes It All” by ABBA

Album: ” The Winner Takes It All ” | Style: Classic

This song echoes the acceptance of a person of a failed relationship. It reminds us that some things are really not meant to last forever. People we love will come and go, sometimes, would even leave us an aching heart along the way. However, being able to accept these harsh realities means you are a winner by yourself.

12. “With You” by Jessica Simpson

Album: “In This Skin” | Style: Pop, R&B, Ballad

Ever felt so comfortable with someone that you are not in any way ashamed to unleash the real you? Indeed, it will always be a great feeling to be accepted by the one you love for just being you. How nice it is to act so carefree and without pretensions. This song is all these and more!

11. “Brave” by Sara Bareilles

Album: “The Blessed Unrest” | Style: Pop, Pop Rock

This song stirs us up to be fearless and defeat the fear of self-loathing. It arouses the bravery in us to speak our minds without restrictions and fear. It takes a lot of confidence to do so and only when self-acceptance is achieved could one be able to truly be speaking so honestly and boldly.

10. “Rise” by Gabrielle

Album: “Rise” | Style: R&B, Pop

Break-ups are one of the most hurting moments in someone’s life. However, this song could uplift every listener’s heart as it talks about how the persona in the song is determined to rise amidst the broken pieces of her life. Characterized by its superb melodies and vocals, this song is a statement of women’s empowerment and self-acceptance of the uncontrollable things in our life.

9. “Pretty Hurts” by Beyoncé

Album: “Beyoncé” | Style: Pop, R&B

As many would find physical beauty a big thing, this song describes the downside of trying hard to conform to societal standards of physical beauty. This is an eye-opener to most women that perfection is not the absence of flaws; rather, it is the acceptance of the flaws in you.

8. “Confident” by Demi Lovato

Album: “Confident” | Style: Pop, R&B

The song’s bold lyrics of being confident with oneself raise eyebrows to some, but many others relate to it as something exquisitely powerful and unique. It sends off a message to be self-empowered to embrace one’s worth and break free from insecurities and doubts about yourself.

7. “Shine Your Way’ by Yuna

Album: “The Croods” Soundtrack | Style: Pop, Electronic

This song echoes the fundamental truth in life – that trials will come our way whether we like it or not. However, we have to chine our way through it, and it all starts with accepting that these obstacles are just normal parts of the roller coaster ride of life. Above anything, this song echoes so much inspiration for us to strive hard and go through.

6. “Scars to Your Beautiful” by Alessia Cara

Album: “Know-It-All” | Style: Pop, R&B

This is a song that speaks so much about acceptance of the fact that you are beautiful no matter how you look. The scars that you have, physically and emotionally, are what make you stunning. This song is a perfect dedication message to people who are currently struggling with body image issues. Take pride in your scars and be confident of your own skin.

5. “Beautiful” by Christina Aguilera

Album: “Stripped” | Style: Pop, R&B, Ballad

Indeed, you are beautiful no matter what other people say. This powerful message evoked in the song is addressed to all people who feel insecure with themselves. It calls us to get over these insecurities and not mind the harsh and discouraging words that people utter. One would feel so beautiful while listening to Aguilera’s profound vocals.

4. “Just the Way You Are” by Bruno Mars

Album: “Doo-Wops & Hooligans” | Style: R&B

Every girl would want this song to be sung to them by their beloved. The underlying message of being loved and accepted evoked in the song creates a sense of comfort to whoever listens to it. Bruno Mars’ vocals and the songs melodic approach make this song easy to jive with.

3. “This is Me” by Keala Settle

Album: The Greatest Showman | Style: Pop

This is a defiant song that speaks about standing up and embracing every inch of uniqueness in you. It encourages us to take pride in being real despite our deformities and insecurities. This is a fight song for all people who are bullied or outcasted in a society where beauty has its own standard versions.

2. “Who Says” by Selena Gomez & The Scene

Album: “When the Sun Goes Down” | Style: Pop, Dance-pop

Inner beauty is like a diamond on the rough. It gets even better as it underwent a lot of harsh polishing. This song is basically about finding your inner beauty and not letting other people’s judgment dictate what you can and can’t be. Who says you are not perfect? Don’t let anybody tell you so.

1. “True Colors” by Cyndi Lauper

Album: “True Colors” | Style: Pop, Ballad

Since its release in 1986, this song had become one of the eternal songs in history. Its equally timeless message coupled with its emotional style of vocals, talks about being unafraid to let others see your true colors, your real motives, and your real emotions. It is also reassuring to hear this song talk about acceptance of a person’s identity.


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