21 Songs About Arguments (2023)

Inevitably, we get caught up in an argument with someone most of the time. Misunderstandings are part of love stories for they spice up relationships. Other times, we are even in an intense argument with our worst enemy, ourselves.

Most often, we are just arguing with life itself especially if the circumstances do not come the way we expect them to. Music had been a timeless expression of these emotions. When we are lost for words or lack the energy to vent out our frenzies, music had always been an option.

Whether you want to emphasize a point, apologize, or just feel your rage, these emotional songs about arguments and fighting deserve to be on the playlist.

21. “Warrior” by Demi Lovato

Album: Demi | Style: Pop ballad

This song has a deep emotional mood as it speaks of a person’s battle with oneself. It shows how we must take the courage to oppose our inner demons to find happiness. This is an appealing song to those who are currently fighting their respective conflicts as it encourages them to rise above their struggles.  

20. “Fight Song” by Rachel Platten

Album: Wildfire | Style: Pop

Self-empowerment is vividly reflected in this pop song. The energy in this song can surprisingly revitalize a person’s inner self.  The message embodied in its lyrics emphasizes perseverance which has become a source of motivation for individuals facing adversities. This song is a constant reminder that we all must fight no matter how little courage or small chances we do have.

19. “Arguments” by DDG

Album: Die 4 Respect | Style: Hip-hop/rap

Being caught up in an argument is a frustrating thing. This song portrays these frustrations and the hurtful things that come along with arguing with someone you love. You could feel the same toll of pain and the same intensity of anger while listening. However, this song reflects the das realities of life which we can’t deny.

18. “Mama Said Knock You Out” by LL Cool J

Album: Mama Said Knock You Out | Style: Hip-hop/rap

Knocking out our biggest troubles is a cliché, but this song makes it sound so easy to knock out the problems and the people that cause these struggles. This song with all its boasts and threats will really inspire its listeners to get a head-on fight with the roadblocks in their lives. This is an inspiring song that will definitely knock your troubles out.

17. “We Just Disagree” by Dave Mason

Album: Let It Flow | Style: Soft rock, folk rock

Released in 1977, this timeless music evokes an equally timeless notion that lovers can really fall out of love due to arguments. The individual differences between two people may cause harm to their relationship and sometimes reconciliation is not an option anymore. The song, however, reminds its listeners to just move on at times like these.

16. “Never Say Never” by Justin Bieber Ft. Jaden Smith

Album: The Karate Kid Soundtrack | Style: Pop, hip-hop

This song has gained popularity as it was a movie soundtrack of “The Karate Kid” starred by Jaden Smith. The theme of this song is centered on the persona’s resilience and positive outlook toward life. It suits best for people who never give up in life no matter how hard.

15. “Battlefield” by Jordin Sparks

Album: Battlefield | Style: Pop, R&B

 Indeed, love is a battlefield. This song made the complexities of love and pain intertwined so vivid to its listeners. It tells of a love story that has an unpredictable outcome in which good starts may end up in devastating endings. So, when in love, we really must get and wear our emotional armor.

14. “Let It Go” by James Bay

Album: Chaos and the Calm | Style: Folk rock, soul, indie folk

In life, there are times when we are stuck onto things and people that are powerful enough to hold us back. Letting go of this power can be frustrating and may even end in futile attempts. However, this song is an encouragement and reminder to let go and grasp out from the powerful hand that holds them down.

13. “Blow Me (One Last Kiss)”by Pink

Album: The Truth About Love | Style: Pop rock

Inspired by Pink’s yearlong separation from her husband, this song talks about a failed relationship. The upbeat melody of this song has an underlying meaning of self-harm and self-destruction. But the overall meaning of the song stands on the thought that we need to boost our confidence, move on, and find renewed love.

12. “Love Is A Battlefield” by Pat Benatar

Album: Live From Earth | Style: Rock, Pop

With the idea of love as a battlefield, this song represented the many challenges of romantic relationships in which only the fittest survive. This song evokes a message to go against all the odds, fight for love, and seek equality. Despite its being classic, this song is still a popular favorite in the modern music era.

11. “Battlefield” by Lea Michele

Album: Louder | Style: Pop

This song has a deep meaning. This is a story of a typical relationship that starts out with a fun, uncommitted love affair. Eventually, it grew and developed into something deeper only to find out that it will not always be happy days and beds of roses. However, the song bears the message to continue to fight and hope to win on the battlefield of love.

10. “Bad Blood” by Taylor Swift Ft. Kendrick Lamar

Album: 1989 | Style: Pop

Trusting someone with your life only to end up betrayed and played could be the most painful heartbreak of a person. Taylor Swift revealed that this song is about her undisclosed friend who betrayed her and tried to sabotage her. A lot of her fans can relate to this song as they could have been in the same situation at some point. This song pins down the severity of the damages done due to this treachery.

9. “Without A Fight” by Brad Paisley And Demi Lovato

Album: Love and War | Style: Country Pop

Listeners could relate to the frenzy feeling in this guitar-fueled song duet. It focuses on the feud between the two lovers over a lot of differences but ends up making up passionately after every fight. This song sparks up a realistic view of relationships where lovers continue to fight for their love despite the constant and tiring arguments they have daily. That’s just what a typical married life could have been, right?

8. “King Of Anything” by Sara Bareilles

Album: Kaleidoscope Heart | Style: Pop

The lyrical narrative of this song has a taste of rebellion in it. The persona in the song is describing how controlling her partner is and how restrained she is when she’s with him. However, the song is asserting that this shouldn’t be so and that she must stand up and make her voice clear as to what she wants and decides to do regardless of her lover’s disagreements. No matter how we love a person, it will never be right to be controlled and restricted because your partner shouldn’t be a king or a queen of anything in you.

7. “Part Of Me” by Katy Perry

Album: Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection | Style: Pop

More than anything, independence to be who you really are is the core message of this song. This song’s a celebration of women’s empowerment. It talks about having unsupportive people in our lives who never even try to boost us up. However, it calls us to fight against the negativities of people around us. It also wills us to confidently decide on what we genuinely want to live for. This is one of the best songs that a lot of teenagers can easily relate to.

6. “Fighting My Way Back” by Thin Lizzy

Album: “Fighting” (1975) | Style: Hard rock

In this 14-liner hard rock song, individuals who had been trampled down to the bottom could really get the strength to fight their way back to the top. This song wraps up the persona’s will and desire to stand up again after a tormenting experience. Surely, this song will continue to inspire a lot of fans of all ages.

5. “Out Of Your Mind” by Kanye West

Album: “Graduation” (2007) | Style: Hip hop

This song about failing relationships depicts the arguments and fights that people could experience whether it be with their love partners, parents, siblings, or bosses. It describes how someone tends to always end up in an argument no matter what the topic is. However, this song, with its fast and energetic beat, encourages its listeners to overcome it to achieve their life goals, Otherwise, they will forever be stuck on a toxic roller-coaster ride of emotions.

4. “What’s My Name?” by DMX

Album: …And Then There Was X | Style: Hip-hop

Undeniably, this song is one of the feistiest songs that young people could add to their playlists. This song is a call-out to haters, pretenders, and critics alike. The song reflects DMX’s own life experience as a rapper and his argumentative claim of his identity and reputation. You can feel DMX’s commanding presence throughout the song.

3. “You’re Going Down” by Sick Puppies

Album: “Tri-Polar” (2009) | Style: Hard rock

This song will rock up the mood of those who are angry with someone. This is a lyrical description of a fight between bullies. It depicts a message of getting revenge for the past bullying and fights the persona had experienced. And it also talks about how the tables have turned and that he now will be the one to punch their faces off to the ground because he is confident that he is not one to go down. Surprisingly, this song will fuel up every listener’s adrenaline for troublemaking.

2. “I Won All the Battles” by Tracy Lawrence

Album: “The Rock” (2009) | Style: Country

There is something powerful in Tracy Lawrence’s vocals that would hook you up to this song forever. But there is more heartbreaking and reflective in its lyrics that could shed a tear while listening to it. This is a song that vividly captures the amount of regret that a person feels when left by a lover. The lyrics in the song that says “I may have won those battles / but I still lost the war” perfectly captured the big picture of a regretful lover over a failed relationship, particularly, marriage.

1. “Fight for You” by Jason Derulo

Album: Tattoos | Style: Pop

Deep true love is worth fighting for, and Jason Derulo made it crystal clear in this song. Despite the obstacles or the disapproving opinions of friends and families, the persona in this song is willing to fight for his love. This song also speaks about an unwavering commitment and an undisputable devotion toward a loved one. This song has continued to earn compliments among music lovers for both its upbeat music and soulful message.


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