21 Songs About Beards (2023)

Songs about beards come in various styles and genres, from folk to rock, as a tribute to facial hair which symbolizes rugged masculinity, strength, respect, and individuality. The uniqueness of these facial hairs, be it a bushy beard or a groomed goatee, captures the essence of men in society. A lot of songs have been immortalized to scream out manliness. These songs will take you to new perspectives of this timeless men’s fashion as they could take you to the joys of having a beard or to the challenges of maintaining one. Some of these songs can even give you a good laugh.

Here are 21 best songs about beards:

21. “Must Be Santa” by LeAnn Rimes

Album: What a Wonderful World | Style: Country / Christmas Music

This song tells a joyful story about Christmas and encourages everyone listening to join in the merriment of the Christmas season. This classic Christmas song is referencing the beards to the appearance of Santa Claus. Through the years, this song has been a highlight music at family Christmas parties and yuletide reunions.

20. “Beard Lust” by Brite Futures

Album: Dark Past | Style: Indie Pop

Released in 2008, this song pokes fun and humor at people’s fascination with beards as it playfully describes the various types of beards from lumberjack to wizard. The song also illuminates people’s lust and desire to touch the beard of the person they love. This fun and quirky song is sure to put a smile on your face and appreciate men with beards, and maybe even fall in love with them, too. 

19. “A Wizard Needs a Beard” by The Beards

Album: The Beards | Style: Comedy rock

This song screams the importance of having a beard, specifically pointing out that you are not a man without a beard. The fancy and witty lyrics of this song will make you smile in amazement at how the band lightheartedly gave so much importance to having a beard.

18. “Berzerk” by Eminem

Album: The Marshall Mathers LP 2 | Style: Hip hop / Rap

Could you still remember the first time you get berserk or uncontrolled, in whatever aspect of life it may be? This song will probably remind you of that as it draws out intense energy and impressive rap lyrics. This high-energy rap song touches on the themes of rebellion, self-expression, and superb musical prowess all throughout making it more inspiring and motivating to listeners.

17. “Grumpy Old Man” by Remi Wolf

Album: Juno EP | Style: Indie Pop

This song is about the feeling when some of the most benign things can make you irritated and defensive, which then makes you feel old, fragile, and careless, as well. The “grumpy old man” as used in the song is a metaphor that refers to an irritable male syndrome and the presence of a beard in the lyrics makes it more apparent. Overall, this fun and relatable song showcases Remi Wolf’s talent as both a songwriter and performer.

16. “Santa’s Beard” by They Might Be Giants

Album: Lincoln | Style: Alternative rock

This song is a diversion from what a normal Christmas holiday would be because it evokes negative feelings of jealousy. The man in the song sings how he feels jealous of a man who acts out to be Santa Claus because his wife shows so much affection and desire for him. His child also shows the same enthusiasm over his Santa beard, which makes him even more jealous. Despite the negative emotion depicted in the song, it is still fun and entertaining to listen to.

15. “Must Be Santa” by Bob Dylan

Album: Christmas in the Heart | Style: Folk rock

Santa’s arrival on Christmas Eve, his jolly demeanor, his red suit, and his white beard are all delivered enthusiastically in this song as set by its lively polka beat. The song has also a call-and-response structure which makes listeners sing along with it. It captures the spirit of holiday cheer and celebration.

14. “No Beard, No Good” by The Beards

Album: Having a Beard Is the New Not Having a Beard | Style: Comedy Rock

This song will convince you that you are no good without a beard. It’s pretty a fantastic idea that men with beards are more attractive and successful. Based on the lyrics, it could also be affirmed that men without beards are seen as inferior and unworthy.  The song’s playful and comedic style encourages listeners to embrace their individuality even if it goes against societal norms.

13. “Growing a Beard” by The Beards

Album: Having a Beard is the New Not Having a Beard | Style: Folk rock, comedy rock

Ultimately, growing a beard is an outright manifestation of rejecting social pressures just to conform to certain beauty standards. The song explores this theme and makes its listeners believe that a man’s face could never be bare as beards could give you social status. This good-natured song is a popular choice for both bearded and non-bearded fandom.

12. “You Should Consider Having Sex With a Bearded Man” by The Beards

Album: Having a Beard is the New Not Having a Beard | Style: Comedy rock

By the title itself, you’ll probably piss yourself out laughing as this song encourages every woman to have sex with a bearded man, literally. It explores the advantages of making out with someone with facial hair and pokes fun at the societal stigma surrounding men with beards. The song’s humorous exploration makes listeners amused at the mere idea of sex.

11. “All the Bearded Ladies” by The Beards

Album: Having a Beard is the New Not Having a Beard | Style: Comedy rock

As one of the many humorous songs by The Beards, this one reveals the rarity of women with beards and points out that beards are not just for men but for women too. Metaphorically speaking though, the acceptance of beards among ladies means that women should embrace their sense of independence and should not be pressured by the norms. For women who already have beards, this song offers validation.

10. “If Your Dad Doesn’t Have A Beard, You’ve Got Two Mums” by The Beards

Album: Having a Beard is the New Not Having a Beard | Style: Comedy rock

No one can deny the humor depicted in this song, from its lyrics to its musical accompaniment. This song suggests that women who are attracted to clean-shaven men are settling for less because bearded men are believed to be the only masculine version of men. Also, this song illustrates the traditional gender roles and the narrow understanding of such things in a very satirical way.

9. “Something for the Weekend” by Super Furry Animals

Album: Fuzzy Logic | Style: Indie rock

There is a mention of growing a beard in the song which makes its listeners think that the scene depicted in the song is a passionate encounter of a woman and a bearded man. Although this is quite ambiguous as the band didn’t explicitly explain the song’s meaning, it could be noted more that this song features the pleasures of a weekend. The enigmatic vocals and musicals in this song are guaranteed to make fans listen intently to the song’s message and how they relate to their own lives and experiences.

8. “The Beard Song” by Demun Jones

Album: Jones County | Style: Country Pop

Demun Jones made it clear in this song that he will never shave his beard and that he is not sorry if you cannot see his dimple due to his beard. Quiet an amusing lyrical narrative! It taps the idea that having a beard can give a person enough confidence to conquer the world. So, cheers to all the bearded men out there for you really all rock the world with confidence!

7. “I Like Beards” by The Beards

Album: Having a Beard Is the New Not Having a Beard | Style: Folk rock, comedy rock

Some people do not need anything else in themselves or simply do not care what they have, and they don’t have if they have a nice beard to groom. This song speaks exactly of these kinds of people and maybe, if you aren’t one of them, you’ll also be convinced to grow your beard somehow. This song delves into the many benefits of sporting facial hair and the positive attributes of wearing one.

6. “Razor Face” by Elton John

Album: Madman Across the Water | Style: Pop Rock

Although this may be interpreted as a love song, this is a song that regards a homeless person or friend with empathy. Razor face, for that matter, is a paradoxical description of a person who hasn’t shaven and had grown a beard for quite some time. There is however a sense of excitement and urgency in the song as it combines intrigue and danger in its subtleties. “Razor Face” is a standout track on an already strong album, showcasing Elton John’s talents as a songwriter and performer.

5. “Growin’ A Beard” by Ben Vaughn

Album: Dressed in Black | Style: Rock

Unlike most songs about beards that talk about the fascination with beards, this song is centered on a person’s desire to grow a beard. It talks about the cheeky process of growing one, as well as its warm and masculine effect on a man.  Fans of Vaughn’s music sensed humor, authenticity, and grit in the song.

4. “Burning Beard” by Clutch

Album: Robot Hive/Exodus | Style: Rock

Growing a beard has a lot of symbolism but in this song, it focuses on newfound freedom and rebellious spirit. It tells a story of a man who decides to grow his beard because he grew tired of the mundane tasks he has. The song’s lyrics have a lot of imagery and metaphors but at the same time, there is a high-energy of rock and roll vibe. 

3. “Mustache Man (Wasted)” by Cake

Album: Showroom of Compassion | Style: Alternative rock, funk rock

The funky beat of this song would make its listeners bounce to the rhythm. Released in 2011, the song talks about the idea that men with mustaches are “cool guys”; but eventually they end up being the source of trouble and chaos in a crowd or in someone’s life.  However, this lighthearted track will surely put a smile on your face, especially if you imagine the music video while listening to it.

2. “Obey the Beard” by Psychostick

Album: IV: Revenge of the Vengeance | Style: Comedy metal, alternative metal

The message of this song is quite simple: If you are in trouble in whatever way, grow a beard and all your troubles will go away. Magically as it seems, this song pays tribute to beards and the people who grow them. The humor in the song will make you smile and dance along with its pounding drums and chugging guitars.

1. “All My Friends Are Bearded” by Marty Ray Project

Album: N/A (Single) | Style: Country

It is quite natural that bearded men only hang out with bearded men as well, and this song humorously talks about it. It also narrates how his friends all have different kinds of beards, but they all share the same love for growing beards. Also, their beards are their symbol and source of strength, so to speak. Overall, the song may focus on how trivial beards are, but it is undeniably fun and exhilarating to listen to.

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