21 Songs About Being 17 (2023)

Adolescence is the most exciting part of one’s lifetime. That moment when we turn 17 when we feel like not a child anymore ‘though not yet an adult, is also the time for self-discovery, independence, and first love. For many, this period of life is accompanied by a soundtrack of music that captures the raw emotions and experiences of being 17.

From the joy of newfound freedom to the heartache of first heartbreak, the songs about being 17 provide a window into this formative time in our lives.

21. “Seventeen” by Tim McGraw 

Album: Here on Earth

Style: Country

This country ballad reflects the bittersweet nature of falling in love at 17. It deeply echoes the ups and downs of youthful innocence and the underlying thought that seventeen only happens once in a lifetime; thus, it should be spent to its best. With its upbeat music, teenagers could easily relate to this song and would wish to discover the world in their crazy dreams, too.

20. “17” by Pink Sweat$

Album: Pink Planet

Style: Soul, R&B

Undeniably, falling in love for the first time is exhilarating. This song speaks so much of the promise of loving someone the same at 92 like they were still 17.  It is a perfect manifestation of being truly in love despite being young. Many girls would request this song to be part of their weddings.

19. “Seventeen” by Alessia Cara

Album: Know-It-All

Style: Pop

This song transports you to the memories of being seventeen to the acceptance that those times were lost and all you could wish is to time travel to when you were seventeen. For people who, just like the persona in the song, struggle so hard to find their place in this chaotic world, this song is a perfect anthem.


Album: Memory Palace

Style: Indie-Rock

Definitely one of the best Indie-rock songs in history! It talks about losing a young love and how the pain of it affects the persona’s whole well-being. However, this song inspires listeners to refuse to let the inevitable circumstances hold back living one’s life to its fullest.

17. “Only 17” by Rucka Rucka Ali

Album: I’m Black, You’re White & These Are Clearly Parodies

Style: Comedy/Hip-Hop

Indeed, a very controversial song for its taboo message. It opens up the disturbing effects of how older men could get into trouble for getting hooked up with young 17 girls without knowing it. Despite the heavy and serious message of the song, the music is light, easy to sing along with, and groovy enough to jump on your feet and dance to its tune.

16. “Seventeen” by Marina and The Diamonds

Album: FROOT

Style: Electropop

The emotional honesty of the song appeals so much to its listeners. The constraints of growing up make us wish to go back to being seventeen again because it seems to answer all the questions of the present life. Listeners who feel like being trapped in life’s endless limits would surely yearn for the carefree innocence of being a teenager at 17.

15. “Seventeen Ain’t So Sweet” by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

Album: Don’t You Fake It

Style: Emo/Alternative Rock

Unlike most of the songs about 17, this song is not about the carefree and idealistic moments of being 17. A lot of teenagers could relate to this song as they try to find their place in a cruel world at an early age. This song reminds everyone that being seventeen is just a test so you have to live at your best and never let it hold us down.

14. “17” by Avril Lavigne

Album: Avril Lavigne

Style: Pop Rock

The upbeat tempo of this song makes us want to go back to being seventeen when we tend to break rules for fun’s sake. Avril Lavigne perfectly describes the intensity of young love and the mind-blowing memories of it. You’d surely be smiling ear to ear while listening to this song as the nostalgia of your teenage years sinks in.

13. “Seventeen” by Winger

Album: Winger

Style: Glam Metal, Hard Rock

This song would surely bring you back to your high school days. It reminds our being young and invincible, and that our youthful nature can sometimes lead to reckless love affairs. Furthermore, this song captivates how loving someone who is just seventeen could be something so memorable and exciting. The hard rock approach of the song backs up the entirety of its message.

12. “Seventeen Forever” by Metro Station

Album: Metro Station

Style: Pop rock, Power pop, Synth-pop

Finding great love as early as seventeen shouldn’t be taken for granted. This song speaks so much of the desire to hold on to that moment because you won’t be seventeen forever anyway. And listening to this song beyond your teenage era would definitely make you wish to go back to when you were seventeen and love was just all you need for the world to revolve.

11. “17 Again” by Brantley Gilbert

Album: Just As I Am

Style: Country rock

This country rock song would really make you sneak on your girl’s driveway. It typically talks about how in love the singer is that it makes him feel like he was back in his prime years at 17. It also made him want to do things that typical seventeen teenage lovers would usually do to express their love.

10. “Forever Seventeen” by Tim McGraw

Album: Here on Earth

Style: Country

This is a very moving song. The lyrics describe a woman who tends to still live her life like a seventeen-year-old. The scenario displayed in the song is very relatable as most of us have that inclination to escape the realities of life by dreamily putting ourselves in the younger versions of ourselves. Listening to this song would make you shed a tear or two.

9. “17” by Kings of Leon

Album: When You See Yourself

Style: Alternative rock

Listeners could easily get a feeling of nostalgia upon hearing the song. It could get you to a contrasting idea of someone mature enough but immature most of the time to act like she’s still seventeen. The singer wraps up a love story in this 14-line song.

8. “17” by Sky Ferreira

Album: Night Time, My Time

Style: Indie pop, synthpop

Definitely, a coming-of-age song that centers on the emotions and experiences of adolescence. This song never denies the fact that everyone at age seventeen could have their little dirty secrets once in a while. Those are part of growing up. The raw honesty of the song gives a comforting feeling to its listeners.

7. “Seventeen” by Sharon Van Etten

Album: Remind Me Tomorrow

Style: Indie rock, folk rock

This song is a perfect dedication to those who have gone so far from where they have been when they were still seventeen. The singer’s strong hope and conviction of achieving something better and bigger is vividly displayed in the lyrics of the song. Nonetheless, the songs easy-to-jive music creates a rather overwhelming feeling of nostalgia.

6. “Strawberry Wine” by Deana Carter

Album: Did I Shave My Legs for This?

Style: Sentimental Ballad

Ever have regretted doing something while you were still seventeen? This song is for you! It talks about a girl who realized that she had fallen prey to the ravages of falling in love and giving up herself at an early age. However, despite these realizations, the song still evokes the euphoria of feeling in love.

5. “Tree by the River” by Iron and Wine

Album: Kiss Each Other Clean

Style: Country Rock

This song reckons the comforting feeling of reminiscing the unforgettable moments with a past love. However, memories will remain memories as the singer accepts the reality of never dwelling on the past. Moving on and forward seems to be the real message of this song to its avid listeners.

4. “17 Again” by Eurythmics

Album: Peace

Style: Pop rock, electronic

This hauntingly beautiful song brings out a sad reminder of the teenage age, where there were right decisions that should have been made but could have been done otherwise. The singer’s powerful vocals and electronic elements of their music wrap up the power of change and the passing of time in one’s youthful time.

3. “At Seventeen” by Janis Ian

Album: Between the Lines

Style: Folk, soft rock

A lot of tears would be shed while hearing this song. The song vividly captures the feelings of loneliness, and insecurities of a not-so-typical girl in her teenage years. It also points out the fact that seventeen is the age when social pressure is unconsciously imposed. The gentle melody makes this song even more emotional.

2. “Paradise by the Dashboard Lights” by Meat Loaf

Album: Bat Out of Hell

Style: Classic Rock

This song is most notable for its superb melody, harmony, and rhythm. Although it talks about making out during their younger years, the totality of the song still describes a love so young yet so true. For teenagers, reckless actions are sometimes the product of something that matters more – deep true love.

1. “Dancing Queen” by Abba

Album: Arrival

Style: Disco, Pop

Who wouldn’t groove up to the tune of this song? This timeless music has a lot to say about a party-goer’s carefree personality which is metaphorically compared to that of a typical seventeen-year-old. People from all walks of life really enjoy the energy brought by its disco-themed music.

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