21 Songs About Being 24 (2023)

When did you reach the pinnacle of your life? What about the most difficult? Every person has unique moments in their lives that stand out as the most significant; one of those years is probably the time when one is in young adulthood.

The best songs about being 24 are scarce, but we have compiled the best ones for you here in case you want to reminisce about being that age or are currently that age and find comfort in music.

21. Living Next Door to Alice — New World

A song about lost love is our first track. “Living Next Door to Alice” is taken from New World’s The Best Of. The band’s vocalist mentions,  “Cause for 24 years I’ve been living next door to Alice, 24 years just waiting for a chance,” which is how he feels about being in love for 24 years with someone who is now going to move out with someone else. It is a heartbreaking song but musically enjoyable because of the soothing mood it gives.

20. No Hope — The Vaccines

A song about lost love is our first track. “Living Next Door to Alice” is taken from New World’s The Best Of. The band’s vocalist mentions,  “Cause for 24 years I’ve been living next door to Alice, 24 years just waiting for a chance,” which is how he feels about being in love for 24 years with someone who is now going to move out with someone else. It is a heartbreaking song, but musically enjoyable because of the soothing mood it creates.

19. It Could Have Been a Brilliant Career — Belle and Sebastian

Our next song is one with deep, poetic lyricism. In 1998, for the album The Boy with the Arab Strap, the song “It Could Have Been a Brilliant Career” was released. The song begins with the lyrics, “He had a stroke at the age of 24; it could have been a brilliant career,” but as it progresses, it becomes clear that he is not referring to a literal stroke but rather to the effects of conforming and losing one’s individuality and talent. The indie song is easy on the ears and soothing to take in. Indeed, a brilliant song by Belle and Sebastian!

18. SPEEDBOAT — Denzel Curry

Are you into hip-hop songs? If you are, “SPEEDBOAT” by Denzel Curry is an awesome track for you. It came on the 2019 album, ZUU. Along these lines, he sings, “My dawg didn’t make it to 21, so I gotta make it past 24.” “SPEEDBOAT” is one of Denzel Curry’s tracks that earned him recognition in the rap industry, as his songs have a catchy beat and excellent wording.

17. 24 Years — oddFelix

A difficult life as a 24-year-old who dropped out of school is what “24 Years” is all about. This indie rap song was performed by an artist oddFelix in 2020. “24 Years” is his 2020 album’s title track and was composed by Felix Ayuk. Though the backing track is minimal, its substance is found in the lyrics, which can be eye-opening to listeners.

16. Born In ’98 — Nature Musiq

We have another rap entry recently dropped by Nature Musiq in 2022. It is a less-than-two-minute track from his IG Rap Pack 1 (EP) and has a mood that is upbeat while still being chill. The line in the chorus that goes, “Yeah, born in ’98; 24 years in the making,” is without a doubt going to be one of the lines that hooks you as you play the song.

15. 24 — Red House Painters

Classic music fans should check out “24” by Red House Painters from their 1992 album Down Colorful Hill. This slow, sad tune expresses the singer’s reluctance to embrace turning 24. Listening to this melancholic track will hit you like a rock no matter your age as he expresses his dissatisfaction and unhappiness with his life.

14. 24 — Game Theory

Here comes Game Theory’s “24.” It is a classic piece from Real Nighttime with an alternative rock music style. For some reason, the singer expresses his wish to be 24 years old instead of 23. It begins with flavorful instrumentals for the first thirty seconds of the song, a great choice for playing it while on a drive down or while unwinding by the lake.

13. Old Man — Neil Young

It will be hard not to shed a tear as you play the classic song “Old Man” by Neil Young. This country-rock track from his 1972 album Harvest draws parallels between the lives of a young man and an old man. Neil Young was only 24 when he wrote this song, but he effectively reminds us that no matter how old we are, there will always be something that binds us together.

12. Room H — MORGN.

Our next track on our list of songs about being 24 is the new single “Room H” by MORGN. The song’s protagonist is talking about a 24-year-old woman he’s interested in and wants to run away with. The combination of MORGN’s voice and the catchy backing track is undeniably alluring. You need to add “Room H” to your list of chill-vibe songs.

11. Letter 2 Heaven — Reme Ahmad

The song “Letter 2 Heaven” by Reme Ahmad is deeply personal and moving. It is a hip-hop song written as a tribute to Martin Jaye and Isaac Padilla. Along the lyrics, he sings the lines: “I’m on the mic that you got me for my 24th birthday; it’s safe to say that imma take it to my grave.” “Letter 2 Heaven” was released as the title track of his 2019 album and is sure to make you emotional.

10. Twenty-Somethings — Judah & The Lion

Isn’t it thrilling to be young, naive, and carefree? To that end, Judah & The Lion’s “Twenty-Somethings” from their Kids These Days album is dedicated. There’s no doubt that listening to them sing about their twenties will bring back some fond memories. Everyone who hears this indie-folk song will be taken on a nostalgic trip down memory lane.

9. My 24th Birthday — Dave

A six-minute-long rap track has made the cut. It is “My 24th Birthday,” taken from Dave’s 2022 album. This title track features a sparse instrumental backdrop that allows Dave to showcase his seamless rapping. The line, “I spent my 24th birthday with the people I love,” will make you smile. Indeed, we have to spend our special moments with our loved ones, as we only live a fleeting life.

8. Sentimenthol (24) — summer_ syndrome

The next artist, summer_ syndrome, is a musician under the Bevy Music label in New York. “…’cause twelve-year-old habits die hard when you’re 24” is a line he repeatedly gives in his song titled “Sentimenthol.” Like its song title, this title track is full of wordplay that you’ll enjoy. Indeed, its rhythm and style are as fresh as a menthol, while the lyrics are sentimental.

7. 24 Wit an L — Ice Cube

Hip-hop artist Ice Cube included the track “24 With an L” on his album titled Bootlegs & B-Sides. Even though it came out in 1994, the song is still an old favorite because it has a catchy melody and groovy beats, both of which will put you in a more optimistic mood.

6. Amen — Hunnet Round

Dyin’ A Martyr (D.A.M) is an album recorded by Hunnet Round in 2021. Among its tracks is the rap song titled “Amen.” He impressively raps, 24 years old but still an og when I’m preaching” backed by the infectious music track. Your energy will surely be boosted as you turn the volume up while playing this song.

5. Holding Place — Natalie Ann Beckman

Going back to the mellow ballads, we have “Holding Place” by Natalie Ann Beckman. Her voice will captivate you and reach your soul as she sings this romantic song. This track served as her 2022 album’s title track and is all about someone whom she considers her holding place, singing:

You got me a white rose on my 24th birthday
Whispered in my ear, told me that I’d be your wife someday
We’re both in places we didn’t wanna be
Acceptin’ each other’s truth – the pain the brokenness too

4. Too Much Pride — Kosma

Kosma dropped a song for his Well Raised and Polite album titled “Too Much Pride.” Its musical style falls into the hip-hop and rap genres. He sings the lines, “24th birthday, 24 candles, 24 Pandora pieces on her neck to dangle,” along with the calming instrumentals. This rap song has that light and chill vibe, making it a song to ease your mood.

3. Zack & Cody — Goyard Breezy

Goyard Breezy seems to enjoy making personal references in his music, as shown by his rap track Zack and Cody, which features references to Zack and Cody from the Disney show Suite Life on Deck and Kobe Bryant (as heard in the line “24 years old I be feeling like Kobe”). This short song from Trick$ & Script$ offers a calmness that will remain with you for much longer.

2. Skywriter Jared Rocco

An amazing singer-songwriter named Jared Rocco is here to present his alternative song, “Skywriter.” It can be found on his album titled Escaping Reality, which was released in 2017. Many young adults, especially those who are working 9-5, can relate to the line:

“Stuck on the payroll at age 24;
I never thought life would end up such a bore.”

The central theme is that completing college is no guarantee of future success. As a piece of music, “Skywriter” creates feelings of longing and despair in those who listen.

1. Twenty-Four — Switchfoot

It’s wonderful to see that you are still scrolling down to listen to our final track. To wrap things up, here is “Twenty-Four” by Switchfoot, taken from their album The Beautiful Letdown (Deluxe Version). It is a marvelous and profound song that not only discusses the number 24 but also a variety of other things that are 24. When you listen to this song that will stick with you forever, it’s hard not to reflect on your life in the past.

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