21 Songs About Being 27 (2023)

27 is when you’re transitioning from your early twenties to mid-twenties, and you may realize you’re leaving behind the carefree days of youth. This realization can be both exciting and scary. Turning 27 can be significant, bringing nostalgia, self-reflection, and anticipation for the unknown future.

Here are 21 songs about being 27, which perfectly capture the feelings of being in this particular time.

21. “27” by Title Fight

“27” is a punk rock song by Title Fight, a band from Pennsylvania. It’s on their album “Shed,” released in 2011, written by the band’s lead singer and guitarist Jamie Rhoden. Some lines such as “I’m 27, what am I doing?” and “I need some meaning, I need some purpose” convey a sense of existential questioning and a search for identity.

20. “27” by Ka$h Jones, Ace $$$

“27” is a song that paints a picture of life on the streets, where the narrators share their struggles with drug dealing and their harsh realities. The lyrics reveal the challenges of surviving at 27, where loyalty is crucial in difficult circumstances.

19. “27 Club” by Trophy Eyes

“27 Club” is a punk rock song by the Australian band Trophy Eyes, released in 2016 on their album “Chemical Miracle.” It was written by the band’s lead singer, John Floreani, and discusses the fear of not meeting expectations and not achieving enough. The song resonates with those who feel pressured to reach milestones in life.

18. “27 Club” by CEYX

This song by CEYX is about a young musician who is 27 years old, the same age at which many famous musicians have died. The music expresses the singer’s fear of meeting the same fate and becoming part of the infamous “27 Club.”

17. “Turn 27” by Niccokick

“Turn 27” is a rock song by Niccokick from their album “The Good Times We Shared Years Ago,” written by singer Niccokick. The song is about feeling happy and sad as you age, remembering memories, and being unsure about the future.

16. “27 Club” by Letlive

“27 Club” is a rock song by Letlive from their album “The Blackest Beautiful,” written by singer Jason Aalon Butler. The piece discusses the “27 Club,” where famous musicians died at 27. The lyrics express rebellion, frustration, and introspection, discussing societal pressures and personal struggles.

15. “27” by Passenger

“27” is a folk-pop song by Passenger, a British singer-songwriter. It’s on his album “Young as the Morning, Old as the Sea” from 2016. The song is about how youth doesn’t last forever and how time goes by quickly, making you feel nostalgic and reflective.

14. “27” by Machine Gun Kelly

“27” is a punk-rock song by Machine Gun Kelly. It’s from his album “Tickets to My Downfall,” released in 2020. The song has loud guitars, drums, and strong vocals that express rebelliousness and anger.

13. “27” by Fall Out Boy

“27” is a rock song by Fall Out Boy from their “From Under the Cork Tree” album released in 2005. It’s written by Pete Wentz, the band’s bassist, and lyricist. The lyrics talk about growing up, taking risks, and finding meaning in life.

12. “27” by Kon Psychedelic

“27” is a rock song by Kon Psychedelic from their album “Cosmic Dreams.” Lead singer Kon writes it and has excellent guitar solos and soulful singing. The song begins with “I’m 27, but I’m feeling old / Too many stories that have never been told.” It suggests they have experienced a lot in their relatively young life.

11. “Fast Car” by Tracy Chapman

“Fast Car” is a song by Tracy Chapman from her first album, released in 1988. It’s about being poor, wanting to escape and have a better life. The music and words of this massive hit still relate to this day that’s why people still love it.

10. “Fine Line” by Harry Styles

This catchy song by Harry Styles is from his second album, “Fine Line,” released in 2019. It’s a mix of rock, pop, and psychedelic, with lyrics exploring love and loss themes. It has a message that is easy to relate to.

9. “Caleb” by Ozello

“Caleb” is a sad rock song by Ozello from their 2019 album “Shoreline.” It’s about losing someone you love. It makes you feel emotional when you listen to the heartfelt lyrics.

8. “Driver’s License” by Olivia Rodrigo

This pop song by Olivia Rodrigo is from her first album, “Sour.” Olivia sings with deep emotions about feeling sad and missing someone. The song’s heartfelt lyrics and relatable feelings have made it popular with people of all ages.


7. “Fields of Gold” by Eva Cassidy

“Fields of Gold” is a touching folk ballad by Eva Cassidy from her album “Songbird.” Her soulful voice combined with acoustic guitar creates a hauntingly beautiful cover of this original song by Sting. The emotional lyrics will make you feel nostalgic.


6. “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” by Yola

“Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” is a heartfelt song by the Grammy-nominated British singer Yola. It’s the title track of her favorite album, released in 2021. The lyrics tell a story of finding oneself and facing life’s challenges while saying goodbye to fame and success.

5. “Half of the Way” by Vulfpeck & Theo Katzman

This 2020 upbeat song is by Vulfpeck and Theo Katzman from their joint album “Theo Katzman & Vulfpeck.” The song’s catchy hooks make it perfect for dancing and singing along.

4. “You Were on My Mind” by Lucius

“You Were on My Mind” is a beautiful folk-pop song by the indie band Lucius from their 2013 album “Wildewoman.” The harmonious singing of Wolfe and Laessig makes it another nostalgic hit. This song connects with listeners personally with its lyrics that capture the bittersweet emotions of longing and reminiscing.


3. “This Year” by The Mountain Goats

“This Year” is an indie rock song by The Mountain Goats from their 2005 album “The Sunset Tree.” The lyrics share a story of resilience and determination in tough times. The song also talks about being independent and finding inner strength. The lines “I am gonna make it / Through this year / If it kills me” show that the protagonist is determined not to give up.

2. “Sunday Candy” by Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment

“Sunday Candy” is a soulful hip-hop song by Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment on their album “Surf,” released in 2015. Chance the Rapper, known for his unique singing, is the main vocals here. The song is a mix of hip-hop, R&B, and gospel.

1. “Run Away with Me” by Carly Rae Jepsen

“Run Away with Me” is a fun and catchy pop song by Carly Rae Jepsen from her album “E•MO•TION,” released in 2015. The song’s fast-paced rhythm inspires a sense of adventure. The music will surely get you dancing and singing along.


Are you in the bloom of your 27th year, too? Tune in to these songs and let the magic unfold.

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