21 Songs About Being 28 (2023)

Being 28 years old is a particular time that has inspired many songs. These songs capture the happy, sad, and even uncertain moments that come with this age. They warmly reflect on the past and contemplate the future with deep emotions.

Here are the 21 songs about being 28, which capture the mixed feelings of being 28, resonating with those who have experienced this unique journey.

21. ”Freedom of Preach” by Ludacris

Ludacris’s “Ludaversal” album includes “Freedom of Preach,” a rap and hip-hop song. The song has powerful lyrics touching social and political issues, showcasing Ludacris’ bold and unapologetic style. It inspires empowerment and encourages standing up for one’s beliefs, making it a reflection of Ludacris’ music and activism.


20. ”28″ by Steppenwolf

The song is about the singer talking to a crying woman named Molly. The singer comforts her and tells her not to be afraid, assuring her that everything will be okay. Molly is 28 years old, and the singer tries to reassure her and offer comfort during her distress.


19. ”Fallen” by Upchurch

“Fallen” is a song by Upchurch from his album “River Rat.” The heartfelt lyrics explore life’s challenges and personal struggles. This mix of country and rap styles will surely get you to the beat.


18. ”Twenty 8″ by Kodak Black

“Twenty 8” is a song by Kodak Black from his album “Project Baby 2.” It is about the challenges, achievements, and experiences of being 28, with honest and reflective storytelling. This song gives us a glimpse of his journey, highlighting the highs and lows of his life.


17. ”Colors” by Halsey

This pop song by Halsey is from her first album, “Badlands.” It has beautiful vocals and deep lyrics reflecting the complexities of a troubled relationship, love, vulnerability, and heartbreak.


16. ”28″ by Lorene Scafaria

Lorene Scafaria’s “28” is about the challenges and expectations of 28 years old. The lyrics show that the singer is not happy with their current life situation, but they still have hope for a better future when they turn 28.


15. ”True Love” by Prof

The lyrics describe the protagonist’s experiences with violence, loss, and the emotional turmoil of taking someone’s life. The positive light in the song’s lyrics could be interpreted as the narrator’s unwavering love that goes to extreme lengths. Walker’s


14. ”A Little While” by Claywalker and Upchurch

“A Little While” is a country song by Clay Walker featuring Upchurch from the 2021 album “Texas to Tennessee.” It’s a ballad about lost love and longing for a reunion. The song has elements of traditional and modern country music.


13. ”Frogs” by Alice in Chain

“Frogs” is a rock song by Alice in Chains from their 1995 album “Alice in Chains” or “Tripod.” Band member Jerry Cantrell wrote it with dark lyrics about addiction and isolation. The song’s somber tone and intense instrumentals create an atmosphere of deep emotions in the listener.


12. ”The Book of Soul” by Ab-Soul

“The Book of Soul” is a hip-hop song by Ab-Soul from his 2012 album “Control System.” Ab-Soul shares his struggles, including the loss of his ex-girlfriend. Despite the pain and suffering expressed in the lyrics, “The Book of Soul” also conveys hope and resilience.


11. “28” by Sonny Guapo

This hip-hop song by Sonny Guapo reflects on the artist’s life and experiences, covering topics like street life, loyalty, trust, money, fame, and motivation. The artist uses numbers from one to twenty-eight to represent different moments in their life, including challenges, achievements, and dreams. The lyrics also reflect on personal growth and resilience.


10. “DC Comics and Chocolate Milkshake” by Art Brut

“DC Comics and Chocolate Milkshake” is a fun song by the British indie rock band Art Brut from their 2005 album “Bang Bang Rock & Roll.” The song reminisces about childhood memories, with the singer expressing his love for comics and reading anything he could find. The lyrics also mention the singer’s fondness for chocolate milkshakes, which he describes as his favorite flavor.


9. “Happy 28” by King Freezy

“Happy 28” is a song by King Freezy from his album “MALEBO THE EP.” It’s about the artist looking back on his life as he turns 28, reflecting on the challenges he’s faced and the successes he’s achieved. King Freezy expresses gratitude for his life’s blessings and his loved ones’ support in this heartfelt song.


8. “When I Grow Up” by Demi Dawn and Alan I

“When I Grow Up” is a song sung by Demi Dawn and written by Alan I, featured in their album “Dreamer’s Diary.” The music inspires listeners to dream about their future. The lyrics discuss self-identity and independence, with lines like “I wanna be me, the best version of myself.”


7. “S.G.H. 2” by LordBlessTheFre$h

This song by LordBlessTheFre$h is about the artist reflecting on their life at 28 and their challenges. They believe in themselves and emphasize the importance of self-love. They also advise a friend about being a good father and making wise choices. The artist expresses gratitude for their upbringing, parents, and ancestors and reflects on their relationship with God.


6. “Grace” by Lloyd Cole and the Commotions

“Grace” is a rock song by Lloyd Cole and the Commotions from their 1984 album “Rattlesnakes.” The music expresses longing and vulnerability in the line, “Am I unwise to settle for the first star that caught my eye?”. The singer also reflects on the aftermath of a breakup.


5. “Angry Men” by Be Hussey

“Angry Men” is a rock song by Be Hussey from their album “Be Hussey’s Ghosts.” One can feel intense emotion and frustration with the strong vocals of this song. It also reflects on the consequences of mismanaged behavior.


4. “PROBLEMS” by Danny Ali feat. Infamous Taz

“PROBLEMS” is a catchy hip-hop song by Danny Ali featuring Infamous Taz from the album “Breaking Chains.” It’s about overcoming personal struggles with powerful lyrics mixed with fiery rap verses. It inspires determination and resilience, making it a must-listen for hip-hop fans.


3. “Balance” by Yung Stuck

This catchy hip-hop song by Yung Stuck is from the album “Unstoppable.” It’s about finding balance in life’s challenges. Yung Stuck’s emotional delivery makes this a standout track.


2. “Put in Wrk” by GameBr8ker

“Put in Wrk” is a lively hip-hop song by GameBr8ker from the album “Hustle Harder.” The motivational lines in this song center on working hard and grinding. GameBr8ker has indeed released a perfect song for hustlers and go-getters in the hip-hop genre.


1. “28” by AC Noel

The complexities of love and relationships are perfectly encapsulated in “28” by AC Noel. This R&B song is from the album “Life’s Melodies.” The phrase “my seed and my doors are open” indicates the singer’s willingness to share and contribute to the world.


Have you found an exciting track that suits your life? Tune in to these songs and experience the best of youthfulness and adulthood.

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