21 Songs About Being 29 (2023)

The number 29 carries special meaning in different aspects of life and has been featured in popular songs of various genres. Whether it’s about love, relationships, significant life events, or personal reflections, songs often capture the significance of 29 years in lyrics that deeply connect with audiences worldwide.

Here are the 21 best songs about being 29 for you. Enjoy!

21. “29” by Gin Blossoms

If you enjoy thought-provoking music, this one is right for you. “29” by Gin Blossoms is on their album “Major Lodge Victory,” written by Robin Wilson. It’s a rock song that explores the challenges of long-term relationships over 29 years with a bittersweet tone.


20. “29” by Ryan Adams

“29” is a rock song by Ryan Adams from his album titled “29.” It conveys the singer’s reflections and lessons learned as they approach 29. The lines that keep coming up, saying “singing and dancing to them night time songs” and “cry me a river till the morning comes,” show that the singer finds comfort in music and tries to escape reality for a while.


19. “29 Miles” by GetJaxon

This song by GetJaxon suggests a longing for freedom, with lyrics “Twenty-nine forever free” on repeat. The singer reflects on the years that have passed, their choices, and the places they have not been able to visit.


18. “I Miss That Feeling” by Tennis

“I Miss That Feeling” is an indie pop song by Tennis from their 2020 album “Swimmer.” Written by lead vocalist Alaina Moore, it combines retro rock and classical sounds with lyrics expressing a bittersweet longing for lost love.


17. “Twenty-Nine” by Melly Mell Tha Mobsta feat. Major Millionaire & Stogie Brodie

The song reflects challenges, hard work, mistakes, and adversity. “Twenty-Nine” is about staying true to oneself and protecting oneself, as the singer mentions how the world can be harsh, so they keep a weapon with them to stay safe.


16. “Twenty-Nine Fingers” by The Konks

“Twenty-Nine Fingers” is a track by The Konks featured on their debut album. The lyrics exude humor as the narrator playfully expresses their love by counting “twenty-nine fingers” to symbolize Twenty-Ninetheir deep affection. This approach creates a cheerful atmosphere throughout the song.


15. “L.A. 13 pt.1” by Drink To Me

This song by Drink To Me talks about different groups of people, like hipsters, soldiers, clerks, perverts, and homemakers, sarcastically. The repeated phrase “Look at me now, I’m twenty-nine” reflects on growing older and realizing how time passes quickly while also mentioning the idea of keeping secrets and things not always being as they seem.


14. “Not This Time” by Ben Ellis

This song by Ben Ellis speaks to individuals who may have faced obstacles but refuse to give up. “Not This Time” is from his album “Goodbye, Hello.” This acoustic folk rock conveys feelings of loss, farewell, and hope.


13. “Cheer Up Emo Boy” by Big, Big Furnace

“Cheer Up Emo Boy” is a fun rock song by Big, Big Furnace on their album “Heart on My Sleeve.” It’s meant to cheer up a sad emo boy with a playful and funny vibe, and it’s a catchy tune that will make you want to dance and sing along.


12. “29 Years” by The National

“29 Years” is a folk rock ballad by The National on their album “Until I Live.” It’s about missing love and time passing by. The repeated phrase, “You know I dreamed about you for twenty-nine years before I saw you” conveys a sense of intense longing and yearning for someone or something.


11. “Since I Was Young” by Wrabel

“Since I Was Young” is a pop song by Wrabel on his album “One of Those Happy People.” It’s about growing up, facing challenges, and finding strength inside. This one strongly connects with those who have overcome tough times.


10. “Sick Sad World” by Nervus

“Sick Sad World” is a punk rock song by Nervus on their album “Everything Dies.” It discusses social problems and mental health struggles. The band’s rebellious side and thoughts on the world’s issues can be felt in this piece.


9. “29” by Chris James

“29” is a heartfelt acoustic song by Chris James on his self-titled album “Chris James.” It’s about time passing, regrets, and missing a loved one. Those who enjoy inspirational folk music will surely love this song.


8. “Twenty-Nine and Holding” by Aaron Tippin

“Twenty-Nine and Holding” is a lively country rock song by Aaron Tippin on his album “Read Between the Lines.” The song has lyrics about staying young and speaks a message to embrace life at any age.


7. “Let’s Ride” by MxPx

“Let’s Ride” is a punk rock song by MxPx, released as the opening track on their fifth studio album, “The Ever Passing Moment,” which came out in 2000. It was initially written for the popular animated TV show “SpongeBob SquarePants.” It speaks about adventure, escape, and self-discovery, reflecting on life as the narrator reaches the age of 29.


6. “29” by Carly Pearce

“29” is a sad country song by Carly Pearce from her album “Carly Pearce.” The singer’s gentle voice and inspirational words will make you think about love, loss, and getting older, and it may remind you of your own experiences with these emotions.


5. “29 Years” by Tori Amos

“29 Years” is a heartfelt song by Tori Amos and features her emotional singing and piano skills. It’s on her album “American Doll Posse.” In this song, Tori sings about betrayal, revenge, forgiveness, and healing.


4. “Play This When I’m Gone” by Machine Gun Kelly

“Play This When I’m Gone” is a sad rock song by Machine Gun Kelly on his album “Tickets to My Downfall.” It’s about feeling vulnerable, thinking about loss, and remembering loved ones. It makes you feel sad if you’ve lost someone you care about.

3. “Fighting a Losing Battle” by Amends

“Fighting a Losing Battle” is a song by Amends from their album “Tales of Love, Loss, and Outlaws.” The song is in the alternative rock style. The lyrics describe a struggle that seems impossible to win, which may evoke emotions of frustration or despair.


2. “The Lady from 29 Palms” by Frank Sinatra

“The Lady from 29 Palms” is a lively and catchy song by Frank Sinatra from his album “Come Dance with Me!” It showcases Sinatra’s smooth vocals. Its playful melodies make you want to dance.


1. “29” by Demi Lovato

The song “29” by Demi Lovato is about age, consent, and dynamics in relationships. It talks about a time when the narrator was young and involved with someone older who took advantage of them. As the narrator reaches 29, they realize that the relationship was not what they thought it was, and they reflect on their past experiences.

Indeed, these songs capture different feelings and experiences, whether looking back on the past, thinking about the future, or enjoying the present moment. So, grab your headphones, hit play, and let the music take you on an exciting ride.

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