21 Songs About Being Fast (2023)

Do you easily get affected by how fast or how slowly things happen? Have you ever felt years go by in a snap or how an hour can take years? In all our walks of life, speed and time are two intangible things that always go together.

Time is of the essence, so let’s get moving by listening to some of the best songs about being fast, whether it be about time, events, people, driving, or this life itself.

21. Don’t Rush — Kelly Clarkson

Speaking of time, we will begin with a song from one of the greatest singers of all time, Kelly Clarkson. This pop hit, released in the 2012 album Greatest Hits—Chapter One and performed by Kelly Clarkson and Vince Gill, got nominated for the Grammy Award for Best Country Duo/Group Performance. This timeless piece titled “Don’t Rush” has a laid-back, serene vibe that makes you want to indulge in life without hurrying.

20. Time Flies – Quinn Essential

Another song that contemplates how quickly time passes is “Time Flies,” which was performed by Quinn Essential. The aforementioned rap artist released his album Mickey’s Boy in 2018, and this track can be found on that album. Although it has an upbeat backing track and rap beats, this rap song has the ability to calm you down despite its genre.

19. Night Changes – One Direction

One of the most loved songs by the popular boy band One Direction is their pop song “Night Songs.” It comes from their album, Four. It has a mellow and captivating melody that will make the listeners feel nostalgic about the nights that have gone by and the moments spent with their loved ones. The line “Does it ever drive you crazy just how fast the night changes?” will pierce your heart.

18. if you need it – Elena Goodrow

The ukulele and Elena Goodrow’s stunning voice make for a lovely indie tune titled “if you need it.” It’s written to Megan, the girl her ex-boyfriend is dating at the moment. She left a piece of advice, saying, “Enjoy what you have while it lasts. Cause he got up and left me alone so fast.” This saddening track is from Elena’s 2019 album, empty & overflowing.

17. Grew up Slower – Dylan Schneider

Under the country genre, we have Dylan Schneider’s “Grew Up Slower.” The lyrics of this song will strike a chord while you reminisce about your own childhood years. It has upbeat instrumentation and an appealing tune. It was released in 2017 for Dylan’s Spotlight’s on You – EP album.

16. Fast – Luke Bryan

The country song “Fast,” which can be found on Luke Bryan’s album Kill the Lights, will greet you with a stunning instrumental as soon as you start playing it. In the song, he talks about how life “goes too fast” and how he wishes it would slow down. You will find that you can relate to every word he sings and that the song as a whole will win your heart.

15. I Wanted It All – Jackie DeShannon

Here’s a 1975 track performed by Jackie DeShannon. “I Wanted It All” is another piece about growing up and the passage of time. This timeless classic is from her album titled New Arrangement. Though released almost fifty years ago, it sounds like a fresh track that will resonate with every listener.

14. Life’s Too Fast – Tay1or

Tay1or’s “Life’s Too Fast” is the title track of his album, which was recently released in 2022. The gloomy lyrics are backed by a techno-sounding melody and a fast rhythmic tune. The following line reads: “I’m goin way too fast yea. Life is way too fast” is his way of expressing the emptiness he feels inside.

13. A Compilation of My Experiences As a Woman – Pink Flag

Aside from time, another thing that changes quickly is feelings. In Pink Flag’s rock song titled A Compilation of My Experiences As a Woman,” the singer sings about a man who broke her heart and left her for another, as found in the following lines:

How do you love me and then break my heart?
How do you change your mind so fast?
Some things weren’t meant to last

This heavy rock song has that metal style and is from their 2020 album, Power Hour. This song can make someone even more broken if they’re in the same situation.

12. Too Fast Driving – Lisa Loeb

When one hears the word “speed,” their first thought might be about driving. The rock song “Too Fast Driving” was recorded by Lisa Loeb and included on her album Cake and Pie, which was released in 2002. It features strong and lively instrumentation, which combines very well with Lisa Loeb’s soothing vocals in this track.

11. Speed Trials – Elliott Smith

We now have yet another classic in our collection. It is “Speed Trials,” a track from Eliott Smith’s album Either/Or. Elliott delivers his lyrics with such gentleness while using poetic language that can be difficult to understand. Because it was released in 1997, the alternative has a vintage feel.

10. Hooked – Joe Arduini

On the album What I Didn’t Write in My Letter, which Joe Arduini released in 2022, there is a song that is titled “Hooked.” The guitar riff is followed by the singer’s voice and then the drum beats at the beginning of this rock song. Additionally, the romantic lines are sung softly and with varying tempos throughout the song, making it soothing to listen to.

9. Take It Slow – Shawnna

“Take It Slow” is a song about slowing things down if they get too fast, referring to a relationship. It was performed by Shawnna, featuring Ludacris and Bobby V. This track was recorded in 2006 for the album Block Music, and it features infectious rap beats that will make you want to bop your head. This R&B song features a nice arrangement that’s pleasant on the ears and fun to listen to.

8. Time Flies – Kenny Chesney

Country music superstar Kenny Chesney wrote a song titled “Time Flies.” This tune is ideal for a day at the beach or a night by the fire pit. It has a feel-good, summery vibe that you’ll love. Off of his album Welcome to the Fishbowl, this song explores the idea that time flies when you’re having fun.

7. Highway to Hell – AC/DC

“Highway to Hell” by AC/DC was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Hard Rock Performance. This title track from their 1979 album is a hard rock song in which he sings about racing down the highway to hell at breakneck speeds. In those days, people rocked and rolled to this music, which was a huge hit all over the world.

6. Virginia in the Rain – Dave Matthews Band

“Virginia in the Rain” is a mellow rock song from Dave Matthews Band’s album, Come Tomorrow. Listening to this song will calm you and make you reflect on your life as they sing these lines:

Whatever you want, I will give you that
Tell me we won’t grow old too fast
Let’s make believe this is gonna last
Forever don’t seem long enough
Forever doesn’t seem long enough

This song about being fast will captivate you, and it will get stuck in your head the moment you listen to it.

5. Slow Down – No Limit Boys

In 2017, No Limit Boys released an album called We All We Got, which featured a hip-hop song featuring Master P, Marqus Clae, Ace B, and Moe Roy. The rhythm and melody of “Slow Down” are contagious and sure to boost your spirits. The lyrics revolve around telling someone who’s always moving too fast to slow it down. It’s something worth considering for your road trip playlist.

4. Tokyo Drift – Teriyaki Boyz

Who hasn’t heard of the mega-hit The Fast and the Furious? Nearly every one of us has! “Tokyo Drift” is one of the most widely recognized soundtracks from that movie series. Teriyaki Boyz with Fam-Lay and Fusha T performed this upbeat song from the album The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift. Although it was released in 2006, this song never gets old and is a must-have track on your driving or racing playlist.

3. Vienna – Billy Joel

Billy Joel’s “Vienna,” from his album The Stranger, is an absolute gem about time and life. He sings about someone who is constantly in a hurry in this soft rock song’s lyrics, which are as follows:

Slow down, you’re doin’ fine
You can’t be everything you wanna be
Before your time

You may get the impression that he is directly addressing you as you listen to this song. It’s an everlasting work of art because of the quality of the lyrics, the music, and the arrangement.

2. No Pressure – Justin Bieber

With over 27 million views on YouTube, “No Pressure,” a duet by Justin Bieber and Big Sean, is a huge success. The protagonist of the story is an ex-lover who, in an effort to win her back, advises her to take things slowly and not rush into anything. This pop song from Bieber’s album Purpose even features some rapping that makes it even more entertaining to listen to.

1. 7 Years – Lukas Graham

Last but not least, a masterfully-written piece earning a Grammy Award nomination for Song of the Year is Lukas Graham’s pop song “7 Years.” It is a single from his album Lukas Graham (Blue Album.) The enticing melody, brilliant lyrics, and Lukas Graham’s amazing vocal techniques make it a masterpiece that resonates with everyone. It revolves around how quickly life goes and all the hardships one will face along the journey.

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