21 Songs About Blue Eyes (2023)

Songs about blue eyes have long been a popular theme in music, with countless artists crafting lyrics that describe the allure and mystique of this distinctive feature. Whether they’re exploring themes of lost love, introspection, or simply admiring the beauty of blue eyes, these songs have captured the hearts and imaginations of listeners for generations. From classic country tunes to haunting ballads and upbeat pop hits, the songs about blue eyes are as diverse as they are timeless.

21. “Between Blue Eyes and Jeans” by Conway Twitty

Album: Between Blue Eyes and Jeans | Style: Country

Originally released in 1982, the song describes a brokenhearted woman. In the song, her heart is referred to by the phrase “something between her blue eyes and jeans”.  He also describes how the woman is dancing her feelings out on the dance floor with some drinks, and how he assumes that some guy would heal her heart in there. The mellow melody of the song could also make its listeners dance their hearts out.

20. “Baby Blue” by George Strait

Album: Easy Come, Easy Go | Style: Country

The song has a slow melody but has a very heavy message of genuine love and longing. The persona in the song describes her woman as someone with baby blue eyes, even comparing them to the color of the Colorado skies. Generally, the song depicts how he struggles to move on from the breakup and how he never gets to understand her reasons for leaving him. Strait’s vocals suit perfectly to the song’s heart-wrenching lyrics.

19. “Hey Blue Eyes” by Bruce Springsteen

Album: High Hopes | Style: Classic

What makes this song astonishing to listen to is that it opens up a lot of critical issues, both personal and societal. It can be interpreted from different levels of perspective, all ending up in unsettling imagery and a more sinister undertone. As the song progresses, it gives its listeners a clearer view of a dark multi-layered condemnation, and the person with blue eyes is depicted to be someone on the evil side of the circle.

18. “Pretty Blue Eyes” by Steve Lawrence

Album: Pretty Blue Eyes | Style: Pop

Definitely, there is something alluring about having a pair of blue eyes, and this song didn’t fail to catch a glimpse of this beauty. The song is simple, but sweet and romantic, as it describes how a man could easily be head over heels for someone with blue eyes, simply for having them. Steve Lawrence’s vocals add up to the overall joyful and ecstatic mood of the song.

17. “Blue Eyes” by Middle Brother

Album: Middle Brother | Style: Indie Rock

The song portrays a man who is genuinely passionate about a woman with blue eyes, and he talks about his fears and doubts about winning her. It also alludes that the man is struggling with his own insecurities because no matter how many times he runs to her, he seemingly can’t just win her over. The song calls for a lot of empathy and comfort for people undergoing similar experiences.

16. “Dont It Make My Brown Eyes Blue” by Crystal Gayle

Album: We Must Believe in Magic | Style: Country Pop

This is one of the country songs which are easy to sing due to its simple and repetitive lyrics. It talks about someone leaving without an explanation of the action. The person left behind is in extreme sadness, coping with all the pain, without even understanding why. Beyond that, though, listeners can put their own emotions and experiences into the song and create their own interpretations.

15. “Clear Blue Eyes” by Amos Lee

Album: Amos Lee | Style: Soul

The song is full of empathy beyond compare. The persona in the song is describing someone, probably not himself, whose blue eyes reflect the sadness and torture that vividly illuminates those eyes. The song has an overall melancholic theme that leads its listeners to a mood of introspection.

14. “Blue Eyes Blue” by Eric Clapton

Album: Runaway Bride Soundtrack | Style: Soft Rock

Released in 1999, this song might just as well make your eyes blue, teary even. It talks about how a man is enchanted with a woman whom he believed to love him as much, only to realize at the end that the woman has just been playing around with him all these times. This experience brought sadness into his whole being as described in the lyrics. Eric Clapton’s voice quality made the song even more soulful.

13. “Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain” by Willie Nelson

Album: Red Headed Stranger | Style: Country

There is a great deal of sadness echoing in this song, encapsulated in its melody, music, and vocals. The persona reflects on the loss of his past love and the longing for a reunion with her (probably, in the afterlife).  The title, by itself, is a hyperbole to one’s grief, but the simple lyrics and melody make it hauntingly beautiful.

12. “Blue Eyes” by Elton John

Album: Jump Up! | Style: Pop Rock

Blue-colored eyes in this song represent the childlike innocence that the person used to describe the person he loves. He also emphasized that her pure and simple dancing or laughing makes him feel so at home and so comfortable. The lyrics of this song are uniquely written, and fans were compelled to make their mind-bugging interpretations of their own accord. 

11. “Fast Cars and Freedom” by Rascal Flatts

Album: Feels Like Today | Style: Country

This song is anything you want it to be, however, this is originally based on a husband-and-wife relationship where the man always sees his woman as beautiful as they first met. Physical beauty can perish through time, but in the eyes of an in-love person, beauty will hold its ground despite the wrinkles and flaws of old age. Because of its dotty message, “Fast Cars and Freedom” continue to be beloved by fans across the globe.

10. “Blue Eyes” by Paul Baribeau

Album: Paul Baribeau | Style: Folk punk, acoustic

The raw emotional lyrics and musical arrangement of the song evoke a sense of profound sadness and vulnerability deeply affecting the song in general. As you listen to it, you can feel the unwavering pain of the persona as he reminisces about a relationship that has ended. It so much reminds us of the pain of lost love.

9. “Ocean Eyes” by Billie Eilish

Album: Don’t Smile at Me | Style: Classic Ballad

This dreamy love song acknowledges the dangers of falling in love, especially to someone with blue, ocean eyes. It is noted in the song that men of this feature are mesmerizing and bewitching, but they have the power to drown you in an ocean of tears as well. The beauty and intensity of this song capture the magical experience of falling in love.

8. “Baby Blue Eyes” by A Rocket to the Moon

Album: On Your Side | Style: Classic Ballad

This 2019 hit song offers a modern perception of love from a man’s point of view. It reflects on the man’s feelings toward the woman in his life and the solemn love he wishes to share with her. However, as the song progresses, there is a hint that something is amiss between them, although it was not explicitly pointed out in the song.

7. “Eyes Blue Like The Atlantic” by Sista Prod

Album: N/A (single release) | Style: Electronic

The title of the song suggests that it is about being trapped in a situation that will drown you in tears. Sista Prod successfully established a deep connection in the song to help listeners unwind and destress.  Although it seems quite sad to note what this song might mean, its groovy lyrics and melody create a somehow ecstatic feeling. 

6. “Blue Eyes” by Steve Miller Band

Album: Wide Rive | Style: Rock
Released in 1993, this song is most notable for its laid-back rock sound and mellow rock quality. It touches on the themes of desire, fascination, love, and longing all the same time. This is a perfect sing-along music over long road trips with friends because it is nostalgic but never sleepy to listen to.

5. “Blue Eyes” by Yo Yo Honey Singh

Album: Desi Kalakaar | Style: Hip hop

The song fantasizes about a brown woman (maybe Indian) with blue eyes and describes how these eyes charmed a man to deeply fall in love. It has an energetic vine that makes it a popular choice for dancing and partying. A lot of fans appreciate the fusion of Indian music with modern hip-hop beats which gets them in the mood to dance and have fun.

4. “Blue Eyes” by Mika

Album: The Origin of Love | Style: Pop

This song describes a woman who had gone into heartbreak and is now experiencing uncontainable sorrow and misery. With its velvety production, a lot of fans would be compelled to listen to the song, and maybe air out their own interpretations based on personal experiences. Overall, this song celebrates the power of love and attraction and puts listeners in a positive and joyful mood.

3. “Red Dirt, Blue Eyes” by Dustin Lynch

Album: Tullahoma | Style: Country

This song will pass to be a perfect romantic getaway song as it transports listeners back to memory lane. The persona in the song wants to get away with his lover into some place they used to love going to rekindle their relationship. Fans of such small-town romance could sense a lot of intimacy and tenderness in this song.

2. “Blue Eyes Blind” by ZZ Ward 

Album: Til the Casket Drops | Style: Blues Rock

For people who have felt a deep connection to someone, you could easily relate to the song’s message of deep love. The persona in the song loves someone to the point that her blue eyes are only intended for him alone. Figuratively, she sees only him, regardless of the many other big-time suitors pursuing her. The raw and honest way of delivering her feelings in this song is a symbol of euphemism for falling head over heels in love.

1. “Behind Blue Eyes” by The Who

Album: Who’s Next | Style: Rock Ballad

This rock ballad explores the darker side of human emotions, particularly negative emotions, and impulses. What could be behind one’s blue eyes is a never-ending question as one attempts to discover the hidden feeling behind the smiles and laughter, or behind the long face and tears. Many fans appreciate the song’s sense of vulnerability and honesty, as the singer exposes his own flaws and struggles in a way that feels raw and authentic.

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