21 Songs About Breakfast (2023)

What’s a better way to kick-start your day than to have a cup of coffee, bacon with eggs, and pancakes on a tray? Whoops, they rhymed!

Speaking of rhymes, it’s time to jam out to the most important meal of the day! We are here to serve you a hearty breakfast filled with the most creatively written songs that will have you reaching for your fork and knife—or maybe just your guitar.

Here are the 21 best songs about breakfast.

21. Blueberries for Breakfast – The Mamas & the Papas.

The first hot meal has arrived: “Blueberries for Breakfast” by The Mamas & the Papas. It’s a folk-pop song from their 1971 album People Like Us, and it’s a delightful track with an easygoing melody and nostalgic ’70s vibe, ideal for getting your day started with a smile on your face.

20. How D’ya Like Your Eggs in the Morning – Dean Martin

How do you like your eggs? Sunny side up, hard boiled, soft boiled, or scrambled? Well, if you ask Dean Martin, revered as ‘The King of Cool’, he’d say, “I like mine with a kiss.” “How D’ya Like Your Eggs in the Morning,” featuring Helen O’Connell, is a classic, hearty song from his Hot 100 Swingin‘ album that will fill your mornings with love.

19. Breakfast in Bed – Train

Train’s soulful romantic ballad “Breakfast in Bed” beautifully expresses what it’s like to be in love with someone. It was released in 2009 on their album Save Me, San Francisco. It’s a perfect choice to play during cuddling moments with your partner because of its sweet lyrics and lovely tune.

18. Pancakes – Gucci Mane

If you woke up exhausted, here’s “Pancakes” by Gucci Mane, starring Waka Flocka Flame and 8Ball, to get your energy back up. This hip-hop track can be found on their 2011 album, The Return of Mr. Zone 6. The cheerful tune and rap are both enjoyable to listen to.

17. Breakfast Club – Z-Trip 

You’ll absolutely relate to this fun track titled “Breakfast Club,” performed by Z-Trip featuring Murs and Supernatural. It’s a rap song from their album Shifting Gears and revolves around having an enjoyable morning with cereal for breakfast while watching cartoons. This groovy and upbeat song will take you back to your childhood mornings.

16. Bacon Song – Tessa Violet

For Tessa Violet, also known as Meekakitty, bacon is the best meal to have. Together with her band, she sings about how much they adore bacon in this catchy and delightful song, noting that it “tastes like heaven.” You will begin to adore this pop single as soon as you hear it because of how compelling the vocals and instrumentals are!

15. Coffee and TV – Blur

For Blur, a rock band from London, they escape from their misery through coffee and TV. Coffee and TV is an alternative song from their album titled 13. This opens with a gentle guitar riff that gradually builds up into a lively, upbeat melody; however, the lyrics are somewhat gloomy.

14. Ham ’n’ Eggs – Song by A Tribe Called Quest

“Ham ‘n’ Eggs” by A Tribe Called Quest is not an homage to ham and eggs, but rather the opposite. It’s about a man who refuses to eat this most famous combo meal after his grandmother offers it to him for breakfast. Nonetheless, this rap single from their album People’s Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm has a laid-back and chilled vibe to it.

13. Banana Pancakes – Jack Johnson

In Between Dreams is Jack Johnson’s album that contains a delicious meal for breakfast. “Banana Pancakes” is his 2009 pop single that has that mellow, soothing catch that talks about sleeping in and enjoying some banana pancakes. The guitar riffs, Jack’s gentle voice, and the lyrics make this a light-hearted acoustic piece that’s perfect to listen to on a rainy morning.

12. The Coffee Song – Frank Sinatra

A classic jazz song from Frank Sinatra is up next! When it comes to breakfast, a cup of coffee is a must-have for most of us. So, Frank Sinatra wrote a song about it, which he named “The Coffee Song”. He re-recorded it for the album called Ring-a-Ding Ding! Sinatra’s smooth and soulful vocals bring this masterpiece to life!

11. Tears For Breakfast – Eugénie

We’re halfway through this list, and we have one that’s a little heartbreaking. Eugénie’s song “Tears for Breakfast” was released in 2022 on her album called Moment in Time. The lyrics are about a woman who has been so deeply broken by her boyfriend that all she can do is cry and ask, “Honey, how could I eat again?” This is a catchy pop song you’ll like.

10. Breakfast in Bed – Stephanie Poetri and Gnash

Stephanie Poetri and Gnash collaborated on the endearing song “Breakfast in Bed,” which is sure to put listeners in a good mood. Its romantic lyrics, “You’re like a theme song stuck in my head, with our TV shows and breakfast in bed,” will make you fall in love.

9. Pancakes for One – of Montreal

“Pancakes for One are no fun”, says a pop band from Montreal. This alternative rock song is from their 2002 album titled Aldhils Arboretum. It talks about a person who now doesn’t enjoy breakfast after being left by the one with whom he used to have fun over breakfast. The lively instrumentation makes it less gloomy compared to its lyrics.

8. Kisses for Breakfast – Melissa Steel feat. Popcaan

Here is some reggae music to get you going in the morning. Popcaan and Melissa Steel sing the song “Kisses for Breakfast,” which is the title track of Melissa’s album. With Melissa’s sweet voice and Popcaan’s incredible talent, you’ll like the bright mood it has, and it’s a great song for your summer playlist.

7. Breakfast (Syrup) – Kreayshawn feat. 2 Chainz

You’ll get up and dance to yet another upbeat tune about breakfast. On her 2012 album titled Somethin’ ‘Bout Kreay, Kreayshawn released “Breakfast (Syrup),” which featured 2 Chainz. The theme of the song is a desire for both breakfast and money. It’s a great song to sing and dance to as you cook your own breakfast.

6. Sex for Breakfast – Christina Aguilera

An award-winning icon, Christina Aguilera, brings you her song “Sex for Breakfast.” It is part of her album Bionic, which was released in 2010. This R&B-pop song has a rhythm that is relaxing and alluring. With lyrics that portray a passionate love and desire between two lovers, they become more effective as Aguilera sings sensually and seductively.

5. Toast – Streetband

The pop-rock song “Toast” was performed by the UK band Streetband for their album called London. The vocalist sang this song almost as if he were casually recounting a story, accompanied by minimalistic instrumentation. He talked amusingly about how he developed a liking for toast when he was just three to four months old and continued to do so as he grew older.

4. Kevin Gates – Breakfast (Official Music Video)

Another song titled “Breakfast” was released just this year, 2023, by American rapper Kevin Gates. This rap song has an upbeat tempo and a catchy tune that will get you grooving. Though the lyrics might be too intimate for some, you can’t deny the infectious energy in this title track that will definitely help you pump up your day.

3. Breakfast Can Wait – Prince 

“Breakfast Can Wait” begins with a melodic beat that will make you snap your fingers too. It is released by Prince, an award-winning singer-songwriter, on his 2014 Art Official Age album. The energetic and engaging instrumentation of the song has a funky groove and appealing melodies that make it difficult not to move to the beat.

2. Is There Life After Breakfast? – Ray Davies

“Is There Life After Breakfast?” the philosophical song title itself will arouse your curiosity already. This indie rock song is from Ray Davie’s Other People’s Lives album and has a catchy beat and positive vibes. It is written creatively and is about inspiring people to believe that there is always a rainbow after the rain, just as there’s always life after breakfast.

1. Morning Coffee – Chevy & Nalba

Here’s a boost of caffeine for your whole day as we wrap up our collection of the best songs about breakfast: “Morning Coffee” by Chevy and Nalba. Despite its simplicity, “Morning Coffee” is a beautifully crafted title track that is both calming and inspiring. You won’t be able to stop yourself from hitting the play button after you’ve heard this music.

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