21 Songs About Choices (2023)

We constantly make decisions throughout our day-to-day lives. They can be as mundane as deciding how much sugar to put in your morning coffee or as complex as deciding whether to end a relationship, quit work, or chase your dreams.

Whether you are searching for a playlist, making life-changing decisions, or reflecting on your life, these songs about choices will put you on the right track:

21. “1 Step Forward and 3 Steps Back” – Olivia Rodrigo

Olivia Rodrigo’s album Sour features this emotional song. It talks about how she’s stuck in a toxic and confusing relationship where every choice or step she makes seems to make or break it. This gentle pop song is ideal for winding down at night.

20. “Chasing Pavements” – Adele

This pop song, from Adele’s 2008 album “19,” was one of the songs that catapulted her to fame. It’s a song about being torn between choosing to let go of things or to keep trying. No matter what that means to you, this heartfelt song will make you want to express your emotions as you listen to it.

19. “New Rules” – Dua Lipa

“New Rules” is one of Dua Lipa’s most famous songs in her self-titled album. It talks about setting new rules to get over her ex-lover. It’s about choosing not to do the very same things she did that caused her to fall into his trap. The fascinating beat of this pop will have you bopping along.

18. “Hot N Cold” – Katy Perry

“Hot N Cold” gave Katy Perry the spotlight in the world of pop. She sings about being in an unhealthy relationship with someone who can’t decide between staying and leaving. This groovy pop hit from her album One of the Boys is fun to listen to and dance to.

17. “Undecided” – Chris Brown 

Chris Brown’s album Indigo features this song as the album’s lead single. This R&B song has a moderate tempo and is about him struggling to make a choice about whether or not he is ready to commit to a relationship with a woman. “Undecided” will certainly have you vibing with it.

16. “How Far I’ll Go” – Auliʻi Cravalho

Auliʻi Cravalho, the singer and the voice behind Moana, performed this soulful show soundtrack for the hit Disney movie. It’s about having the guts and choosing to follow your heart despite what others think. There’s no way you won’t want to keep singing this uplifting and heartfelt song.

15. “Try” – Colbie Caillat

Colbie Caillat’s country-pop song Try is featured in her album Gypsy Heart. Despite having been released in 2014, its popularity has recently surged, especially on the social media platform TikTok. The song’s lyrics reflect the sacrifices one makes for the sake of others. Definitely enlightening!

14. “Dare You To Move” – Switchfoot

The alternative rock band Switchfoot has a song called “Dare You to Move” on their album Learning to Breathe. Its uplifting lyrics and beautiful instrumental arrangement make you muster up your courage and choose to stand up no matter what setback brought you down.

13. “My Way” – Frank Sinatra

The song “My Way” was chosen to serve as the title track for the album that Frank Sinatra released in 1969. The singer of this jazz masterpiece says that he does not regret any of the choices he’s made in his life because he was the one who made them all.  It is revered as a timeless classic, even up to the present day.

12. “I Choose You” – Sara Bareilles

Church bells are ringing! This indie pop track, which can be found on Sara Bareilles’ album The Blessed Unrest, is one of the songs that is requested the most, particularly for use in wedding ceremonies. This upbeat and romantic song is about the singer choosing to be with the person she loves the most for the rest of her life.

11. “My Head & My Heart” – Ava Max

Choosing whether to follow your head or your heart is something that we have all experienced. This is what the dilemma is all about in this groovy song by Ava Max from her album Heaven & Hell. Its upbeat melody and rhythm will make you energized for the day.

10. “When I Was Your Man” – Bruno Mars

This soul track by Bruno Mars is part of his album titled Unorthodox Jukebox. Listening to this masterpiece will hit you hard even if you’re not in a relationship because of its melancholic melody and lyrics about regretting the choices he didn’t make when he had the chance.

 9. “Dilemma” – Nelly ft. Kelly Rowland

This R&B track by Nelly and Kelly Rowland won the Grammy for Best Melodic Rap Performance. This song is from Nelly’s album titled Nellyville. It may have peaked in the early 2000s, but it is a classic that will stay with you forever for its catchy melody.

8. “Drugs or Jesus” – Tim McGraw

American country singer Tim McGraw performed this single in his album Live Like You Were Dying. Nostalgic and soothing, this song is about a man who has indulged in sin and made poor decisions in his life, but who has come to realize that Jesus is the one and only person he can truly rely on.

 7. “Hard Place” – H.E.R.

This R&B song by H.E.R. is from the album I Used to Know Her. She sings, “And if I have to choose, my heart or you, I’m gonna lose,” showing how torn she is between pursuing her dreams and staying by his side. Her amazing voice adds to the song’s endearing quality and calming vibe.

6. “Like Everybody Else” – Lennon Stella

Need a good cry? Then try this pop song by Lennon Stella. This title track features a melancholic melody and achingly beautiful words. You will be so moved by it that you will cry through the night.

5. “Freedom of Choice” – Devo

Here’s a classic song for old souls out there. “Freedom of Choice” is the title track from Devo’s album from the 1980s. It’s a song that encourages people to let go of making insignificant decisions and instead go with the flow of their lives. This new wave is going to get you tapping your feet.

4. “Honest” – The Chainsmokers

This pop single by The Chainsmokers is part of their album Memories…Do Not Open.  It’s about someone making the decision to expose their innermost thoughts. Because of its electro style and arrangement, it is worthy of being included on your playlists for late-night listening or long car rides. 

3. “Bad Decisions” – Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande, regarded as the greatest pop star of 2018, released this pop song in her album Dangerous Woman. Contrary to what the song’s title suggests, it isn’t about regretting her poor choices; rather, it is about how much she loves and savors their romantic roller-coaster relationship.

2. “It’s Gonna Make Sense” – Michael Learns To Rock

Michael Learns to Rock is a rock band that performed this pop song for their album Eternity. Listening to this soothing and inspiring song will undoubtedly transport you back to the good, old days. It teaches listeners how every choice we make has an impact, and no matter what it is, it’ll make sense in the end.

 1. “The Gambler” – Kenny Rogers

A country tune by Kenny Rogers closes out this collection of songs about making choices. From his album The Best Country Album In The World…Ever!, this song’s infectious melody and brilliant lyrics will hook you. He made a metaphor about making wise choices in life based on the act of gambling. An evergreen masterpiece indeed!

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