21 Songs About Cocktails (2023)

Apparently, people have been blending various alcoholic beverages together since the 1800s. That is why various kinds of cocktails have been made to add more zest to the celebration over the years.

In the same way, listening to music while sipping a delicious cocktail is a classic and delightful mix. So grab a drink and some headphones because we’re going to listen to some of the best songs about cocktails ever written.

21. Cheers (Drink to That) —Rihanna

Raise your glasses and have a good time listening to Rihanna’s song “Cheers (Drink to That).” This upbeat pop track was included on her Loud album, which was released in 2010. It’s the kind of tune that gets you pumped up for the weekend and encourages you to just go out and have a good time. Because it also includes Avril Lavigne, this song is a fantastic combination of the singing styles of two of the best singers of all time.

20. Cocktails for Two — Art Tatum

What could be more intimate than a candlelit dinner accompanied by soft piano music? So, “Cocktails for Two” by Art Tatum is an ideal jazz piano instrumental for a romantic meal for two. It’s soothing to the ears, which makes it ideal for a cozy setting to enjoy the night.

19. Margaritaville — Jimmy Buffett

Jimmy Buffett released the album Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes in 1977. “Margaritaville,” a country-folk song that also won the Country Music Association Award for Single of the Year, is one of the songs featured here. The light and relaxing melody and voice of this song will instantly take you to the beach resort where he talks about spending his year-long vacation.

18. Absinthe — The Damned

The Damned, a band known for their gothic rock songs, has a track titledAbsinthe.” If you aren’t familiar, absinthe is an herb-infused alcohol that’s said to cause hallucinations. Hence, in this punk song from Grave Disorder, the said drink is something that will take you to another place. The backing track of “Absinthe” has an eerie effect paired with a mellow lyrical tune.

17. Cocktails for Three — Terry Allen

Cocktails aren’t just for parties, of course. It’s also a fantastic companion when someone is feeling down and alone. In the song “Cocktails for Three,” Terry Allen sings about being dumped by the woman he loves. This song, from his Lubbock (On Everything) album, is a sentimental ballad. Since it is a folk song from 1979, the listeners get a nostalgic, melancholy feeling from it.


16. Drinks — CYN

It’s now time for a freshly-served song. The pop song “Drinks” by CYN exudes self-worth. It’s about a girl who doesn’t get down on herself when she and her boyfriend get into an argument but instead goes out for drinks with her pals. In 2020, Promising Young Woman dropped this single that is empowering and enjoyable to the ears.

15. Scotch And Soda The Manhattan Transfer

You’ll be hooked from the moment “Scotch and Soda” by The Manhattan Transfer starts playing because of the opening instruments. This jazz track from 1976 was recorded by them, and it was included on their album, Coming Out. “Scotch and Soda” is a lulling track that contributes to the night’s intimate atmosphere.

14. Rum and Coca-Cola — Calypso Rose

Calypso Rose is a talented singer and songwriter who was born in the Caribbean, a region rich in various ethnic groups. Her wonderful music, which reflects her cultural heritage, is truly original. Among these is a reggae song she recorded called “Rum and Coca-Cola.” It’s a fun tune from her album So Calypso! that celebrates the hospitality of the people of Trinidad.

13. Whiskey Fever — Dorothy

The song “Whiskey Fever” is performed by the band Dorothy, and it is characterized by energetic instrumentation as well as the vocals of Dorothy Martin, which sound like blazing flames. It is a rock song from their album titled Rockisdead. Ironically, the musicality of this track breathes life into the conventional rock and roll songs that we have loved throughout our lives.

12. Sangria — Blake Shelton

Your spine will tingle as Blake Shelton performs his country song “Sangria.” This song’s lyrics romantically describe a lady with “lips that taste like sangria.” This song, which won the CMT Music Award for Male Video of the Year and the CMT Music Award for Video of the Year, is featured in Hit Country 2016. This particular song makes you want to savor the sensation of falling and being in love.

11. Cosmopolitan — Nine Black Alps

The rock song “Cosmopolitan” by the band Nine Black Alps, which can be found on their album Everything Is, is one that will recharge everyone in the room because of its entertaining vocals and lively backing track. It came out in 2005 and clocks in at more than two minutes in total. It’s an incredible song to jam to with your friends.

10. Brandy & Coke (Trampled Under Foot) — Led Zeppelin

We’re halfway through our collection of songs about cocktails. So here’s Led Zeppelin’s “Brandy & Coke” from his Physical Graffiti. This rock song, which was recorded in 1975, won the Clio Music Award for Film and the Clio Music Award for Innovation. The flavorful combination of the instruments and vocals undoubtedly makes it an amazing classic to listen to.

9. Escape (The Piña Colada Song) — Rupert Holmes

Earning a nomination for the People’s Choice Award for Favorite New Song is a song by Rupert Holmes and that is part of his album, Partners in Crime. Even though the storyline is quite mean, the infectious melody and compelling instrumentals of this soft pop-rock track will have you listening to it over and over again.

8. Tequila Sunrise — Eagles

Eagles’ “Tequila Sunrise” begins with some gorgeous guitar riffs. It’s a classic folk song that appeared on their album Desperado, released in 1973. The tranquility you’ll feel while listening to this masterpiece is beyond description. It has the cozy feel of a small town in the country where you want to spend the rest of your days.

7. Sangria Wine — Camila Cabello and Pharrell Williams

Camila Cabello and Pharrell Williams, two fantastic singers, are featured on the next track. The song “Sangria Wine” is fun to listen to and dance to while celebrating with friends. It is the title track from their 2018 album and features elements of both dance-pop and reggae genres. “Sangria Wine” is guaranteed to get the party going.

6. Tennessee Whiskey  Chris Stapleton

Get ready to sway your bodies as we listen to Chris Stapleton’s “Tennessee Whiskey.” It’s no surprise that it’s Chris’ personal favorite song. It has a taste of blues-tinged country feels and was recorded in his 2005 album, Traveller. The lyrics center on how a woman rescued him from old ways and made him “stoned on her love all the time.”

5. Gin and Juice — Snoop Dogg

This compilation includes a song that was nominated for a Grammy, “Gin and Juice” by Snoop Dogg, which was released in 1993 as part of his Down to Earth album. It’s a must-play hip-hop song that was nominated for a Grammy for Best Rap Solo Performance. “Gin and Juice” is a snapshot of ’90s nightlife. The beat, lyrics, and overall flow worked together flawlessly to make an unforgettable piece of art.


“CHAMPAGNE ROSÉ” is a rap song that was recorded by Quavo and features Madonna and Cardi B. This track, which can be found on the album titled Quavo Huncho, will have you tapping your toes in no time. You’ll definitely want to get down to its infectious rhythm and vibe from the ladies’ vocals and Quavo’s skilled rapping.

3. Cherry Wine — Hozier

Up next is a mellow pop song by Hozier. It’s titled “Cherry Wine” and is one of the tracks from his self-titled album, Hozier. Like a bottle of cherry wine, this heartfelt song is musically sweet but lyrically bitter. This song will definitely touch you as he sings about the domestic violence his mom suffers from.


2. Drink a Beer — Luke Bryan

Losing a loved one is a kind of pain that stays with you for a lifetime. In relation to that, the second-to-last song is another heartbreaking masterpiece. It’s “Drink a Beer” from Luke Bryan’s Crash My Party. Luke’s personal experience dealing with the deaths of his two siblings inspired him to write this touching song. It’s hard to listen to this track and not shed tears.

1. Tequila — Dan + Shay

Let’s toast with Dan + Shay’s “Tequila” as our final drink! It’s a country pop song, and it’s well-crafted with a stunning melody that will get stuck in your head and make you want to listen to it over and over again. This title track won Best Country Duo/Group Performance at the 2019 Grammy Awards and many more awards for its perfect storytelling of a heartbreak that anyone can relate to. This song is definitely deserving of a spot on your playlist.

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