21 Songs About Commitment (2023)

Since the dawn, commitment has been a major factor affecting relationships. It can be blissful when both parties are committed to each other. However, the opposite can be said when we lack commitment. Expressing love and commitment encourages your partner to do the same. Are you looking for a playlist solely about commitment? 

Here are the 21 best new songs about commitment:

21. Intentions – Justin Bieber

Genre: Contemporary R&B, Nigerian R&B, Afropop, Pop

Album: Changes (2020)

What better way to show commitment than laying all your cards and stating your intentions? The first on our list is “Intentions” from the album Changes by Canadian pop singer and songwriter  Justin Bieber. The song’s lyrics undoubtedly express commitment without any hidden agenda other than giving attention. It becomes even more special as Justin dedicates his song to all three homeless women in LA and raises funds to build homes for them using the profits gained from the song. 

20. Marry Me – Jason Derulo

Genre: Pop; R&B‎; Soul

Album: N/A

“Marry me” is one of Jason Derulo’s R&B single masterpieces that became a hit in the US and Canada. The song is dedicated to Derulo’s then-girlfriend American singer Jordin Sparks. The song’s lyrics promise to stay with each other forever, revealing the intention to marry. This music is a fun, light-hearted wedding song to dance to, accompanied by intense lyrics.

19. 10,000 Hours – Dan + Shay Ft. Justin Bieber

Genre: Country pop

Album: Good Things (2021)

Justin Bieber makes it to this list again, and rightfully so. This time, he collaborated with Dan and Shay. “10,000 hours” from the album Good things is all about committing to spend more time and live life with someone you already spent so much time with. However, it’s not just about spending time with them but also getting to know their thoughts, memories, and perceptions. If that’s not a commitment, we don’t know what is.

18. Marry You – Bruno Mars

Genre: Pop music, Soul music, Doo-wop, Children’s Music

Album: Doo-Wops & Hooligans (2010)

Have you ever had a drunken night with your special person? Have you ever considered doing something crazy with that said person, like perhaps getting married? “Marry You” talks about getting the marriage ‘thing’ done as soon as possible. It turns out weddings are not as complicated as bridezillas make it. You just need a ring, a choir, a little chapel on the boulevard, and a ‘pocket full of cash you can blow.’ The song is from Bruno Mars’s album called Doo-Wops & Hooligans.

17. Thinking Out Loud – Ed Sheeran

Genre: Indian Film Pop, Soft rock, Blue-eyed soul, Dance/Electronic, Pop, German Pop, UK R&B, French Rap

Album: × (2004)

“Thinking Out Loud” is a soft-rock, pop song from the album ×. Ed Sheeran made a worldwide hit with a wonderful about committing to someone until old age. Aging is not a bed of roses. Growing together sounds wonderful, but it takes a lot of work and dedication. The song romanticizes it and makes it special because you’re with someone you want to spend the rest of your life with. 

16. Earned It – The Weekend

Genre: Chamber pop R&B

Album: Fifty Shades of Grey Soundtrack (2015)

Another interesting song on this list is “Earned It,” an original soundtrack from Fifty Shades of Grey. Have you ever had someone committed to taking care of you? We will leave it up to your imagination to decide which aspect of life you need such care. But if you’re looking for a song to match your adoration and decision to take care of someone, this song is for you.

15. All Of Me – John Legend

Genre: R&B/Soul

Album: Love in the Future (2013)

What would you give in a relationship besides full commitment? Well, of course, all of you. “All of me” by John Legend is a soulful, romantic, wedding favorite and 2015 top radio song. The song is about being enamored by an alluring, beautiful, smart woman. It also expresses how amazing it is to be reciprocated with the same passion.

14. How Long Will I Love You – Ellie Goulding

Genre: R&B/Soul, Alternative/Indie, MPB, Dance/Electronic, Pop, MORE

Album: Halcyon Days (2013)

“How Long Will I Love You” was written by Scottish singer, songwriter, and musician Michael Scott for his folk rock band Waterboys in 1990. In 2013, Ellie Goulding put a romantic, soulful twist to the song. Another version of the song was recorded with Sam Sweeney, Ben Coleman, and Goulding and was used for a movie titled About Time by Universal Studios.

13. Until I Found You – Stephen Sanchez

Genres: Pop music

Album: Putzen & Aufräumen (2022)

The next song on our list has an 80s romantic song vibe. “Until I Found You” is a pop song by Stephen Sanchez, released in 2022. This song has words that will touch your heart and hit you differently. While asking for a second chance, Sanchez dedicated this song to his ex-girlfriend, singer-songwriter Georgia Brown.

12. Grateful – Mahalia

Genre: R&B, Soul

Album: Grateful (2019)

Music gives us perspective into many different things in life, including commitment. Unfortunately, many relationships are one-sided. The other party is willing to commit everything, while the other cannot meet halfway. “Grateful” by Mahalia is about commitment… or a lack thereof. This song is for the person you’re interested in but haven’t received the same energy. You want transparency and definition, so lay your cards and tell them how you feel.

11. Stuck In The Middle – Tai Verdes

Genre: Alternative/Indie, Pop

Album: TV (2021)

Speaking of transparency and definition will bring the next song on this list. As we all know, commitment is a lifetime decision, but what if you’re stuck at crossroads? Tai Verdes’ pop music “Stuck In The Middle” romanticizes these in-between moments. 

10. Like I’m Gonna Lose You – Meghan Trainor

Genre: Adult Contemporary/Pop

Album: Wonderland: BFF (2016)

You don’t have to lose something to know its true value. “Like I’m Gonna Lose You” by Meghan Trainor is a testament to this truth. The song is about loving someone without taking them for granted and treating tomorrow’s uncertainties as a gift. Isn’t that beautiful? 

9. Perfect – Ed Sheeran

Genre: Pop

Album: ÷ (2017)

Amazingly, Ed Sheeran makes it to our list again for another perfect wedding song. “Perfect” has garnered over 3 billion hits on Youtube and multiple awards. Perfect is an understatement. Every word in the song will make you remember the first time you laid eyes on your special someone and makes you want to recommit to them all over again.

8. Forever – Justin Bieber, Post Malone, Clever

Genre: Pop

Album: Changes (2020)

Naturally, Justin Bieber makes this list again. “Forever” is a pop song Bieber composed with Post Malone and Clever as a part of his album Changes. The song is about spending the rest of his life with his wife, Hailey Bieber, to whom he dedicated this song.

7. Teddy Swims – You’re Still The One (Shania Twain Cover)

Genre: Pop

Album: N/A

Teddy Swims give new life to “You’re Still The One” in one of his Youtube covers. The song was originally written by former couples Shania Twain and Robert Lange. Since the original music was produced, many artists created their version of the song. 

6. Snooze – SZA

Genre: R&B/Soul

Album: SOS (2022)

“Snooze” is a soulful ballad by SZA from her album SOS. This dreamy song is about committing to spending quality time and giving proper attention to your significant other. 

5. Rude –  MAGIC!

Genre: Pop

Album: Don’t Kill the Magic (2014)

They say getting married is every woman’s dream. On the other hand, a strict father who doesn’t want to give his blessing for marriage is every man’s nightmare. What happens when you truly want to commit, but the family is against it? “Rude” by MAGIC! is one of the most popular songs in 2014. Its YouTube video has garnered over 2 billion views over the last decade.

4. Million Reasons –  Lady Gaga

Genre: Country music, Pop, UK R&B

Album: Joanne (2016)

Love is why many relationships will last, even when there are many reasons to walk away. What if you’re the only one giving everything? Now that is commitment. “Million Reasons” by Lady Gaga is a song about a relationship on the verge of breaking up but still pushing through because of love and commitment. 

3. Grenade – Bruno Mars 

Genre: Pop music, Children’s Music, Power pop

Album: Doo-Wops & Hooligans

Bruno Mars’ pop song “Grenade” describes how he can give anything for love, even his life. The man’s commitment is astounding. Unfortunately, the feeling is not mutual. The woman does not reciprocate his love.

2. Those Eyes – New West

Genre: Alternative/Indie

Album: Call Me When You Hear This Song

“Those Eyes” is a song by New West that will make you fall in love again and remember why you loved her. What made you so committed to memorizing every little detail about your partner? It’s truly a delight to focus on someone you love and observe every small thing they do.

1. Die For You – The Weeknd & Ariana Grande

Genre: Pop music, Contemporary R&B, Trap music

Album: Starboy (2016)

“Die for you” is all about having passionate feelings for someone can be a blessing and a curse. Have you ever felt a strong connection with someone that makes you willing to give your life for them? It’s a blissful feeling to be reciprocated, but a negative experience if not. Ariana Grande and The Weeknd’s collaboration never disappoints. 

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