21 Songs About Confused Love (2023)

Love is a complicated emotion that has a grave impact on people’s lives; it’s not as simple as counting to three; Consequently, there are a plethora of songs that have been written about having romantic ambiguity. Because of this, we have chosen the very best ones for you, which include everything from mellow ballads to rock songs to classics to rap songs, and the list goes on.

Without further ado, listed below are the 21 best songs about confused love:

21. Confused in Love — Keyshia Cole

“Confused in Love,” an R8B song, is a great illustration of our topic. Keyshia Cole sings about her past love confusion and subsequent realization that she does not wish to cry over it again. The combination of her emotive singing and the tune’s infectious quality is a treat for the ears. In 2010, this song was released as part of the album Calling All Hearts.

20. Gotta Go My Own Way — Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron

High School Musical 2 is a widely known Disney movie from the late 2000s. Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron’s “Gotta Go My Own Way” is a huge hit from the film’s soundtrack. It’s a pop song about not knowing exactly what to do but doing something that’s right for her. The combination of Vanessa’s lovely singing with the catchy melody and satisfying instrumentals makes it a song you never want to stop listening to.

19. One More Night — Maroon 5

In 2012, Maroon 5 released a melodious pop song titled “One More Night.” It was nominated for a World Music Award in the category of World’s Best Song, thanks to Adam Levine’s phenomenal vocals and the energizing backing tracks that it featured. It’s almost impossible to listen to this song from Maroon 5’s album Overexposed and not want to sing along.

18. Chasing Pavements — Adele

The next song talks about having a hard time deciding whether to let go of something or keep trying. It’s titled “Chasing Pavements” by Adele. This pop tune, featured on Adele’s 2008 album 19, was a major factor in her meteoric rise to fame. If you listen to this music, you won’t be able to contain your feelings.

17. Crush — David Archuleta

David Archuleta’s self-titled album features an R&B single that won the Teen Choice Award for Choice Music: Love Song. A person with a crush on another but no idea how to express it is the subject of David Archuleta’s song “Crush.” Playing this song brings back all the butterflies and thrills of having a crush.

16. Hot N Cold — Katy Perry

You’ll be tapping your toes as we feature the song “Hot N Cold” by Katy Perry. This electro-pop song catapulted her to stardom in the pop music industry. She sings about her partner, who can’t make up his mind about whether to marry her or run away. From her album One of the Boys comes this funky pop hit, perfect for grooving to.

15. I Hate U, I Love U — Gnash

Let’s slow things down a bit and take in the depth of feeling in “I Hate U, I Love U” by Gnash, which features Olivia O’Brien. It was released in 2016 on A Força do Querer Vol. 1  and it’s about hating and loving someone despite the fact that it kills you because they like someone else. It has an addictive melody and a polished production.

14. Should I Stay or Should I Go — The Clash

Get ready to jam with our next punk rock song from The Clash. It’s called “Should I Stay or Should I Go,” from the band’s Combat Rock albumAs evident from the song title, it’s about being indecisive about whether to walk away or stay. The lyrics may be miserable, but the song itself has an uplifting, captivating quality.

13. Eenie Meenie — Justin Bieber and Sean Kingston

Who didn’t have last-song syndrome after hearing “Eenie Meenie” by Justin Bieber and Sean Kingston in 2010 and beyond? We all did it. Its memorable music and enticing lyrics have left a permanent imprint on our minds. This catchy pop tune, which focuses on his hesitant lover, can be found on the album My Worlds: The Collection.

12. Jenny — The Click Five

The Click Five’s album Modern Minds and Pastimes includes the song “Jenny” as one of its tracks. This classic pop-rock song is about a woman named Jenny, who causes him to become puzzled due to the ambiguity of her words and actions. Because of its brilliant lyricism and addictive rhythm, “Jenny” is a song that you will enjoy playing over and over again.

11. So in Love With Two — Mikaila

“So in Love With Two” is not only a creative wordplay but a great song as well. It was recorded by Mikaila as part of her self-titled album. “If I only could decide, but I can’t make up my mind” are some of the lines from its lyrics, as she sings about being torn between two lovers. It’s an enjoyable classic pop track released in 2001.

10. 7 Things — Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus has a song called “7 Things” in which she sings about loving and hating the same person. Miley, Antonina Armato, and Tim James collaborated on writing this pop-punk track for her 2010 album Breakout. It’s a fun and catchy tune about the seven good and bad qualities of the guy she likes.

9. Complicated — Carolyn Dawn Johnson

Carolyn Dawn Johnson recorded “Complicated” in 2001 as her second single from Room with a View. It’s a mellow ballad about falling in love with someone who leaves her uncertain as to whether or not her feelings are reciprocated. Playing this song brings back fond memories, and it also has a lot of emotion to it.

8. Pacman — Jae Park

A former member of South Korean pop rock band DAY6, Jae Park, released a single titled “Pacman” in 2020. As he sings, “‘Cause my head says no, but my phone keeps calling you,” he expresses his internal conflict between giving in to her and breaking free. The title track is a showcase of Jae Park’s vocal abilities and will have you playing it on repeat.

7. I Hate Myself for Loving You — Joan Jett & the Blackhearts

Joan Jett & the Blackhearts received a nomination for the Grammy Award for Best Rock Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal with their classic rock song “I Hate Myself for Loving You.” This lead single is on the band’s album “Up Your Alley,” which was released in 1998. It has a funky style that makes you want to dance and rock out.

6. Mine — Beyoncé

The next act will be a collaboration between Beyoncé and Drake. The song is Mine,” and it can be found on Beyoncé’s self-titled album. This heartfelt ballad is centered on her fears and anxiety regarding her roles as a mother and a partner in a relationship. “Mine” is pleasant to listen to, and its lyrics are written cleverly as well.

5. Love Lies — Khalid and Normani

Khalid and Normani recorded “Love Lies” as part of the soundtrack album of the romantic drama film titled Love, Simon. It won the Teen Choice Award for Choice Music: R&B/Hip-Hop Song for its attractive rhythm and arrangement, not to mention the two singers’ amazing vocals. No matter how much you listen, “Love Lies” will never bore you.

4. Goodbye — David Guetta and Jason Derulo

A great party song is on! Turn up the volume for David Guetta and Jason Derulo’s song titled “Goodbye.” Several more artists are featured in this electronic dance-pop song, such as William William and Nicki Minaj. On his album 7, Derulo’s “Goodbye” is about his conflicted feelings about ending his relationship with his lover. This track will surely get everyone pumped up!

3. Undecided — Chris Brown

A heart-pounding instrumental is the song intro of Chris Brown’s “Undecided.” It’s on his album Indigo, which came out in 2019. As for its lyrical meaning, it is him being undecided about whether to push through with the relationship he is in or not. Chris’s distinctive blend of silky R&B and impeccable dance choreography is on full display here.

2. Just Give Me a Reason — Pink

Amazing singers Pink and Nate Ruess teamed up for the song “Just Give Me a Reason.” In 2012, after its debut on the album The Truth About Love, it quickly rose to prominence as a fan favorite. This song is about two lovers questioning their love for each other, saying they are “not broken, just bent.” They put so much feeling into singing this song that you can’t help but be moved by it.

1. Thinking of You — Katy Perry

As we conclude this list, we offer you a masterpiece from the Queen of Camp. It is “Thinking of You” from Katy Perry’s One of the Boys. It is an honest and fragile story of the misery she is in after she lost her ex-boyfriend and is now in an unhappy relationship. This song shows how true love never dies. While listening to this timeless song, it will take you to this painful love story and make you lose track of time. Katy Perry’s impressive vocals are also highlighted in this indie pop song, along with the captivating melody.

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