21 Songs About Corvettes (2023)

Picture yourself feeling the breeze while driving a Corvette and listening to your favorite playlist – sounds like a dream, right? Well, for some people, the luxury that is attached to this car is a reality for them.

That is why several artists have already penned songs about Corvettes, and they are as cool as this Chevy vehicle! Though owning a Corvette sounds like a castle in the sky, enjoying this playlist of the greatest songs about Corvettes isn’t; so go ahead and get pumped up by these pieces!

21. Little Red Corvette – Prince

Let’s start the engine as we play the classic pop hit “Little Red Corvette.” This catchy tune is performed by Grammy-winning musician Prince from his 1999 album. It has the crowd-pleasing mood of 90s music, which has captured the hearts of many since its release in 1982.

20. Talk 2 Cheap – Pap Chanel

The next song, “Talk 2 Cheap,” is a collaboration between Pap Chanel and Lil Baby and showcases their incredible rapping skills. The tune and lyrics are perfectly balanced by the minimal backing track. This song can be found on Pap Chanel’s The Definition of P.A.P. : E.P. album.

19. Yellow Corvette – Mister C

A slow-paced indie song with chill hip-hop beats is called “Yellow Corvette.” A loop of verses about a yellow Corvette makes up the lyrics. Mister C released this song as a single from his 2021 album, Yellow Corvette. This song’s simplicity exudes a carefree vibe that helps you unwind.

18. Pina Colada – Young Marcell feat. Daniel Proper-Yates

Rap artist Young Marcell featuring Daniel Proper-Yates is now here to present their song titled “Pina Colada”, an alcoholic drink. It was recently released in 2022 as part of the Interspace album. In between the lyrics, it mentions the words, “Late night, riding in a Corvette.” This hip-hop track is a great option to play when you’re hanging out and enjoying time with your friends.

17. 87 Corvette – Lofsky

With his single “’87 Corvette,” another hip-hop artist named Lofsky is also along for the ride. He sings, “We fell in love in an 87 Corvette,” expressing his adoration for the Chevy car. The song’s melody is also upbeat but has a soft, calming effect on the listener.

16. Homecoming Queen – Sheryl Crow

Sheryl Crow will now be stepping in to represent female artists and the country genre. This Grammy awardee has a song where she says, 

Too bad love ain’t a local parade
In your uncle’s Corvette on a Saturday

This beautiful country track is from her 2013 album, This Feels Like Home. The melody and the words of this song indeed feel like home with its soothing tune.

15. Hopes Up – Half-Centric

Back to our upbeat beats, Half-Centric sang his song “Hopes Up,” beginning with these lyrics:

Red Corvette

Raspberry beret
Purple rain prowess
Baby I’m just tryna know ya

His Fall From Eden album, which was just released in 2022, contains this song. The fast-paced rap beats in this song will undoubtedly boost anyone’s energy while listening to it.

14. Corvette –Dance the Misery

Although it was released in 2020, the alternative song “Corvette” by the following musician, Dance the Misery, will undoubtedly make you want to dance your misery away with its light but enticing melody and instrumentation. You can listen to this track from the album Bad Feelings at Night to relax.

13. Hurry Up! – Carey Fountain

Your ears and attention will be drawn to the “Hurry Up!” song’s catchy rap beats. Carey Fountain, a musician well-known for both his musical prowess and his inspiring community projects, performs this song. This rap song, where he sings, “Spaceship gon take off like a Corvette when the sunset,” is from his 2020 album Elevation vs. Infatuation.

12. The Red Corvette – John McCutcheon

A live performance from a great musician named John McCutcheon will undoubtedly entertain you. While playing his acoustic guitar, he sings this amusing song, “The Red Corvette,” which he refers to as his “dream car.” This country track from his 1989 album Water From Another Time will have you smiling from ear to ear.

11. D-Boy Fresh – Gunplay and Mozzy

Gunplay and Mozzy’s song “D-Boy Fresh” can be heard on the album Dreadlocks & Headshots. You’ll enjoy jamming to the upbeat tune of this hip-hop track, which was released in 2017, as he sings lines such as:

D-Boy fresh, three Corvette
Need more kush, from D-bound West

It is the ideal song to listen to while driving or even just relaxing in the backyard.


10. Corvette Club – Hayes from the KY

Get ready to show your moves and dance along to this catchy rap song by the artist Hayes from the KY. He dropped his song “Corvette Club” in his 2021 album Kentucky Fried (Deluxe). Whether you’re into the genre of hip-hop or not, the flawless arrangement of this track is something you’ll love.

9. Blue (Da Ba Dee) – KIDZ BOP

Blue (Da Ba Dee)” is a great party song performed by an American children’s music group called Kidz Bop in 2000. It is their own rendition of the original track A Decade in Blue (Da Ba Dee) by Eiffel 65, which was released in 1998. It has that electronic backing track and an upbeat lyrical melody that says,

Blue his house
With a blue little window
And a blue Corvette
And everything is blue for him

This performance by Kidz Bop is an energizing track perfect for celebrations and parties.

8. Hammerhead Corvette – Well Kept

Another song about the luxury car is the alternative track “Hammerhead Corvette” by Well Kept, which is about a woman he fell in love with and describes as,

She drives a hammerhead Corvette
Chewing on a cigarette
Sinking into something I’ll regret
She drives a hammerhead Corvette

This song, which can be found on Well Kept’s album The Inquirer, has an entrancing backing track and vocal effects that will lure you into listening to it.

7. Adderall (Corvette Corvette)  –Popp Hunna

You won’t be able to resist dancing and bopping along to this track titled Adderall (Corvette Corvette). It is a piece from the artist Popp Hunna’s 2020 album Mud Baby. Popp’s rap single featuring Lil Uzi Vert has an exciting and catchy tune that will undoubtedly loop over and over in your brain.

6. Light Me Up – The Wild Cards

The band The Wild Cards performs the rock song “Light Me Up,” which will have you banging your head and rocking out. You’ll love the combination of the electric guitar, drums, and catchy melody of this title track, especially the chorus that goes,

Ride me like a Corvette
Haunt me like a cold sweat
Every time
You light my cigarette

5. Bulletproof Skin – Busta Rhymes

Aside from the well-produced music video of Busta Rhyme’s song Bulletproof Skin, which pertains to a Corvette, listeners will also be attracted to its beat and lyrical tune. It was released in 2022 on the album The Fuse Is Lit. This track is an addition to our long list of rap and hip-hop songs.

4. Blue Corvette – Fat Koala Disorder

This song by Fat Koala Disorder has a nearly one-minute instrumental intro that sets the tone. The 2019 album’s title track, “Blue Corvette,” is an indie song. It has a fast-paced techno background track that is balanced with a lyrical melody that is calming and relaxing. You must listen to this track if you want to relax and get rid of your stress.

3. Corvette Summer – Oliver Elf Army

“Corvette Summer,” a rock song by Oliver Elf Army, is taken from the band’s 2020 album, Are Sending Thoughts & Prayers. It opens with upbeat drum beats before transitioning to catchy guitar riffs. This song’s catchy melody has a nostalgic and summery feel to it as they sing, 

Nobody gets
Just how happy we get
When they drive their Corvettes
Off of the cliffs

When driving through cities, this track is a fantastic option.

2. Home-Grown Different –Erica Perwitz

A second female musician has made it to this list! Let’s throw the worries away and just listen or sing along to Erica Perwitz’s “Home-Grown Different.” This country song, which is part of the Perfect to Me album, sounds beautifully raw with its distinct acoustic chord progression and Erica’s soulful voice. It tells the story of two completely opposite individuals, one of whom grew up “rolling up in a pickup truck” and the other of whom “rides down a new Corvette.”

1. You’re the Ticket – John Michael Montgomery

Our final song is “You’re the Ticket,” a country song by John Michael Montgomery from his 1998 album Leave a Mark. This astonishing track is highly uplifting and has positive vibes as he sings the following lines:

I want to be a red Corvette
Rolling down a two-lane road
With the top rolled back and no speed limit

This song has the unique ability to make you feel as though you are under the shade of a tree, feeling the summer breeze, and refreshing your inner soul.


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