21 Songs about Crying (2023)

Crying is our normal reaction when we feel hurt. We cry when we feel the pain of losing a loved one, when we get dumped or broken hearted from love, when we seem lost and overwhelmed in a situation, or simply when we feel down.

They say that when you are happy you enjoy the music, but when you are sad you understand the lyrics.

Here are 21 songs to savor when you feel like crying.  

21. Cry in the Rain – Orient Pearl

From a Filipino band named Orient Pearl, released in 1996, Cry in the Rain is a song from the third volume of their self-titled album. This sad ballad talks about hiding one’s pain caused by a loved one. It is also included in the band’s album released in 2005, The Legends Series: Orient Pearl Recollection

20. Cryin’ for Me – Toby Keith

This next song is a tribute song of American singer-songwriter-actor Toby Keith for his friend Wayman Tisdale who passed away in 2009. You can feel how he misses his friend in the song especially in the line “I’m not cryin’ cause I feel so sorry for you; I am cryin’ for me.” 

19. Cry on My Shoulder – Westlife

Cry on My Shoulder is a collaboration between Irish band Westlife with American singer-songwriter Toni Braxton. The song shows that there is someone out there who will come to rescue you when you are in your worst situation. The lyrics with the soulful rendition of the singers make it more touching.

18. How to Cry – Sam Smith

From the Gloria Album of British singer-songwriter Sam Smith which was released January 27, 2023 under Universal Music. How to Cry is a song of someone who is a martyr in love. This song shows the sad reality in life that even if we are hurt by the one we love we still continue to love them.

 17. Cry – Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Brianne, professionally known as Kelly Clarkson, released her All I Ever Wanted Album in 2009 with Cry as one of the tracks. The song talks about betrayal and breaking up (either with a partner or a friend). The rendition of Kelly will make you feel the pain.

16. Tears on My Pillow – Kylie Minogue

A 1959 original classic song by Little Anthony and the Imperials, Tears on My Pillow talks about a lover who was hurt by her lover, but she is still willing to take him back. This song in our link is a remake by Kylie Minogue which was released in 1989 under Mushroom Records which is under Warner Bros. Records.

15. Don’t Cry Joni  – Conway Twitty and Joni Lee

The song is very light to listen to because you are just like listening to the love story of Joni and Jimmy. Joni, a fifteen year-old girl fell in love with their neighbor Jimmy who is twenty two years old. Recorded in 1974 and released on August 9, 1975, this country song will make you fall in love.

14. Cryin’ – Aerosmith

Hard rockin’ Aerosmith in their Get a Grip Album which was released in 1993 where they won an MTV Video Music Award for Best Group. The forceful voice of Steven Tyler gave justice to the theme of the song. This is about being so deeply in love at the beginning but the love disappeared.

13. Don’t Cry for Me Argentina – Madonna

Originally included in the 1976 concept album entitled Evita and later on included in the musical with the same name, the song was written and composed by Andrew Lloyd Weber and Tim Rice. It became a big hit when Madonna sang it in the 1996 musical film Evita which highlights the life of Eva Peron, the favorite daughter of Argentina.

12. Cry – Mandy Moore

If you have watched the movie A Walk to Remember, you have been definitely struck with this song by Mandy Moore. Released on November 4, 2001 from her self-titled album under Epic Records, this song proves that it is not bad to cry even if you are a boy.

11. Don’t Cry Out Loud – Melissa Manchester

Have you tried keeping your tears to yourself? This is the message of this song by Melissa Manchester. Don’t Cry Out Loud is a track from the same title album released in 1978. Some people just really can show the world they are strong even if deep within they are drowning in tears.

10. Tears in Heaven – Eric Clapton

Those who have lost a loved one can relate with this song. This is Eric Clapton’s song for his son, Connor, who died from an accident when he was four years old. The song has gained several nominations and awards from international award-giving bodies since its release in January of 1992 from his album entitled Rush.

9. Angels Cry – Mariah Carey

This is one of the hits of internationally acclaimed soul R&B singer, Mariah Carey. Angels Cry is from the album Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel and features Neyo. This music video which is a remix version of the song features a very simple Mariah, without her signature whistle. The song is about saving a fading relationship.

8. Boys Don’t Cry – The Cure

Released on June 15, 1979 from the album with the same title as this song, Boys Don’t Cry is a song that reflects the sad truth about gender discrimination. Though this was written years ago, the message of the song is still applicable until now–boys still have difficulty expressing their feelings due to social pressures.

7. Big Girls Cry – Sia

Australian singer-songwriter Sia released Big Girls Cry in 2014 in her 1000 Forms of Fear Album. This pop song narrates the story of a successful girl who looks so tough outside but when she is at home, alone, she cries because of loneliness. Indeed, high ranks and positions aren’t an assurance of happiness.

6. Big Girls Don’t Cry – Fergie

Big Girls Don’t Cry tells the story of a girl who has parted ways with her lover. The message says that the girl needs to be mature to face this situation. Sung by Fergie, Stacey Ann Ferguson, in her Album The Dutchess which was released in 2006. Fergie also performed this song in the Concert for Diana in 2007 where she dedicated this song to the late Princess Diana. 

5. Ten Thousand Angels Cried – Leann Rimes

This is the only religious/ inspirational song in our list. Ten Thousand Angels Cried tells the story when Jesus was crucified. Leann Rimes, an American country singer, sung this in her Album You Light Up My Life: Inspirational Songs which was released in 1997 under Curb Records. Rimes recorded this when she was just 15 years old.

4. Crying in the Rain – Everly Brothers

This is a short song that talks about hiding one’s hurt from his loved one who left him. Crying in the Rain was originally sung by the American duo Everly Brothers released in January of 1962. Since then, the song has been performed by several artists including Tammy Wynette and the Norwegian band Aha.

3. Cry Your Heart Out – Adelle

Cry your Heart Out is a song by English singer-songwriter Adelle in her album titled 30. This is a song about her experiences from her divorce with her ex-husband Simon Konecki in 2021 where she even suffered from depression. In the song, Adelle says that crying your heart out can be cathartic.

2. Cry Me a River – Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake recorded this song in 2002 after his break up with his former girlfriend–Britney Spears. Timberlake was said to have written this song to pour out his anger after finding out that his girlfriend has cheated on him. This song made Timberlake win international nominations and awards. 

1. Sad Movies (Make Me Cry) – Sue Thompson

You can say I am a classic lover. Sad Movies (Make Me Cry) by Sue Thompson is an easy-listen song that narrates about a girl who saw her boyfriend going to the movie house with another girl. She just said later on that the movie made her sad but she actually got hurt from what she saw. Released as a single in 1961, this song is Sue Thompson’s first song to appear in the Billboard’s Top 100 list.

Cry if you must; it’s normal, but you also have to make sure to find happiness. Anyway, you can also cry when you are happy–tears of joy!

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