21 Songs About Dallas (2023)

The city of Dallas is a city that has a high concentration of commercial buildings. Because it is also home to cultural arts, the cityscape is absolutely stunning. In fact, there are many songs that are specifically dedicated to this city because of its beauty.

These songs we have compiled for you are the best songs about Dallas, and listening to them will make you appreciate the beautiful city and the stories about it even more.

21. Dallas Love — Josh Abbott Band

The beauty of Dallas is artistically and soothingly described by Josh Abbott Band in his country song “Dallas Love.” This song will make you want to explore the city and fall in love there. You will also feel relaxed while listening to “Dallas Love,” which is a track in his 2012 album, Small Town Family Dream.

20. The Devil Lives in Dallas — The Don Darlings

The bass vocals from the song “The Devil Lives in Dallas” by The Don Darlings will hook your interest as he tells a story of a terrifying experience he had while driving in Dallas. This rock song can be found on the band’s The Shortest Straw album, released in 2020. It’s a song that’s interesting to listen to because of the plot and the mood it brings.

19. Live My Life In Dallas — B-Eazy, Elmar Ivatarov, and Lil Bobby O.G.

This killer beat was dropped by Elmar Ivatarov, Lil Bobby O.G., and B-Eazy for their song “Live My Life In Dallas” just this year. This rap song is taken from the album RENTAL (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack), which was released by the band. You’ll have a good time listening to this hip-hop song because of its chill mood.

18. If You’re Ever Down in Dallas — Lee Ann Womack

Joyful musical instruments will welcome your ears as you play Lee Ann Womack’s “If You’re Ever Down in Dallas.” It’s a country song released in 1998 from her Some Things I Know album. In the song, she sings about how she’s willing to accompany her ex-lover, who is suffering from heartbreak, if ever he comes to Dallas. This track has that feel-good, friendly atmosphere that will embrace you.

17. Movin’ Out To DALLAS — Danny Rose

In the song Movin’ Out to Dallas by music artist Danny Rose, he talks about his excitement to finally move out to the Lone Star State, praising Dallas as a city “where the sun shines bright and the people are the best.” It’s a pop song found in his album LOVE & LOSS. His voice and the melody of the lyrics are soothing despite the upbeat techno background.

16. Raining In Dallas — Burning Candles

A relaxing ambient is what you will experience while enjoying the song “Raining in Dallas,” performed by the musical group Burning Candles. The vocalist’s soothing voice makes this pop track from their album Burning Candles a perfect song to listen to while staring at the raindrops falling down your window pane.

15. People in Dallas Got Hair — Waylon Jennings

The song “People in Dallas Got Hair” by Waylon Jennings is an excellent example of an outstanding classic country song. Listeners will be dancing and singing along to the music because of the upbeat melody and Waylon’s silky vocals. This track was originally released on Jennings’ album titled “The Journey: Six Strings Away” back in 1999.

14. King of Dallas — Krazy

Krazy is an American rapper who has a song about Dallas too. In his track “King of Dallas,” he proudly raps about being the King of the D-Town when it comes to the rap world. It features strong and upbeat sound effects and repetitive rap beats that will never let you feel sleepy. He dropped this hip-hop track in the 2008 album The King of Dallas.

13. Dallas — Joe Ely

Another track that will have you grooving is “Dallas” from Joe Ely’s album titled Musta Notta Gotta Lotta. This rock song was recorded in 1981 and embodies the classic rock song of that era. The flavorful instrumentation also adds a delicious taste to this track. In the lyrics, Joe personifies Dallas as a woman who is both a mess and a beauty.

12. Dallas After Midnight — Ray Wylie Hubbard

“Dallas After Midnight,” recorded by Ray Wylie Hubbard in 2005, will set a soothing mood. This country song can be found on his album, Delirium Tremolos. He has a voice that is both alluring and calming, and it will win your heart over immediately. His choice of words will keep you intrigued the second you play it.

11. Dallas Coulda Been a Beatdown — Damon Johnson

A powerful and entertaining instrumental started the song “Dallas Coulda Been a Beatdown” by Damon Johnson. It’s a rock song released in 2019 on his album Memoirs of an Uprising. The amazingly played instruments and Damon’s amazing voice make up a song everyone has to listen to. The quality of this masterpiece was consistent from the first to the last second of the song.

10. Home of the Star — Bianca Palomin

The incredible range and power of Bianca Palomin’s vocals will leave you speechless. She sings about the Dallas Cowboys in her song “Home of the Star.” This title track can be classified as a country-rock piece in terms of its musical style. After listening to this song just once, it will be difficult to forget about it because of the catchy melody it has.

9. Dallas — Willie Nelson

You’ll picture a classic fancy dance party where everyone dresses to the nines and dances the night away as you listen to the tune of Willie Nelson’s “Dallas.” Dallas is compared to a “beautiful lady with a Mona Lisa smile” and the “best-dressed city in the U.S.A.” in the song. Listen to this country song from his Both Sides Now album, and you’ll want to play it on repeat.

8. Dallas Shoes — Rob E Knowles

One more country singer with heartfelt and compelling vocals is Rob E. Knowles. His title track, “Dallas Shoes,” was released in 2022. The lyrics of this song will never fail to stir your emotions and move you. If you want to unwind and think back on yesterday, then “Dallas Shoes” is a perfect choice.

7. Fort Worth Callin’ Dallas — Jon Hope

There is no way your stress will not be relieved by Jon Hope’s “Fort Worth Callin’ Dallas.” This country song is about a woman’s undying love for a man she had a love-hate relationship with a couple of years ago. You can listen to this beautifully soothing song from the 2022 album titled Fort Worth Callin’ Dallas (Radio Edit.) 

6. Back Side of Dallas — Jeannie C. Riley

Jeannie C. Riley has a country song about Dallas on her album Things Go Better With Love. It’s called “Back Side of Dallas,” and it tells the tragic tale of a Tennessee woman who, on June 23rd, fell in love with and was abandoned by a man from Dallas. Written by Bill Rice and Jerry Foster in 1969, this song’s story will hit you hard.

5. Dallas After Midnight — Young Drew 214

Although the song title “Dallas After Midnight” is similar to the track by Ray Wylie Hubbard, this rap song by Young Drew 214 tells a whole different story and has a whole different musical style. Young Drew 214 cites the phrase “Pain makes the best art” as the inspiration for both this skillfully crafted hip-hop track and for his life as well.

4. D-Town Baby — Kenzo Keen

Kenzo Keen’s rap song features the moniker “D-Town,” which is one of the many that have been bestowed upon the city of Dallas. “D-Town Baby” is the title track of the album he released in 2022. It features upbeat tunes and catchy beats that will have the listener’s energy revitalized.

3. Young Dallas Cowboy — David Allan Coe

David Allan Coe’s 1977 track “Young Dallas Cowboy” can be found on his album titled Rides Again. The lyrics of the song center on him reminiscing about his past life as a young cowboy living in Dallas and all the stumbles he faced. This is an enjoyable and calming song for the ears.

2. The Representative — Tr3y Tr3y

Robert Willis III, better known by his stage name Tr3y Tr3y, is a successful rapper who hails from Dallas. He sings about the Triple D and how people from that city do things in his song “The Representative.” Prepare to show off your moves and have a good time while jamming to this upbeat and entertaining song.

1. Junior Brown – Broke Down South Of Dallas

We’re coming to the end of our list of great Dallas-themed songs. Last but not least, let’s get in the mood with Junior Brown’s “Broke Down South of Dallas.” This timeless masterpiece exemplifies Junior Brown’s expertise as a musician. As he sings the lyrics, he also skillfully plays his traditional guitar. 12 Shades of Brown is the album that features this 1993 country song.


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