21 Songs about Daydreaming (2023)

Daydreaming is commonly used as a form of mental relaxation and escape from the stresses of daily life. In addition, it helps us think more creatively and critically. However, this can be a problem for some people because they lack the motivation to do anything but sit around and daydream.

In light of this, being a daydreamer is one of the qualities musicians and songwriters have in order to produce works of art in music. So, here’s a collection of the best songs about daydreaming for your listening pleasure.

21. Hey Daydreamer — Somedaydream

Somedaydream, a Filipino music project fronted by Rez Toledo, will be our first entry. From its self-titled album, “Hey Daydreamer” is an electronic dance song that is sure to make you groove. It’s got a synth-pop vibe with infectious melodies and lyrics. This 2011 hit is perfect for dancing and letting loose in a nightclub.

20. Time-Waster — Janice Iche

Daydreamers are referred to as “time-wasters” in the song “Time-Waster” by Janice Iche. It is a soul song on her album called The Journey Continues. Throughout the entire song, which is just over a minute long, only a few lines are repeated. Despite the brief duration, it is undeniably evident that Janice’s voice is sufficient to enthrall you with this piece.

19. Daydreamin’ — Ariana Grande

In 2013, Ariana Grande released her debut album titled “Yours Truly,” which was a huge success and skyrocketed her fame in the music industry. Among the songs on the album is “Daydreamin'”, an R&B and pop song about her daydreaming about someone. Its melodies and Ariana’s incredible high notes will make you fall in love with this track.

18. Virtual Paradise — BELELA and Starjunk 95

Another electro-pop song is here by artists Starjunk 95 and BELELA. This groovy track is titled “Virtual Paradise,” is the title track of their 2022 album. It has an amazing blend of techno and house music, focusing on melodies and harmonies. Listening to this song will give off positive energy and make you imagine you are in a virtual paradise.

17. Daydreaming — André Previn and Doris Day

The list now includes a true classic. The song is “Daydreaming” by Doris Day and André Previn. You’ll be captivated by this song’s sophisticated jazz melody. Doris Day’s Duet 1962 features this song. The music and the singing are both so soothing that they will gently rock you to sleep.

16. daydreams — Easy Life

The next tune on the playlist is a laid-back jam that perfectly captures the mood of daydreaming. The track “daydreams” by Easy Life from their album Life’s a Beach was released in 2021. The song itself is as imaginative as the music video, with a melody that evokes a rush of ocean waves and fresh air.

15. Daydream Believer — The Monkees

If you listen to “Daydream Believer,” you’ll find yourself tapping your foot to the rhythm. It is performed by  The Monkees for their 1968 album titled The Birds, the Bees & the Monkees. It falls under the rock-folk genre, and the arrangement of the lyrics, melody, and instrumentation will uplift your spirits and give you a nostalgic feeling.

14. Sweet Dreams — Natalie Imani

Natalie Imani recently released a song in 2022 titled “Sweet Dreams.” It is part of her album of the same name. This track will entertain you with fast-paced drum beats, minimal stringed instruments, and Natalie’s lullaby-like voice, as she sings the following lines:

You give me sweet dreams
Wake up and I’m still dreaming
I’m in the clouds

You’ll indeed feel like in the clouds as you listen to this soul track.

13. Daydreaming — Harry Styles

Off of Harry Styles Harry’s House album is the song “Daydreaming.” The lyrics are very romantic, with him saying that he is living in a daydream. This song is in the electropop genre, and it features an upbeat backing track as well as a catchy tune that will definitely make the listeners dance around the kitchen.

12. Daydreaming at Night — Tom Jennings

The song “Daydreaming at Night” was recorded by Tom Jennings and included on his album Live from My Bedroom. You’ll get the impression that some of the popular songs from the 1990s influenced this song as you listen to it. In addition, the chorus is repeated multiple times, which contributes to making the song’s lyrics memorable.

11. Daydreaming — Paramore

Another song about daydreaming is by the well-known rock group Paramore. It’s called “Daydreaming” and can be found on their 2013 album, Paramore. The song begins softly in the verses and builds to a lively chorus backed with astounding instrumentation that is fun to jam to and sing along to.

10. A Dreamy Day of Daydreaming of You — of Montreal

A dreamy song will now take you to your dreams. It is performed by the pop band of Montreal and is titled “A Dreamy Day of Daydreaming of You” from their album Coquelicot Asleep in the Poppies: A Variety of Whimsical Verse. The lyrics are a romantic ode to someone he adores. This alternative song is only two minutes long, but the mark it will leave on you will last a lifetime.

9. 40-Day Dream — Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros’s “40-Day Dream” will send chills down your spine the second you play it. It is fully furnished with numerous tasteful musical instruments. It was released on the album Up from Below in 2009. This indie song is perfect for a group singalong, making it a moment you’ll never forget.

8. Daydreamer — Portsmouth and Tony Vegas

“Daydreamer” by Portsmouth and Tony Vegas is going to enchant you, so get ready for it. The vocal performance and lyrical content of this song exude a mystical air that will mesmerize you and melt your heart. This electropop song was included in the album Daydreamer, which was released in the year 2021.

7. No Love — Crysy.B

An R&B song titled “No Love” by Crysy. B is also among the best songs about daydreaming. It was made available in 2022 for the album Bipolar Love. Crysy. B low and high notes are perfectly highlighted. The digital effects playing in the background create a beautiful harmony as she sings the lines:

I been caught up in a daze daydreaming
Wishing that you could be who I was seeing
I been caught up in a daze daydreaming
Dazing daydreaming

6. Lady Day  — Lifehouse

As soon as you start playing Lifehouse’s “Lady Day,” you will immediately begin tapping your toes. This catchy pop-rock tune was released by Lifehouse in 2012 as a part of their album titled Almería. It has an infectious melody and is a song he wrote about a woman he calls “Lady Day,” who he describes as being mysterious and interesting.

5. Daydreaming — Radiohead

A haunting ballad lasting for six minutes is up next. It’s Radiohead’s alternative song “Daydreaming.” You can listen to this track on their album A Moon Shaped Pool, and it will welcome you with a hypnotizing piano melody. The lyrics, which are about regretting a wrong decision, are sung in a slow-paced manner, making the song more eerily beautiful to listen to.

4. Daydreamer — AURORA

A Different Kind of Human (Step 2) is an album by AURORA and was released in 2019. Among the tracks in it is “Daydreamer.” It is a mellow song that will also transport you to another dimension. This masterpiece encourages listeners to be daydreamers rather than nighttime dreamers, which can be interpreted as having genuine life goals.

3. Daydreamer — Chasing Anna

“Daydreamer” is a single by Chasing Anna. It has an engaging and catchy melody and a well-written lyrics. Overall, it is a creative masterpiece that deserves more recognition. You will absorb all the positive energy and be filled with overflowing joy while listening to Chasing Anna’s “Daydreamer.”

2. Welcome to Wonderland — Anson Seabra

“Welcome to Wonderland” is a mellow pop song released by Anson Seabra in 2018 and also the most popular of his works of art. This title track has out-of-this-world lyrics that will capture every listener’s heart. The breathtaking harmony of the piano melody, Anson’s soothing voice, and poetic words will make you not want to stop listening and leave this wonderland.

1. end credits — Sarah Kang

Sarah Kang’s “end credits” from her album, how i remember will be closing the page of our collection. Sarah Kang’s angelic voice and breathtaking melody will overwhelm you with mixed emotions. The song is about how she daydreams about all the highs and lows she’s gone through and how she wants to remember every single person who has helped her along the way. It is a unique masterpiece you will surely treasure forever.

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