21 Songs About Dentists (2023)

Whether you’re a child or an adult. a trip to the dentist can be nerve-wracking. A great way to lower stress is by listening to music. If you’re looking for a great playlist to help you along the way, we’re here to help! Here are the 21 best songs about dentists.

21. Dentist Check-Up Song – Sunny Kids Songs 

Genre: Educational music

“Dentist Check Up Song” by Sunny Kids Songs is a fun educational song. Many children hate dental care because of their fear of pain. The song can help kids overcome what could be a terrifying experience. It is about introducing dentists to kids as their friends and not their enemies.


20. I’m Your Dentist! – Pinkfong 

Genre: Educational music

“I’m Your Dentist!” is a song released by Pinkfong, a Youtube channel dedicated to children’s songs. The song is part of their series called “Job Songs for Kids,” which give children a glimpse of what certain professionals do. In this case, the song is about dentists and what they do. The song starts with the line called, “Welcome to Pinkfong Dental,” imitating what it might sound like when you first go to a dentist’s clinic.


19. Shoutout To My Dentist – Almighty Jay 

Genre: Hip-hop

Album: Battling My Spirit (2021)

“Shoutout To My Dentist” by Almighty Jay is a rap song about Jay’s previous relationships that did not go well with his rap career. Jay is making a comeback in the rap world, declaring that although his former lover was toxic to his career, at least she liked his teeth. Hence, the title.


18. Long John Blues – Dinah Washington

Genre: Blues

Vinyl record: Baby Get Lost / Long John Blues (1949)

“Long John Blues” by Dinah Washington tells a story of a woman who visited her 7-foot-tall dentist who she nicknamed Long John. The song continues to describe how the dentist visit went, however, it suggests that the meeting was more than just a professional one. Washington hinted this through the lyrics, “Say you’re supposed to see your dentist, ‘Bout twice a year, that’s right. But I think I feel it bobbin’. Yes, I’ll go back there tonight.” The song was written by Tommy George and published through the record company Mercury Record Corporation. 


17. Dentist! – Steve Martin

Genre: Stage & Screen

Vinyl album: Dentist!

“Dentist!” by Steve Martin is a song that tells a story about a young misbehaved boy who often gets into different kinds of trouble. However, despite his unruly childhood, his mother saw the good in him and declared he will be a successful dentist someday. Fortunately, the lyrics of the song tell us that he indeed became a dentist. However, whether he overcomes his unruly attitude, we’ll leave it up to your interpretation of the video.


16. Dentist Song – Cocomelon

Genre: Nursery Rhymes

“Dentist Song” by CoComelon is a Youtube episode from their series called CoComelon Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs. The song is filled with fun and easy-to-remember lyrics written perfectly for kids. It educates young, innocent minds about the fun things they can expect when visiting their dentists. 


15. Going to the Dentist – Lingokids

Genre: Children’s Music

Album: Songs for Kids, Vol. 8 (2022)

“Going to the Dentist” by Lingokids is a song for kids about building healthy dental care habits. The song is about enjoying food and brushing your teeth after. It also introduces little children to primary dental care in a fun and cool way. 


14. Going to the Dentist – Sam Moran 

Genre: Children’s Music

Album: Play Along With Sam: We’re Gonna Dance (2023)

“Going to the Dentist” by Sam Moran is one of the latest songs in this list about dental care. The song was released on February 2023, as part of Moran’s children’s song album, Play Along With Sam: We’re Gonna Dance. The song encourages kids to visit dentists, especially if they have a toothache.


13. Baby Dental Care Song – SurpriseJoe

Genre: Children’s Music

“Baby Dental Care Song” by SurpriseJoe is a Youtube video from their Panda Bo Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs series. The video starts with a little panda eating a bowl of candies. When lunchtime came, the little panda couldn’t eat anymore because his teeth were hurting.


12. Go See the Dentist – Dr. Alban 

Genre: Genres: Dance/Electronic, Pop, Reggae

Album: Look Who’s Talking (1994)

“Go See The Dentist” is a disco song by Dr. Alban. The lyrics of the song are a dialogue between a dentist and his patient during a clinic visit. The song was released in Dr. Alban’s 1994 album Look Who’s Talking. The album was nominated for the Grammis Award for Club/Dance of the Year.


11. Teeth – 5 Seconds of Summer

Album: 13 Reasons Why (Season 3) (2019)

Genres: Alternative/Indie, R&B/Soul, Dance/Electronic, Pop

“Teeth” by 5 Seconds of Summer is a song about a passionate but toxic romantic relationship. The song describes a woman that ‘talks so pretty but has a heart with teeth,’ which means she is unsympathetic and detached. The song is a track song for the third season of 13 Reasons Why.

10. Dental Care – Adam Young

Genre: Genres: Pop music, Synth-pop, Electronica, Emo, Alternative rock, New wave, Dream pop, Ethereal wave

Album: Ocean Eyes (2009)

“Dental Care” by Owl City is a song about a trip to the dentist. The song perfectly paints dental care in a fun and witty way, while reiterating its importance and benefits. Have you ever felt anxious about going to the dentist? If so, make sure to put this in your car’s playlist!


9. Brush Along With the Super Dentists – The Super Dentists

“Brush Along With the Super Dentists” is a promotional song published on The Super Dentists’ Youtube channel. The Super Dentists is a medical practitioner in that offers pediatric dentistry, orthodontics, and parent/adult dentistry services. The 30-second song was composed by The Super Dentists co-founder, Dr. Kami Hoss.

8. Crooked Teeth – Death Cab for Cutie 

Genres: Alternative/Indie, Dance/Electronic, Rock

Album: Plans (2005)

“Crooked Teeth” by Death Cab for Cutie is a song about being in a passionless relationship. The song narrates a man who chose to listen to his heart rather than his head. He knew there was no reason to stay in the relationship, no matter how long it has been, if there was no love.


7. Fresh Out Da Dentist – Poody

Genre: Hip-hop

Album: Fresh Out Da Dentist (2021)

“Fresh Out Da Dentist” is a hip-hop song by Poody. The song portrays an extraordinary scenario, often happening in real life. Although the title mentions a dentist, the song is actually about a time in Poody’s life when he had trouble with the law and had been locked up. The title may mean that he just got out of prison.


6. Novacane – Frank Ocean

Genre: Pop/R&B

Album: Novacane (2011)

“Novacane” by Frank Ocean is a song that portrays a fun and risky time with a woman who dreams to be a dentist. Frank Ocean describes what it felt like to get high with Novacane, which is an anesthetic that makes you numb and is often used in dental procedures.


5. Deep End Freestyle – Fousheé

Genre: Hip-hop

Album: Album: Sleepy Hallow Presents: Sleepy For President (2020)

“Deep End Freestyle” by Fousheé and Sleepy Hallow is a rap song about racial injustices. The lyrics inspire many people to fight for their rights, even though sometimes justice is not handed to them on a silver plate. 


4. I Don’t Wanna Feel No More – Reggie

Genre: R&B/Soul

Album: I Don’t Wanna Feel No More

“I Don’t Wanna Feel No More” by reggie is a song about unfortunate events in Reggie’s life, and his desire to feel numb through it all. He says, “I need what they give you at the dentist,” which means he wants painkillers. According to the lyrics, he wants numbness even through the good days. 

3. Cavity Search – “Weird Al” Yankovic

Genre: Alternative rock

“Cavity Search” by “Weird Al” Yankovic is a parody song of Yankovic’s original Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me. The song testifies to many weird scenarios you can experience in the dentist’s waiting room. Additionally, the pain you can feel when a dentist hits a nerve.


2. Dentist Song – Galahad

Genres: Rock, Folk

Album: The Christmas Lecture (1993)

“Dentist Song” by Galahad is a song that describes what occurs during a dental procedure. This includes what the dentists say, and what it feels like when the anesthesia kicks in. The soundtrack is also incorporated with internal dialogues a patient may think during the operation.


1. Geek Stink Breath – Green Day

Genres: Alternative/Indie, Rock

Album: Insomniac (1995)

“Geek Stink Breath” by Green Day is a song about getting addicted to a drug called methamphetamine or also commonly called meth. The title refers to the effects of drug abuse that all meth users suffer from. Meth users often have ‘meth mouth’ which refers to poor oral hygiene, dry mouth, and excessive tooth wear.

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