21 Songs About Electricity (2023)

Songs about electricity often feature lyrics and musical themes related to the power and energy associated with electricity. These songs may reference electrical devices, power outages, or the flow of electricity through circuits and wires. They may also explore themes related to the impact of technology on society, the wonder of scientific discovery, or the potential dangers of electricity if not handled carefully.

Musically, these songs may incorporate electronic or synthesized sounds, use guitar distortion effects to mimic the sound of electrical current, or feature lyrics with a strong rhythm or pulse to evoke the sensation of electrical energy.

Songs about electricity can be both energizing and thought-provoking, inviting listeners to explore the power and mysteries of this fundamental force.

21. “Electric Boogie” by Marcia Griffiths

Album: Carousel | Style: Reggae

“Electric Boogie” features a lively rhythm and infectious melody that celebrates the joy of moving to the rhythm of the music. A lot of fans admire how this song incorporates the elements of reggae and funk music in order to create a groove that is very impossible not to move to especially if you are partying with friends. It describes a dance called the Electric Boogie which encourages listeners to “do the electric slide” and join in on the fun making it a popular crowd-pleaser at events and gatherings.

20. “Electricity” by Suede

Album: Head Music | Style: Alternative Rock

This high-energy music will surely get your blood pumping because its guitar riffs and drumbeats pound and drive the rock and roll spirit in its listeners. The alluring vocals of the singers create a sense of urgency and excitement and establish a thrilling, unapologetically rock and roll experience. Generally, it is the celebration of the raw power and intensity of physical attraction.

19. “Electric Relaxation” by A Tribe Called Quest

Album: Midnight Marauders | Style: Hip-hop

This hip-hop track oozes a laid-back vibe with its blend of hip-hop, jazz, and funk influences. The playful lyrics illustrate the romantic explorations of the ups and downs of relationships and love. Indeed, this is a classic track that’s ideal for those times when you want to kick back, relax, and let the music wash over you.

18. “Breathing Electricity” by The Electric Sons

Album: Chromaesthesia | Style: Electronic

Sometimes, we get stuck in situations where we just wanna throw in the towel and give up everything. This song is all about those intense feelings that can make us feel like we should just surrender to the craziness of life, in order to regain control of ourselves. If you’re someone who’s always online and connected, but still feel lonely and isolated, then this tune is definitely gonna hit you right in the feels.

17. “Are We Electric” by The Kooks

Album: Let’s Go Sunshine | Style: Alternative Rock

This song is as complicated as it means since it explores the idea of human connection among lovers who feels the same electrifying fire towards each other. Yet, despite the mutual attraction, they keep on denying it which then leads to failure to connect with each other. This song is a perfect reminder and inspiration for us to relate with each other more often than usual.

16. “Electricity” by Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark

Album: Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark | Style: Synthpop

Released in 1979, the song features minimalist electronic instrumentations but very emotional vocals. It explores the power and appeal of electricity as a symbol of transformative energy or power in a musical sense. Through the years, this remains to be a fan-favorite due to its innovative and forward-thinking approach.

15. “Electric Bird” by Sia

Album: We Are Born | Style: Pop

There is a sad and depressing meaning to the song which many listeners can easily relate with. The song’s vivid imagery of an electronic bird with its wings clipped suggests how a person could sometimes be trapped in a failing relationship, unable to fly away and unable to be one’s own self. Having stripped away of your independence is a totally devastating feeling, especially if it is caused by someone you love wholeheartedly.

14. “Electric Love” by Britt Nicole

Album: Gold | Style: Pop

Probably, the closest association to “’ electric love” is our first teenage love experience, when we all are still at the prime of our years and at the peak of our every emotion. Although this song speaks about the simple form of love, it features pulsing synths and powerful vocals which resonate the high energy of falling in love. Through this song, we can all feel the transformative power of love.

13. “Electric Car” by They Might Be Giants

Album: Here Comes Science | Style: Children’s Music

If this song would be used in a car dealership ad, you will probably be convinced to buy an electric car yourself. Not just that the melody is very engaging to listen to, but the message of the song itself is very environment-friendly because it talks about the advantages of electric cars to nature. The playful instrumentation of the song is appealing to children and adults alike.

12. “Electricity” by Elton John

Album: Songs From the West Coast | Style: Pop rock

Since this song is the popular soundtrack to the movie Billy Elliot, it had been associated with themes that revolve around the love for dancing or the ecstatic feeling of being a dancer. With Elton John’s superb vocal performance in this song, it deserves to be in your dance playlist. So, if you want to dance the night away, let this song guide your every sway.

11. “Electrical Storm” by U2

Album: The Best of 1990-2000 & B-Sides | Style: Alternative rock

Unfortunately for some people, relationships can be an electrical storm, one way or another. A storm itself suggests chaos and misunderstandings, and one could just imagine how much worst would it be for an electrical storm to devastate your human relationships. However, as the song equates the storm’s turbulence with that of the aftermath of a broken relationship, the persona in the song seeks to rebuild and move forward.

10. “Electricity” by Lee Foss & MK ft. Anabel Englund

Album: Single release | Style: House music

Released as a single in 2019, this has since become a popular dance floor music and clubgoers had been praising the perfect blend of its energetic beat and romantic lyrics. The song speaks so much of intense emotions, shocking experiences, and willingness to take risks. These complexities of human emotions are all encapsulated in this infectious track.

9. “Electric Barbarella” by Duran Duran

Album: Medazzaland | Style: Synthpop

The song’s title was inspired by the 1968 science fiction film “Barbarella”, and since its release in 1997, this song had become famous in dance floor and party playlists. This song is most notable for its sci-fi-inspired sounds as an added representation of the story of the film’s scientist who falls in love with a woman robot. This is also the reason why, even if the song has a great deal of electronic vibe, it is still regarded as a romantic love song.

8. “Electricity” by Silk City

Album: Single release | Style: Dance-pop

Basically, this song speaks about the power of attraction between two people but is more focused on the woman’s deep love and desire for her lover. It highlights the intense chemistry and passion that she feels for him which she claims to be incomparable even to electricity. The high energy of the song amplifies the sensual energy of its lyrics, making it a standout track for disco music.

7. “Electric” by Katy Perry

Album: Pokémon 25: The Album | Style: Pop

This song would be strikingly electrifying for Pokemon fans because this speaks about the feeling of being electrified by someone’s presence. Such feelings then, could be likened to the electric energy of the Pokémon universe. The pop-infused production creates an irresistible and nostalgic feel to all audiences, even to those who aren’t Pokemon fans.

6. “Electric Touch” by A R I Z O N A

Album: GALLERY | Style: Indie pop

The point of the song isn’t to start any political drama, but rather to encourage people to see that we can all love each other even if we’re different. The song features a relationship, specifically one with LGBTQ people. It’s great to hear that lots of ARIZONA fans have said they feel better, more pumped up, and motivated after hearing it.

5. “My Electricity” by The Gathering

Album: How to Measure a Planet? | Style: Alternative Rock

This song is believed to have been inspired by a long-distance relationship because it speaks about the power of love and connection between two lovers. In this song, love is characterized to be like an electric current that gives off so much energy as it runs through the veins. In totality, the overall meaning of the song revolves around how the power of love can transcend through time and endure all obstacles.

4. “Electricity” by Midnight Star

Album: Headlines | Style: Funk, R&B, Dance-Pop

This song expresses the electrifying feeling of falling in love and the power of that connection to light up your life. The lyrics speak of the electricity that flows between two lovers, describing the feeling as a “shock to the system” that ignites a passion that cannot be denied. Its fun and lively tune is perfect for getting your body and spirits energized.

3. “She’s Electric” by Oasis

Album: (What’s the Story) Morning Glory? | Style: Britpop

Released in 1995, tells the story of how a woman captured the heart of the persona in the song, and the song celebrates the cheerful and playful feeling of being in love. The joy and excitement felt by the persona are reflected in every electrifying melody and guitar riff throughout the song.

2. “Together in Electric Dreams” by Giorgio Moroder

Album: Electric Dreams (Original Soundtrack from the Film) | Style: Synthpop

This song creates a dreamy, futuristic sound that perfectly captures the film’s vision of a world where technology and romance converge. Fans of the film Electric Dreams will appreciate the song’s connection to the movie, while others may simply enjoy the song’s romantic and optimistic spirit. The song’s enduring popularity has made it a staple of 80s-themed playlists and retro dance parties.

1. “Electric Avenue” by Eddy Grant

Album: Killer on the Rampage | Style: Reggae

The song is believed to reflect on the 1981 Brixton riots in London while the lyrics describe the frustration and anger of the residents in the face of poverty, unemployment, and police brutality. : Listeners of “Electric Avenue” are likely to feel a sense of empowerment and solidarity when they hear the song. The song’s relevance to contemporary issues of social justice and police brutality has ensured its enduring popularity.


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