21 Songs About Family Issues (2023)

When it comes to the idea of family, everything about it makes our hearts beat in a different way. So it is not surprising that listening to songs about family could both make you feel comforted and shatter your heart into pieces, as they contain the most powerful narratives.

Prepare your tissues and be prepared to be moved to tears by the incredible talent of the musicians who penned these painfully beautiful songs about family issues.

21. Perfect – Simple Plan

This alternative song belongs to Simple Plan’s album No Pads, No Helmets…Just Balls. It became a huge hit in the early 2000s for its storyline. “Perfect” is a relatable song that addresses the struggles of young people being pressured by their parents to be perfect. The line “I’m sorry, I can’t be perfect” resonates with many of us, making it an ageless track.

20. You Were Mine – The Chicks

Also known as the Dixie Chicks, this song of theirs is very sentimental and won’t get you away without tears in your eyes. It’s a bluegrass track from the 1998 album Wide Open Spaces. The persona in the song talks to her husband, who left her and her two kids for another woman.


19. Family Portrait – Pink

A broken family that still lives together in one house leaves permanent scars on every member. The song “Family Portrait” by Pink, which can be found on her album Missundazstood, expresses the pain that a young girl feels as she watches her parents’ marriage fall apart every single day and how this breaks her apart too.

18. Mockingbird–Eminem

From his album Encore, “Mockingbird” by Eminem is a rap song that will pierce your heart. In the song, he tries to reassure his daughter that he understands her pain and confusion over their family’s split. He talks about how he wants to be a better father and a better role model for his kids.

17. Family– Sara Kays

Sara Kays’ “Family” from her album A House Too Big is a song about a girl in an empty, lonely house; her parents are separated, and her two siblings have also gone their own ways. It is a heartbreakingly raw track that will have you crying your eyes out.

16. Mother – Pink Floyd

“Mother” is the sixth track of Pink Floyd’s The Wall album and was released in 1979. It’s a  classic rock song describing a young man’s struggle to break free from his overprotective mother, who wants to keep him safe from this harsh world. This melancholic track will be echoing in your ears.

15. Father of Mine Everclear

The band Everclear released “Father of Mine” on their album So Much for the Afterglow. The heartbreaking narrative of this alternative rock song revolves around a guy growing up without his father and how it left a deep emotional scar until now that he is an adult. The drumbeat and guitar chords make this sorrowful song great to listen to.

14. Weight of the World Blue October

This rock song by Blue October from the album Argue with a Tree… bravely covers the sensitive topic of depression. It describes how his father would try to scare him and how her mother would cry on the floor whenever he suffered breakdowns. With its intense instrumentation and powerful delivery, it’ll give you chills and heavy sadness.

13. DNA Lia Marie Johnson

In her hit single “DNA,” Lia Marie Johnson honestly touched on the personal struggles she had to go through growing up with an alcoholic father. Words like “what was it like to leave me behind?” and the combination of her beautiful voice and enticing melody will make this art-pop song stick with you for a long time.

12. A Boy Needs A Bike – Jewel

Jewel is an American singer-songwriter who released this 1997 track on her album Unplugged. It is about a boy who is too innocent and young to understand the tension going on between his mom and dad. She sings this heart-wrenching song as if she’s telling a story so casually that you’ll sit down, listen to it, and absorb the pain.

11. Family Line – Conan Gray

The album Superache features a somber pop song called “Family Line” by Conan Gray. “I was a kid, but I wasn’t clueless”, “Someone who loves you wouldn’t do this”, and “How could you hurt a little kid?” are just some of the lines that will hit you way too close to home.

10. Daughters John Mayer

On his album Heavier Things, John Mayer released this exquisitely written song. This song is about the complex relationship that exists between fathers and their daughters and the significant impact that parents have on their children’s lives. The combination of the tranquil guitar melody and John’s soothing voice will find its way into your soul.

9. Father – Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato has been open about her complicated relationship with her father when she was young. On her album Confident, she features a pop song that is a tribute to her late father. She thanks him and wishes him the best, even though he caused her to have a hard childhood.Her emotions as she sings this will move you to tears.

8. Dollhouse– Melanie Martinez

This song is from Melanie Martinez’s album Cry Baby. It is an indie pop song that is both eerie and well-put-together. It’s about a little girl talking about her family’s issues and how no one listens to her, so she spends her time at her safe haven, her dollhouse. It’s an incredible song to enjoy, even with the ominous lyrics and music video.

7. Because Of You – Kelly Clarkson

In 2004, Kelly Clarkson released the album Breakaway, and one of the tracks that became a global hit was “Because of You”. This piece resonates with everyone who still carries the fears and traumas of growing up in a dysfunctional family. Kelly’s angelic voice and this song’s heartbreaking lyrics will affect your emotions deeply.

6. The Only Exception Paramore

One of Paramore’s most famous songs is “The Only Exception” from their album Brand New Eyes. This incredibly well-made alternative song is about someone who promised herself to be content with loneliness after witnessing how it broke both her parents when she was younger. Eventually, a man broke down her walls and made an exception.

5. Love Triangle – RaeLynn

Another song about family issues is from RaeLynn’s album titled WildHorse. The love triangle she’s singing about isn’t the usual third-party matter; rather, it’s about a young girl who’s stuck between her parents like she’s the rope in a tug of war. Its heartfelt words and voice make this country song a total tearjerker.

4. Stay Together for the Kids – Blink-182

The next one is a punk ballad by the rock band Blink-182 from their album Take Off Your Pants and Jacket. It has such powerful and heavy words like “what poem could fix this home?” that convey an emotional portrait of a broken family and a young person’s hope that it can be repaired.

3. When You Love Someone James TW

“When You Love Someone” by James TW is part of his album called The Singer Songwriter. This track tells a story about growing up in a broken family and how it affects him as a young child. With the gentle and melodic guitar riff and his soulful vocals, this classic soul track has that heartfelt and touching mood you’ll love.

2. How to Love – Lil Wayne

This 2011 song might something you like hearing for its sick beat. But if you carefully listen to the words, this hip-hop song is about a woman who never got to be loved and therefore doesn’t know how to love even herself. There’s no doubt that this song is a  standout from his upcoming album, Tha Carter IV.

1. Older – Sasha Sloan

Let’s end this list with a great, comforting song by Sasha Sloan from her album Loser. She sings about her childhood wounds and how now that she’s older, she finally realizes that her parents are imperfect human beings like her. Sasha’s song will definitely give you a heart-to-heart talk that’ll help heal.


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