21 Songs About Family (2023)

The way in which our families shape us into the people we were yesterday, the people we are today, and the people we will become tomorrow is something that binds us all together. And yet, every family is distinctive in its own way. For some people, it can be a source of inspiration, while for others, it can be a wellspring of agony, either way, it’s a driving force for artists to pen the best songs about family ever written.

This compilation of the best songs about family, in any form it may take, is now ready to bring you joy, comfort, and peace.

21. The Best Day – Taylor Swift

We intend for the first note of every song to fill you with joy and appreciation. Winner of the CMT Music Award for Best Family Feature, “The Best Day” by Taylor Swift, from her album Fearless, is a heartfelt ode to her mother in which she expresses her gratitude for her, as well as for her father and brother. This track will truly melt your heart.

20. 7 Years – Lukas Graham

A pop song on Lukas Graham’s album titled Lukas Graham (Blue Album) tells the story of how quickly time can pass, from being seven years old one moment to 60 the next. Brilliantly written and with a memorable melody, “7 Years” will help you appreciate the importance of loved ones and the gift of life itself.

19. Jesus Take the Wheel – Carrie Underwood

This song from her album Some Hearts won Carrie Underwood several awards for its heartfelt storytelling. In this touching country song, a woman who seems to be having a hard time decides to bring her baby to her parent’s house for Christmas. She got into an accident and is now recommitting her life to Christ.

18. Family Portrait – Pink

This song from Pink’s Missundaztood album details the loneliness of a young girl in a household devoid of love. When Pink was nine years old, she wrote the lyrics to “I don’t want love to destroy me like it has done my family,” reflecting on the pain of witnessing her parents’ divorce and wishing she could relive their happy family portrait. The song’s gloominess will hit you like a ton of bricks.

17. Don’t Grow Up Too Fast grentperez

You’ll always hold a soft spot in your heart for this song by grentperez, an Australian pop singer. The creator explained on his channel that he was inspired to write this piece after imagining what it would be like for his parents to watch him and his siblings grow up. This alternative-acoustic track from his album Trail Mix Tape will have you wishing time would stop, whether you’re a kid or a parent.


16. Ode to My Family – The Cranberries

The Irish band The Cranberries recently released an indie song that will undoubtedly send chills down your spine. On their album titled No Need to Argue, “Ode to My Family” is included. As the vocalist sings about missing her family and her childhood, her distinctive vocal style will give you chills.

15. You’re Gonna Miss This – Trace Adkins

Single of the Year was awarded to a track from Trace Adkins’s 2007 album American Man: Greatest Hits Volume II. The song’s instrumentation, his smooth voice, and the words all hit home as he speaks from the perspective of a parent warning his child to savor the moment because it will pass too quickly.

14. Brother Kodaline – Kodaline

Genes and bloodlines are not the only things that define “family.” In Kodaline’s album Politics of Living, released in 2018, comes an indie track titled Brother Kodaline. Both the music video and the song itself, which are both about love and sorrow, will evoke strong feelings in you.

13. Older – Sasha Sloan

From her album “Loser”, here’s Sasha Sloan. She sings about the pain she felt as a child and how, as an adult, she sees that her parents are just flawed people. The song by Sasha is like having a conversation with yourself that will help you get better.

12. Like My Father – Jax

The American singer-songwriter Jax released a lovely song on her album Jax Karaoke Pack about the beauty and genuine love of her parents. She goes on to sing about the good things her father does for her mom and how she hopes to find a man like him. Jax’s beautiful voice and incredible piano skills will make you fall in love with this pop song.

11. Dance With My Father – Luther Vandross

“Dance With My Father” is a soul title track by Luther Vandross that will give you an ache in your chest. This title track won the Grammy for Song of the Year in 2004 for its power to move listeners. It is a tribute song to his late father and is about how he wishes he could get another chance to dance with him again.

10. My Little Girl – Tim McGraw

Tim McGraw, widely regarded as one of the most talented artists in the country music genre, received a nomination for the Critics’ Choice Movie Award in the category of Best Song for this song from his album Reflected: Greatest Hits Vol. 2. It will move you as he sings passionately about how precious his daughter is to him.

9. Sober –Demi Levato

Demi Lovato’s single “Sober” shows how brave and strong she is as a person. This vulnerable, heartfelt, and alluring house song is an expression of her regret and apology for letting down her loved ones: her mom and dad, as well as herself, with her repeated bouts of addiction. It is one of the saddest songs she has ever written.

8. The Family Madrigal  – Olga Merediz, and Stephanie Beatriz

This entertaining track, performed by Olga Merediz and Stephanie Beatriz, is featured in the Disney animated feature film Encanto. In the song, she went on to introduce each family member and detail their distinctive characteristics. The melodic vocals, warm instrumentation, and lyrical content will paint smiles on your face.

7. Family– Sara Kays

Sara Kays’ “Family” is a rather saddening folk song from her 2018 album A House Too Big. This raw track, with its heartfelt lyrics and Sara’s stunning voice, is about a girl pleading with her family not to leave her while she lives alone in a big, empty house.

6. Rockabye – Clean Bandit

Clean Bandit released their 2018 album Speak Your Album, which includes this electronic pop track. Anne-Marie and Sean Paul, two major music stars, are featured in it. It has a funky beat that’ll get you grooving, but this song is actually a tear-jerking tribute to the tireless efforts of single mothers.

5. Chosen Family –Rina Sawayama

Rina Sawayama and Elton John’s iconic duo is up next. John begins with a beautiful piano progression while Rina sings the verses powerfully about the queer family she has: one who isn’t related to her by blood, but they go through the same things. This indie track is part of her album titled Sawayama.

4. Song For Dad – Keith Urban

A country song dedicated to dads can be found on the album titled Golden Road by Keith Urban. In the song, he sings about how he has finally come to terms with all of his father’s sacrifices for the family. This song will hopefully help you appreciate your father more after listening to it.

3. Glowing Inside – Nikki Gil

“Glowing Inside”, composed by Louie Ocampo and performed by Nikki Gil, is a hit single from her self-titled album released in 2006. It’s a song full of thanks to her family and loved ones. This song has also been used as a graduation hymn in countless schools in the Philippines for years.

2. The House That Built Me – Miranda Lambert

Winning the Country Music Association Award for Song of the Year, Miranda Lambert penned a piece about their family’s old home and all the memories they made there. Her album Revolution contains “The House That Built Me”,  which will make you miss all your fondest childhood memories as she talks about hers. Tears might start rolling as you listen to this beautiful country song.

1. Still Fighting It – Ben Folds

Let’s conclude this list of best songs about family with a gem from Ben Folds’s album Rockin’ the Suburbs. This heartbreakingly beautiful indie song is narrated from the perspective of a father telling his son that he is both glad and sorry that they are alike because the boy will have to go through the same hardships he has. You won’t believe a song can reach inside of you and evoke feelings like these unless you listen to it for yourself.


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