21 Songs About Fog (2023)

How do you feel when you hear the word “fog”? Many people find peace and quiet on hazy afternoons or in the early hours of a cool, misty morning. In addition to that, it is also a term for when one’s mind is foggy or they are unable to think clearly. The word “fog” has multiple interpretations. In light of this, you will also find various perspectives as we explore songs written about this subject.

We’ve cleared the path and compiled a list of the best songs about fog, so you don’t have to. Here they are!

21. The Morning Fog — Kate Bush

Let’s set the relaxing mood with a classic song by one of the most influential female artists, Kate Bush. In 1985, Kate released her pop song “The Morning Fog.” It belongs to her hit album Hounds of Love, which reached the top spot on Billboard’s Top Alternative Albums chart. “The Morning Fog” is a great choice to play as you start your day since it has lighthearted vocals and a melody.

20. Her Ghost in the Fog — Cradle of Filth

We also have one that will appeal to black metal fans. This is “Her Ghost in the Fog” by Cradle of Filth. The combination of the fast-paced instrumentals and the eerie vocals is enough to give anyone goosebumps. Although “Her Ghost in the Fog” has been described as having a diabolical quality by some, it is undeniably captivating and expertly crafted. This song is available on their album Midian.

19. Sea Fog — Keane

Let’s take a deep breath and relax to “Sea Fog,” a song by Keane featured on the album Strangeland. Listening to the soothing piano chords, Keane’s vocals, and the lovely tune is like listening to calm ocean waves. It is an alternative track that came out in 2012. If you enjoy mellow music, then you will surely love “Sea Fog.”

18. Fog — The Regrettes

“Fog” from The Regrettes’ How Do You Love? album is our next song. This 2019 release is an indie track that has a light yet entertaining melody and instrumentation. Lydia Night is behind the vocals and the lyrical composition of this fun track, where she describes how a guy makes her feel confused about their relationship status.

17. Misty Water — The Kinks

“Misty Water” will take you back in time with its classic style of musicality. It is a folk-rock song recorded by The Kinks in 1968  for the album The Kinks Are the Village Green Preservation Society. The lyrics are about how the singer likes misty water and talks about it over and over.“Misty Water” is pleasant to listen to, giving you a relaxed mood.

16. Jump Into the Fog — The Wombats

The Wombats’ This Modern Glitch, another release in the rock genre, features a pop-rock song. The song’s title, “Jump Into the Fog,” alludes to the fact that we must face the uncertainties of life without fear, just as we must leap headfirst into a thick fog. This 2011 track is something that will mesmerize you the moment you hear it.

15. When the Fog Rolls In — Train

Heart-wrenching is the perfect adjective to describe the song “When the Fog Rolls In.” It is the closing song track on Train’s California 37 album released in 2012. The lyrics of this sad track are about how losing a loved one makes things foggy. Absorbing “When the Fog Rolls In” lyrically and musically will give you chills and tears.

14. Foggy Notion — The Velvet Underground

“Foggy Notion,” one of the songs from The Velvet Underground’s 45th anniversary album The Velvet Underground, will lighten the atmosphere. This six-minute folk-rock composition was released in 1969 and is mostly focused on displaying their skills at playing musical instruments. This song is both heartfelt and enjoyable, so if you have an old soul, you will undoubtedly hold it close to your heart. It’s also a great party song to play!

13. Fog (Again) — Radiohead

All five members of the band Radiohead collaborated to write the song “Fog (Again),” which is extremely artistically written. Numerous meanings can be derived from the lyrics, which narrate an unpleasant childhood, as in the lines:

There’s a little child
Running round this house
And he never leaves
He will never leave
And the fog comes up from the sewers

It will be difficult to listen to this indie song from the Hail to the Thief album without getting teary-eyed.


12. Foggy Dew — Luke Kelly

We have yet another piece from the old box. It is a classic Irish ballad performed by Luke Kelly along with The Dubliners titled “Foggy Dew.” “Foggy Dew” is a folk song with rich sounds and a nostalgic tune from The Luke Kelly Album With The Dubliners. The Easter Rising of 1916, a significant historical event from the 1900s, is the subject of the song’s lyrics. This timeless piece has a knack for transporting you back in time.

11. Fog On The Mountain — Folks Like Them

There are times when the kind of weather evokes a certain kind of emotion that forces us to reflect on our memories and everything we’ve been through. As you have that moment, it is a great choice to play Folks Like Them’s “Fog On The Mountain.” The beautiful words and the musicality of this country song from Our Places focuses on the idea of surviving the mountain’s fog, which serves as a metaphor for life’s circumstances.

10. Foggy Mountain Breakdown — Earl Scruggs, Flatt & Scruggs

Be captivated by the versatility of artists Flatt & Scruggs, Earl Scruggs, and other musicians as they perform the song “Foggy Mountain Breakdown.” It features a combination of folk-country and bluegrass vibes of instrumentation that will keep your ears and eyes entertained. This instrumental piece is off the Original Theme From Bonnie & Clyde from 1967.

9. A Foggy Day — Tony Bennett

Clap your hands and sing along to the classic song “A Foggy Day” by award-winning singer Tony Bennett. His raw voice and impressive vocal control, backed by the light instrumentals in this track, are such a delightful piece of art. “A Foggy Day” is a classic tune you should definitely listen to!

8. Brain Fog — Pip Skid

Rapper Pip Skid released the hip-hop song “Brain Fog” as one of the singles from his 2022 album, A Really Nice Day. As was previously mentioned, the term “fog” also refers to when we experience “brain fog.” It has catchy beats, tunes, and lyrics that are focused on the symptoms that the recent pandemic made us aware of. The smooth vibe of “Brain Fog” is something you’ll surely like.

7. The Fog — Maroon 5

“The Fog” is a classic song recorded by Maroon 5. It is difficult to dispute the fact that this song from Stagg Street Recordings will win your heart, even though it isn’t as well-known as most of their other songs. The love-themed song “The Fog” talks about how being in love with someone makes him hazy. The cleverly written lyrics in songs like “Cause the fog’s getting thicker, and the world’s spinning fast” demonstrate the band’s musical brilliance.

6. Misty Morning — Bob Marley

Bob Marley is one of the most widely recognized individuals in the reggae industry. He released an album called Kaya in 1978, which contains the reggae song “Misty Morning.” This song has a very laid-back and relaxed backing track, which is effective for alleviating stress as you listen to it. Since Bob Marley is also known for making remarkable statements, it is no surprise that the lyrics of“Misty Morning” are well-written. 

5. On Some Foggy Mountain Top — The Stanley Brothers

“On Some Foggy Mountain Top” is another classic piece of music in our collection of songs about fog. It was recorded by American bluegrass duo The Stanley Brothers for True Life Blues, Vol. 3. “On Some Foggy Mountain Top” has a musical style that will take you back to the good old days when everyone’s home radios would play every morning.

4. Foggy Mountain Special — Earl Scruggs and Lester Flatt

Ever hear of the “Scruggs style?” It is a three-finger banjo playing technique made popular by Grammy-winning artist Earl Scruggs. In addition, he and Lester Flatt collaborated on the song “Foggy Mountain Special” for the album Foggy Mountain Jamboree, which is another notable song he is credited with writing. It’s a tasty classic-country song, the kind you’d hear in a small bar in the early 1900s.

3. The Foggy Dew — The Chieftains

Prepare to be mesmerized by the performance of The Chieftains and Sinéad O’Connor for the song “The Foggy Dew.” Sinéad’s voice as she sings the lyrics of this song from The Long Black Veil will make you stop what you are doing and give your full ears to her. The Chieftains also showed such sincerity in playing the instruments as the song’s backing track. “The Foggy Dew” is a folk song that will touch you deep down in your soul.

2. Through the Mists of Time — AC/DC

Our final rock entry will indeed rock your world! It is the song “Through the Mists of Time,” performed by the popular metal rock band AC/DC. It belongs to their 2020 album Power Up, and it features their classic signature rock n’ roll musical style and quality. “Through the Mists of Time” outlines the way everyone ages over time. Listening to this song will give you nostalgia and shivers in a good way.

1. Lost in a Fog — Ella Fitzgerald

Of course, we saved the best for last! Ella Fitzgerald will now serenade us with a lovely lullaby-like song, ” Lost in a Fog,” which is a classic jazz masterpiece. It has soothing musicality, and Ella’s voice will make you forget about your worries and clear your head as she sings the lines:

Like a ship at sea, I’m just lost in a fog
My mind is hazy, my thoughts are blue
Guess I’ll always be kinda
Lost in a fog without you

The flawless balance of her vocals and the song’s instrumentation will help anyone with insomnia finally drift off to sleep. 

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