21 Songs About Freedom of Speech (2023)

How often do you speak your mind? Each of us has the right to our own viewpoints. One of the components of “freedom of expression” is free speech, which refers to the freedom to say, write, act, or express ourselves however we choose, but of course, with some restrictions.

One of the most artistic ways to exercise our right to free expression is through music. Following are the top songs about freedom of speech that will inspire us and broaden our perspectives.

21. We Can’t Stop – Miley Cyrus

We’ll start with a quote from Miley Cyrus that has become an iconic representation of freedom of expression: “It’s my mouth, I can say what I want to.” You can hear it in her song “We Can’t Stop,” a powerful pop song from her 2013 album Bangerz that sparked debates but also earned her the Teen Choice Award for Choice Summer Song. It’s a must-play song when throwing a party.

20. Freedom Overspill – Steve Winwood

As mentioned above, all of us have the right to speak. However, there will always be some people who will overdo it. In Steve Winwood’s song titled “Freedom Overspill,” he talks about a person who goes around all places talking about him/herself. This pop-rock track can be found on his Back in the High Life album. It’s a classic song whose musicality will impress you.

19. I’m Coming Out – Diana Ross

Many people find it difficult to come out of their shells because it takes a lot of courage to accept other people’s opinions. In Diana Ross’ “I’m Coming Out,” however, she courageously declares, “I have to shout that I am coming out.” This timeless pop hit from her self-titled album released in 1980 will make you proudly dance and show who you really are.

18. State of Tyranny – SITD

The next track is this heavy punk-rock song titled “State of Tyranny” by the industrial band SITD. As the song’s title suggests, the topic is tyranny and how people should speak up against it. It was made public in 2011 as part of their album Icon: Koru. Try this one if you enjoy metal rock songs.

17. Say What You Want – Sheryl Crow

Sheryl Crow’s pop song is also here to bring us an upbeat tune. “Say What You Want” is part of her album titled 100 Miles from Memphis. It revolves around how people talk trash about others and how she finds it all exhausting, so she gives this advice:

All you little ones with open hearts
Don’t let hatred tear your world apart
And if you wonder who is wrong and who is right
Better go ask God to shine some light

16. Speak Up – Alesa Moore

Alesa Moore is a music artist who usually releases acapella pieces. One of those is her single titled Speak Up. This song sounds like a cry for help on behalf of those who are marginalized. You’ll be moved by the choir’s harmony and Alesa Moore’s soothing, heartfelt vocals as they communicate their struggle to the listeners.

15. Free Your Mind – En Vogue

This energizing R&B track titled “Free Your Mind” took home the MTV Video Music Award for Best Choreography and is part of En Vogue’s Funky Divas album. Released in 1992, this female vocal group’s song breaks the stereotypes of people of color. Also, it features rhythm and blues vibes that will have you dancing on the floor.

14. I Decide – The Julie Ruin

The band called The Julie Ruin dropped an alternative song called “I Decide” that represents freedom of speech. It belongs to their 2016 album, Hit Reset. The title of the song already sends out a strong message that the persona is in charge of deciding how she will live and react to everything through the lyrics:

You may be a bit outrageous
And I might scream with anticipation
But I— I’ll decide.

13. Ragged Insomnia – Imagine Dragons

If you want to feel inspired, check out Imagine Dragons’ “Ragged Insomnia.” The song is in the group’s distinctive rock genre, and its title is also an anagram of their band name. This song was made available in 2021 for the Imagine Dragons album. Even though it’s not as well-known as some of their other songs, it’s still an encouraging and appealing song about speaking up.

12. Roar – Katy Perry

A lion speaking up can be compared to Katy Perry’s pop hit “Roar.” In 2013, she put out her album Prism, which included this empowering and enticing song. This masterpiece’s stirring message of resilience through every obstacle will scream from within you if you are feeling defeated and down.

11. Mama Help Me – Serge Art

Serge Art’s heartfelt lyrics in “Mama Help Me” will send chills down your spine as he sings about free speech, as heard in his lines, “It’s time to speak up now,” and it has that haunting and subtle backing track that will soothe you. This song was included in the album Mama Help Me, which was released in 2020.

10. I Love Me – Meghan Trainor

One of the most difficult things to do is to love ourselves because we can’t see past our flaws and insecurities. Meghan Trainor, on the other hand, used her free speech to declare her love for herself through her pop song “I Love Me.” This pump-up track you’ll enjoy is part of her 2016 album, Thank You.

9. Speak Up – Miquela & Taska Black

You’ll surely fall in love with Miquela and Taska Black’s voice as she performs “Speak Up.” This pop song tells the tale of a guy who won’t say what’s on his mind and leaves her wondering about his feelings. It is also the album’s title track, which was released in 2020.

8. Express Yourself – Labrinth

Labrinth dropped a groovy pop song titled “Express Yourself,” which was originally performed by Charles Wright and The Watts 103rd Street Strings. His version of this track can be found in Labrinth’s 2012 album Electronic Earth. The lively melody and arrangement are enough to put you in a good mood as you listen to this track.

7. Freedom of Speech – Ice-T ft. Jello Biafra

The next song in this compilation of the best songs about freedom of speech is a rap song performed by Ice-T featuring Jello Biafra. The upbeat track “Freedom of Speech” from their 1999 album Chuck D Presents Louder. In the song, he sings, “Your opinion is yours, my opinion is mine. If you don’t like what I’m sayin’? Fine.” It has exciting rap beats and bouncy drum beats that will have you bopping your head.

6. Flowers – Miley Cyrus

Self-love is the theme of this new successful masterpiece by Miley Cyrus. The song “Flowers” is an alternative pop tune from Miley’s Endless Summer Vacation album. It has received a lot of praise since its release in 2023. It has a catchy melody and a potent message intended to help the audience recognize how valuable they are.

5. mother tongue –  Bring Me the Horizon

As they say, actions speak louder than words. So prepare to be mesmerized as the rock band Bring Me the Horizon sings about it in their song. It comes on their amo album from 2019. This alternative rock song has a line, “Just let your heart speak up, and I’ll know,” that will certainly give you butterflies in your stomach.

4. Back to Business – Anthony Changes

Here’s an entry for all you rap lovers out there. We bring you Anthony Changes’s title track, Back to Business. The lyrics contain the phrase “Speak ya mind or mind ya business baby” as he asserts his support for the well-known Black Lives Matter movement. You’re sure to sympathize with this song about equality and freedom.

3. Urban Rebel – Abrasive Wheels

The punk-style tune of “Urban Rebel” is as impactful as the message the band is trying to communicate. You can find this song in Abrasive Wheel’s 1982 album called When the Punks Go Marching In. Written by David Ryan, Paul Harrison, and Phil Rzonca, this track mainly focuses on human rights in an engaging manner.

2. Freedom of Speech – Above the Law

This song provides a true depiction of how free speech issues persisted in the 1990s. A hip-hop group called Above the Law released an album called Livin’ Like Hustlers in 1990 that contained the song “Freedom of Speech.” By listening to this honest masterpiece, you’ll hit two birds with one stone: you’ll get to jam with the groovy rap vibe while also gaining knowledge about current events and real-world situations.

1. Fall in Line Christina Aguilera

A Grammy Award nominee from two of the best music artists, Christina Aguilera and Demi Lovato, will conclude this list. The song “Fall in Line” belongs to Aguilera’s 2018 album, Liberation. This pop track centers on female empowerment, as evident from the lines:

But I got a mind to show my strength
And I got a right to speak my mind

These two empowered musicians talk about the struggle a lot of women go through. Your soul will be moved by the entrancing melody and the moving lyrics.

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