21 Songs About Freedom (2023)

The taste of freedom is probably the best one we can get, but the hardest to achieve at the same time. Moreover, the meaning of “being free” is a subjective matter that paints thousands of sacrifices, demise, triumphs, and bliss.

Fortunately, musicians from all over the world can create an image through songs that tell an impactful and compelling story about what it means to be free.

So if the best songs about freedom are what you’re looking for, you’ve come to the right place!

21. Freedom – Jon Batiste

Wouldn’t it be fantastic to have a Grammy winner at the top of this list? That’s John Batiste’s soul track “Freedom” from his album We Are. It won the Grammy for Best Music Video and captured the full range of what freedom means with its blend of era-spanning customs, contemporary taste, incredible choreography and directives, and irresistible lyricism. 

20. Wavin Flag – K’naan

Listening to this song by K’naan, a Somali-Canadian artist, will definitely make you picture people celebrating freedom and unity while waving their flags. It was released in his 2009 album Troubadour and was used for the 2010 World Cup, which also helped boost its fame globally.

19. Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone) – Chris Tomlin

The next one will surely give you peace as you listen to it, especially for Christians out there. It’s one of Chris Tomlin’s most popular songs and belongs to his Spirit & Song: Disc M albumThis gospel song has a secondary title called “My Chains Are Gone” and is about how his God and Savior, Christ, has set him free.

18. Blackbird – The Beatles

This folk song by The Beatles from their self-titled album may be old, but its power to calm and soothe you will never fade. The story behind it might break your heart though, as Paul McCartney wrote this masterpiece, saying, “You are only waiting for this moment to be free”, referring to a group of African-American kids being prevented from enrolling in a school in Arkansas.

17. Fly Over States Jason Aldean

From the album My Kinda Party by Jason Aldean, this country track will hit you down to the core with its instrumentation, vocals, and beautiful poetry. As we “fly over states,” farmers and everyone else behind our freedom can never do so. This song will definitely bring tears to your eyes.

16. Bird Set Free SIA

SIA released this R&B track in her album This Is Acting. It talks about how she used to be in bounds, just like every one of us. However, through her songs and melodies, she got to be like a bird that’s been set free. Feel her emotions rush through your veins as you listen to this piece.

15. Mama Cry – YNW Melly

Being free of chains and bars is one definition of freedom. This heartfelt rap song by YNW Melly from his album I Am You is about his struggles while serving his prison sentence. He begs his mother not to cry for him as he sings over and over how sorry he is.

14. Let It Go – Idina Menzel

One of Disney’s most famous soundtracks is Let It Go from the film Frozen. The three-billion-view YouTube video was nominated for the World Music Award for Best Video. Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez composed this song with the theme of letting go and proudly showing your true self to the world.

13. Skyline Pigeon Elton John

You’ll absolutely cherish this classic track from Elton John’s Empty Sky album, released all the way back in 1969. This country ballad, co-written by Bernie Taupin, has an addicting melody and metaphorical words about being trapped and held captive, like a pigeon yearning to spread its wings, soar, and reach its dreams.

12. We Shall Not Be Moved – Mavis Staples

“We Shall Not Be Moved” is from Mavis Staples’ 2007 album We’ll Never Turn Back. It encourages people of all races to fight for their freedom and for future generations to come, no matter what. This soul song was first recorded in 1926 and has been a significant song in world history.

11. Freedom Is Coming – Bryan & Katie Torwalt

The husband-and-wife duo Bryan and Katie Torwalt are well-known in the Christian music community for their work. One of the songs on their album titled “Anticipation,” which was released in 2019, is titled “Freedom is Coming.” This upbeat and encouraging song is about Jesus, who is the one who brings freedom and peace into the world.

10. The Story of O.J. – Jay-Z

Jay-Z yet again created a masterpiece called “The Story of O.J.” featured in his album 4:44. It addresses both racial discrimination and his own personal struggles as a person of color living in the United States. The unsettling tune and beat and the lyrics are so heavy and meaningful that they’ll penetrate right through your skin.

9. Get Free –Lana Del Rey

You will get through your darkest and lowest points with the help of this alternative pop song from Lana Del Rey’s album Lust for Life. Its spellbinding melody will move you and make you realize what matters most in life and how crucial it is to free yourself from things that hold you back.

8. Misery Chain by Chris Cornell

American singer-songwriter Chris Cornell released “Misery Chain” on his soundtrack album, Music From And Inspired By 12 Years a Slave. Take the locks and shackles and melt everything down,” he sings with Joy William in this moving song. The book by Solomon Northup, which explores a black man’s 12-year struggle for freedom, served as its inspiration.

7. Breakfree – Ariana Grande ft. Zedd

“Breakfree” is a synth-pop song from Ariana Grande’s most-listened-to album, My Everything, which ignited her popularity as well in 2014. Featuring Zedd, this is an upbeat and electrifying pop track that will make you dance and is about her finally being able to break free from a toxic relationship and move forward as a self-sufficient individual.

6. I’m Like A Bird – Nelly Furtado

A masterpiece of nostalgia is on the horizon for music lovers of the 2000s. It’s “I’m Like A Bird” by Nelly Furtado and is part of her 2000 album Whoa, Nelly! She proudly describes herself as free as a bird and says that no man’s love will ever stop her from flying away.

5. Miss Independent – Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson released a pop holiday hit titled “Miss Independent” on her album Thankful in 2003. This song will bring back memories of that era because of its classic beat, melody, and vibe. The story is about an independent woman who finally lowers her defenses and lets love in.

4. “Redemption Song” by Bob Marley and the Wailers

The song “Redemption Song” by Bob Marley and the Wailers will move you to your core with its soul-stirring atmosphere, which begins with a soothing guitar melody. In this song, he discusses the concept of mental liberation by singing that “none but ourselves can free our mind” and that “redemption songs are freedom.”

3. Freedom – Pharrell Williams

Another Grammy nominee is in the house! This funk pop is from Pharrell Williams’ album Despicable Me 3 and the soundtrack of the animated film Despicable Me 3. This upbeat song exhorts listeners to remember that we are all equally wonderful creatures. Its repetitive lines and electrifying tune make this track entertaining and deserving of praise.

2. “Weightless” – Natasha Bedingfield

It is true that most of the time, the weight of the world pulls us down and stops us from soaring high, but Natasha Bedingfield has “cut the strings” and created a piece through her pop song “Weightless” from her album Strip Me that is truly uplifting and liberating to listen to.

1. Birthplace – Kris Kelly

Our closing track is a beautiful work of art by Kris Kelly from his 2019 album, Runaways. “Birthplace” is a soulful pop song that will definitely stir different emotions inside of you. The soothing guitar strings and the poetic words, surrounding the dichotomy between freedom and attachment will certainly take you to another dimension.


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