21 Songs About Gloria (2023)

The origin of the word “Gloria” can be traced back to the Latin word “glory.” Because of the glorious and positive connotations that are associated with the word, it is most commonly given as a name to females. Moreover, you can hear it in Christian music which is typically used in songs that give praise and glory to God.

There are many songs written by musicians that you can listen to if you are interested in listening to the best songs about Gloria. Here are some of the best-known and highly regarded Gloria-themed songs:

21. Gloria’s Eyes — Bruce Springsteen

Our first entry is Bruce Springsteen, a legendary American rock star whose career spanned six decades. The song “Gloria’s Eyes” was played by Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band. It was released on his 1992 album, “Human Touch.” This rock tune is tuneful and enjoyable to listen to because of its romantic lyrics.

20. Gloria — Glee Cast

Featuring Adam Lambert, Glee Cast recorded their own rendition of the song “Gloria” for their 2013 album Gloria (Glee Cast Version). It boasts a lively and funky backing track, with multiple vocalists harmonizing to showcase the singers’ vocal competence. Absolutely everyone will be swinging and singing along to this tune.

19. Gloria — Laura Branigan

The previous song performed by the Glee Cast was first recorded in 1982 by Laura Branigan. This pop song was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance because of its outstanding composition and widespread popularity at the time. The contagious, feel-good tune is a track that shouldn’t be missing at any party.

18. Gloria — The Doors

The Doors challenged long-held assumptions about what a rock band should be. They created original songs and compositions that are out of the box, making them memorable. One of their works is “Gloria,” a rock song. You can find this track on their album titled “Alive, She Cried.” The infectious melody and upbeat instrumentals of this 1983 release make it a fan favorite.

17. Gloria — The Midnight

Another song about Gloria is produced by The Midnight. Off of their album titled Days of Thunder is the electronic dance track  “Gloria.” This 2014 song evokes the musical vibe of the ’80s and ’90s due to its melody and arrangement. Listeners will find themselves humming or singing the nostalgic and catchy chorus.

16. Fame & Gloria — Amberian Dawn

Fame & Gloria is a piece that deserves more recognition. This song is sung by Amberian Dawn. Her pitch-perfect and powerful vocals complement the astounding and amazingly-played instruments. There is no need to look up the lyrics, as Amberian Dawn’s voice is crystal clear. You’ve got to listen to this song from the 2015 album, Innuendo.

15. Gloria — John Lee Hooker and Van Morrison

A duet between Van Morrison and John Lee Hooker would be a musical treat for sure. The Too Long in Exile album features a rock song titled “Gloria,” in which the word is spelled out several times in the lyrics. The storytelling in “Gloria” is riveting because of the vocalist’s imposing delivery. This song will give you a boost of energy.

14. Gloria (Angels We Have Heard)  — Doorpost Songs

Enjoy the spirit of Christmas as you listen to the song Gloria (Angels We Have Heard) from Doorpost Songs’ Unto Us. This album came out in 2017. The beautiful blend of the choir’s voices is pleasant to listen to. This joyful Christian hymn has a holiday vibe that will uplift your spirits.

13. I Believe in a Hill Called Mount Calvary — Gaither Vocal Band

Another Christian song comes next, and you’ll enjoy listening to it from beginning to end. “I Believe in a Hill Called Mount Calvary” is the song’s title, which alludes to the pivotal biblical event. The Gaither Vocal Band performed it in 1997. It’s a magnificent song about glorifying Christ from their album Gaither Gospel Series: Back Home In Indiana.

12. Gloria — MAGIC!

A song about a cunning woman named Gloria is the plot of MAGIC!’s song from their album, Primary Colours. Released in 2016, “Gloria” is a rousing pop tune with a memorable melody and lyrics that will stay in your head after listening to them. The band’s amazing performance of this track merits a standing ovation.

11. Gloria — Canterbury

Canterbury’s “Gloria” is an attractive song that will win your heart. In 2012, as part of the album Heavy in the Day, they released this song. The name of the woman being discussed likely inspired the choice of the word “Gloria” as the song’s title, despite its absence from the lyrics.

10. Gloria — Irist

A heavy metal song will now rock your world. It is performed by the band Irist in 2022. The song “Gloria” is their album’s title track, and it features fast drum beats, lively guitar riffs, and screams all through the song, which is almost five minutes long. Metal rock lovers will absolutely enjoy this track.

9. ¡Viva la Gloria! — Green Day

Green Day’s 21st Century Breakdown album also features a song about Gloria. This song is titled ” ¡Viva la Gloria! and was recorded in 2009. It falls under the genre of alternative and opens with a slower tempo before transitioning into a more upbeat style after over a minute. Your emotions will be stirred as you enjoy and listen to it.

8. Gloria The Gift Of Life — Andrea Bocelli

“Gloria The Gift Of Life” is a piece that will make you look back and reflect on your blessings. It is from Andrea Bocelli’s 2008 album, Sì. The lyrics were written by Bob Ezrin, Edmond Cash, and Jonas Myrin and are about giving glory to God and being grateful for everything. The sincerity and quality of this timeless gospel classic will take your breath away.

7. Gloria — Sam Smith

The song “Gloria” by Sam Smith is one of the most recent additions to this list. You will be enchanted by this holiday due to the eerie arrangement and the enticing vocals of the choir. This holiday song was initially released in 2023 and clocks in at a length of just under two minutes.

6. Gloria — Tierra Whack

The first song in the hip-hop genre is now on our list! We have “Gloria” by a female rapper named Tierra Whack. The song “Gloria” was created by the rapper Tierra Whack. It was released as a single from Tierra’s album Gloria in 2009. This rap song features a killer beat that will surely make you bop your head.

5. Gloria — U2

U2’s classic rock song is one of the first songs people think of when it comes to Gloria-themed tracks. U2’s song is titled “Gloria,” and it belongs to the band’s 1981 album, October. The song’s profoundly written lyrics will touch listeners’ hearts while the incredible musicality will keep their ears entertained.

4. Going Back to Gloria — Roy Orbison

“Going Back to Gloria” is a famous song by Roy Orbison. It’s a classic rock song released in 1966 on the album, The Classic Roy Orbison. In the song, he talks about ending a relationship with a woman to go back to his dream girl named Gloria. This song’s gentle and laid-back country tune will relax you and help you unwind.

3. Gloria Leonard — Lambchop

A brilliant yet eerie song by the American artist Lambchop is up next. It’s titled “Gloria Leonard” from his album Thriller / Hank. This piece is an alternative and indie song recorded in 1997. There is something about the melody that will give you shivers, especially if you listen to this song at night. The lyrics are also deep and sorrowful.

2. Gloria — Patti Smith

Patti Smith’s “Gloria” is a 1975 track that starts gently and builds into a more groovy tune afterward. Lyrically speaking, Patti Smith’s choice of words will have you questioning their meaning as they are a bit vague and deviant, as evident in the following lines: 

Jesus died for somebody’s sins but not mine
Meltin’ in a pot of thieves
Wild card up my sleeve
Thick heart of stone
My sins my own
They belong to me, me

Nevertheless, this classic punk song from her album Horses is a work of a creative mind and is worth listening to.

1. Gloria — The Lumineers

Our best pick for the best songs about Gloria comes from The Lumineers. As they perform the song “Gloria” from their album titled III, a wave of melancholy and longing will wash over your nerves. When you finally figure out what the song is trying to convey, it will feel like a dagger in your chest and bring tears to your eyes.

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