21 Songs About Glowing (2023)

Songs about glowing could be used to express a lot of things in a person’s experience. It can be about falling in love, finding solace in life, or just feeling pretty. A glow in someone could be a metaphor for inner strength, a positive aura, and newly found hopes and aspirations. A lot of songs about glowing continue to remain to be top favorites of people of all ages from all walks of life.

This list is a collection of the best songs about glowing that you might just find worth adding to your playlists.

21. “Glow” by Kelis

Album: Tasty | Style: R&B

Glow speaks of a healthy relationship and how the persona in the song takes pride in this glowing strong bond. Listeners could not help but be captivated by the energy of the song and the positive message it brings. It is also an uplifting song that fully embraces one’s unique glow without inhibitions.

20. “Glow” by Ella Henderson

Album: Chapter One | Style: Pop

This song is represented by young, fun, and cool people which embodied freedom and unity which are the core messages of this song. It is a powerful song that soars on the concept of finding light in the darkness and how love serves as the glowing light. It delivers a warm message of positivity and hope.

19. “GLOW” by CORSAK (ft.Robinson)

Album: N/A (Single) | Style: Pop

This song is about the struggle of a couple in a long-distance relationship. Its lyrics display the different elements of missing and remembering someone as if that person’s memory is a glow in the heart. The powerful vocal of its artist encourages us to believe that love can conquer all.

18. “Glow” by Gavin James

Album: Only Ticket Home| Style: Pop

Released in 2018, this superb ballad is about finding someone special to love and hold to make you feel so alive. It regards a person as someone who had been the reason for someone’s glow. Listeners could relate to the song because of its vibrant portrayal of having someone whom you can endure all your sorrows with.

17. “The Glow” by Sylvan Esso

Album: Free Love | Style: Pop

This dreamy track along with its electronic beat explores the complexities of human emotions and connections. It delves into the concepts of intimacy and vulnerability, creating a dream-like immersive musical experience among its listeners. Released in 2017, it continued to become one of the most popular choices in pop genre playlists.

16. “Glowing in the Dark” by Django Django

Album: Glowing in the Dark | Style: Rock

There will always be an unexplainable transformative power in art and music and this song speaks exactly about this. It has a suggestive impact that one could find comfort and solace in his craft of art and music whenever he has dark shadows on the wall or whispers in the night. The transformative power of this song is a glow-in-the-dark to people who are currently overwhelmed by problems.

15. “Glowing Pains” by Devin the Kid

Album: Acid Trap | Style: Hip Hop, Rap

Released in 2018, this song raps about the singer’s humble beginnings and journeys toward success.  It has also a reference to drug use being a common issue among youth today. Despite its bold message, the song has an overall powerful effect of the rap and hip-hop prowess of the singer himself.

14. “Glow” by Jessica Mauboy

Album: Beautiful | Style: Pop, R&B

Jessica Mauboy described this song as something of an erotic, ‘feeling myself’ energy. Kit further speaks about being constantly reminded that whenever we take a step forward to the unknown world of career and business, we have to draw strength from the people who first held our hands in encouragement like our parents in particular.  You’ll always find this song full of glowing self-expression.

13. “Glow Up” by Meek Mill

Album: Wins & Losses | Style: Hip Hop, Rap

Released in 2017, the song talks about how the singer himself overcame the obstacles in his career and how he achieved his success. He also pointed out that success should never be put into the head too much. We have to stay humble and focused on our goals, even if we feel like we are already on top of the world.

12. “Glowing” by The Script

Album: No Sound Without Silence | Style: Pop

This song talks about a person madly in love with someone to the point of chasing her wherever she goes. This also echoes a lot of acceptance and forgiveness, that no matter what mistakes have been done in the past will remain unimportant for as long as he holds the future with her. Such kind of love is one in a million.

11. “The Glow” by Shannon Saunders

Album: The Glow – EP | Style: Pop, Acoustic

Kids and teenagers love the story of Rapunzel a lot, and they undeniably love the soundtrack of that film, too. The song explores a journey of self-discovery and the realization that you have the glow of a princess within yourself. The emotional depth of the song provides comfort to its listeners as well as the motivation to face all setbacks in life.

10. “Glowing Eyes” by Twenty-One Pilots

Album: Regional at Best (2011) | Style: Alternative Pop

Released in 2011, glowing eyes are a metaphor for what society seems. It illustrates how this entity observes and criticizes every action with keen, glowing eyes. In totality, the song is about someone stuck up in a world full of pretense. It also evokes a deep longing to be himself regardless of what society expects him to be.

9. “She’s Glowing” by Voltaire

Album: Boo Hoo (2002) | Style: Gothic, Folk

This song is generally a romantic love song, but of course, fans take liberty in interpreting this song in their perspectives. Nonetheless, it describes a person’s beauty and how the persona of the song had fallen for her glow. This song opens up a lot of meanings and windows to the human soul.

8. “Glowing Up” by Cynthia Erivo

Album: TBD (Single Release) | Style: Pop/R&B

Do you remember the time when you experienced your first glow-up? This song’s a celebration of that day and all the days that follow. The persona in the song is trying to tell us that our glow-up days are not just defined by the times we changed physically. Our glow-up moments are those moments in our life when we overcame our struggles when we grew to be a better version of ourselves, and when we experienced the triumph of winning the battles of life.

7. “Glowing Inside” by Nikki Gil

Album: Hear My Heart | Style: Pop Ballad

If you ever want to express gratitude to people, especially your family and loved ones, this song is a perfect dedication. It clearly illustrates how a person, if pushed and supported appropriately, could glow from the inside. If you happen to be just as grateful, you’ll surely find this song the best on this list.

6. “Glow in the Dark” by The Wanted

Album: Word of Mouth | Style: Pop

This upbeat pop ballad expresses the joy of being alive and the excitement of having a positive energy toward love. It talks of a guy finding a girl whom he regarded to have stood out of the crown like a glow-in-the-dark. You, too, will be stuck with the progression of the song as you listen to it.  

5. “Glow” by Kelly Clarkson

Album: Meaning of Life | Style: Pop/Soul

This song is best sung during the Christmas season as its lyrics speak so much of a Christmas feel. The persona in the song is comparing her loved one to something that glows even brighter than Christmas. This is a song that echoes so much admiration for a person. So, if you want to make someone feel so special, this song’s a perfect sing-a-long.

4. “Glowing” by A Great Big World

Album: Is There Anybody Out There? | Style: Pop

The single piano accompaniment in the background adds up to the strong emotions conveyed in the song. It talks about letting yourself glow even in the darkest moments of your life. It delivers a heartfelt proclamation of one’s determination to conquer every challenge in life because he’s got love to keep him going. This song’s such an honest affirmation to focus on love during the most difficult times of your life.

3. “Glowing” by Nikki Williams

Album: N/A (Single) | Style: Pop

Known for its upbeat melody, this song embraces the gratefulness of having someone who appreciates your worth and keeps you in their heart as if you are glowing in the dark. It evokes a variety of feelings like liveliness, positivity, and freedom. Embrace your joys and let you shine brightly upon other’s dark hours.

2. “Feelin’ That Glow” by Roberta Flack

Album: Feel Like Makin’ Love | Style: R&B

The sultry vocals of this song conveyed a message that falling in love can be a source of joy, warmth, and inner glow. The magic glow evoked in the lyrics of the song can also be felt by its listeners as the transformative power of its musical transpires throughout the song.

1. “Glowing in the Dark” by The Girl and the Dreamcatcher

Album: Negatives (EP) | Style: Pop/Electropop

The magic of love and finding new romances can be an exhilarating experience. This song captures that magic and excitement through its vocals and melodies. The “glow in the dark” is a metaphor for a love that could light up and brighten even your darkest moments. This song is all these and more.

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