21 Songs About Grandchildren (2023)

Even though sometimes they don’t physically see each other all the time, grandparents will always leave a special space in their hearts for their grandchildren. Grandparents’ love for their grandchildren is limitless. It reflects on every Christmas gift they send, every meal they cook, and even parents can attest to that. Let’s listen to these 21 best songs about grandchildren.

21. Song For My Grandchildren — Papo Lucca

Genre: Musica tropicale

Album: Latin Jazz (1993)

“Song For My Grandchildren” is an instrumental song by Puerto Rican multi-instrumentalist Papo Lucca. Papo Lucca is known for his unique perspective on salsa. Although the song did not have any lyrics, its vibrant and animated arrangement makes it great music for a grandfather and grandchildren to dance to.

20. Monument in Green — Big Head Todd and the Monsters

Genres: Rock, Folk

Album: Midnight Radio (1990)

“Monument in Green” is a country song by Big Head Todd and the Monsters about the life of a cowboy who helped build his town. Although cowboy’s are often portrayed as happily living in the green country, the song revealed they often need not just their shovels but their guns. not to mention the back-breaking labor they undergo every day. This particular cowboy has helped build churches and cities and has created a legacy for many of his generations to come.

19. When I’m Sixty-Four — The Beatles

Genres: Rock

Album: Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (1967)

“When I’m Sixty-Four is a rock song by The Beatles about a couple’s reaffirmation of their everlasting love. The song starts with a young man questioning his lover if she would still love her in their retirement. The song’s lyrics also recounted many small things she has done for him, which he hopes she doesn’t get tired of. 

18. Child of My Child — Jennifer Gaffney

Genre: Sacred music

“Child of My Child” by Jennifer Gaffney is an emotional prayer song about a grandparent’s intercession for her grandchildren. They say the love of a grandparent is different than a parent’s. It’s a debate about which is more passionate, but this song echoes what a grandparent is willing to go through—or pray through.

17. Pissin’ in the Wind — Jerry Jeff Walker

Genre: Country

Album: Ridin’ High (1975)

“Pissin’ in The Wind” is a country song by Jerry Jeff Walker about the vivacious life of a cowboy. Rough and ragged—that’s what it was like to be a cowboy. Yes, they bet on their friends. But this grandpa made it known to his grandchildren that they shouldn’t bet on a losing friend because it’s a fruitless effort.

16. Dreaming Fields — Trisha Yearwood

Genre: Country music

Album: Heaven, Heartache and the Power of Love (2007)

“Dreaming Fields” is a country song by Trisha Yearwood about a grandchild reminiscing her childhood in her grandfather’s land in the West. In the song, she described the fields as the place where she witnessed her grandfather work through sweat, rain, and tears. The farming business isn’t about profit, it’s just about breaking even. Unfortunately, she tells the best way to profit from land is to sell it.

15. ’39 — Queen

Genres: Pop rock, Progressive rock, Alternative/Indie, Folk music, Skiffle, Pop, Rock

Album: A Night at the Opera (1975)

“’39” by Queen is a rock song about a volunteer astronaut who has traveled the galaxy at light speed, only to find out he only aged for a year. Unfortunately, this anti-aging phenomenon didn’t apply to his friends and families as well. Now he has to suffer alone and lonely.

14. Easy Listening — Steve Taylor

Genres: Alternative/Indie, Rock

Album: Squint (1993)

“Easy Listening” is a rock song by Steve Taylor about an old, wealthy grandfather who told stories about the past. He told his grandchildren how he got his pockets full of cash by giving favors to the rich and powerful and setting up towers. 

13. Grandpa (Tell Me ‘Bout The Good Old Days) — The Judds

Genre: Country

Album: Hampton Virginia 1985

“Grandpa (Tell Me ‘Bout The Good Old Days)” by The Judds is a country song that symbolizes the voice of the young generation. The song depicts a young girl asking his grandfather to take her back to the days when morality was black and white, and everyone was sure which was right or wrong. 

12. Little Peanut — Nancy Stewart

Genre: Children’s Music

Album: Songs for My Grandchildren (2019)

“Little Peanut” by Nancy Stewart is a fun children’s song about a grandmother calling her grandkid a peanut, which is a cute endearment for cute babies. The song proceeds to tell the baby how hard the mother went through to keep both of them healthy when he was still a size of a peanut in her womb.

11. The Cajun Queen — Jimmy Dean

Genre: Singer-Songwriter

Vinyl Record: To A Sleeping Beauty / The Cajun Queen (1962)

“The Cajun Queen” by Jimmy Dean is a song about a power couple who successfully got through a life-endangering situation. The song tells a story of a woman who called herself ‘The Cajun Queen’. She saved the love of her life from the mines and gave him strength to survive.

10. Looking After Us — Aster & the X Band

Genre: Country

Album: Homesick Drifter (2019)

“Looking After Us” is a country song by Aster & the X Band about her grandmother. The song comprises all the vivid memories he had of his grandmother when she was taking care of them. It is a fun but emotional song to commemorate and celebrate her life, even after she’s gone.

9. Holify — PHOAC

Genre: Pop

Album: Holify

“Holify” by PHOAC is a song that gives us a glimpse of a mind of a disturbing man. The song describes a man who has been through tough times, including watching his loved ones die. This man has also been suffering from depression and suicidal thoughts. The man cries to be ‘holified’, which means to be pure and faultless.

8. Nine Little Grandkids — Bill Thwing

Genre: Singer-Songwriter

Album: All That I Ask (2022)

“Nine Little Grandkids” by Bill Thwing is a description of all his nine grandchildren, including their strengths and highest points. The song tells us that he thinks highly of all his grandchildren. Interestingly, he calls his children nine mighty oaks. 

7. Something Left to Give — The Starting Line

Genre: Pop-punk, Rock

Album: Direction (2007)

“Something Left to Give” is a rock song by The Starting Line about a dreamy man who believed luck is on his side. He believed he has a bright future ahead of him, and opportunities waiting for him. He plans to seize them, take what’s his, a nd give back to his children and grandchildren. 

6. As — Stevie Wonder

Genres: R&B/Soul, Children’s Music

Album: Songs in the Key of Life (1976)

“As” by Stevie Wonder is a song about a man declaring his love for his lover always and until the end of time. The song proceeds with a promise to always the truth with love and that their love will be retold by their children and grandchildren even long after they are gone.

5. Grandpa Told Me So — Kenny Chesney

Genre: Country

Album: All I Need to Know (1995)

“Grandpa Told Me So” by Kenny Chesney is a country song about a man’s memory of how his grandfather trained him to be a cowboy. In the West, being a cowboy is fun but you also have to be brave. The man reminisces how his grandfather was with him most of his life—from the time he first learned to swim up to when he got his first car. 

4. I’m My Own Grandpa — Willie Nelson

Genres: Folk, Country

Album: Rainbow Connection (2001)

“I’m My Own Grandpa” is a country song by Willie Nelson about a weird family dynamic he got into when he married a widow with a grown-up daughter. Unfortunately, the grown-up daughter made it complicated when his father married her.

3. Nan’s Song — Robbie Williams

Genres: Pop, Rock

Album: Escapology (2002)

“Nan’s Song” by Robbie Williams is a song about a sweet goodbye of a grandson to his grandmother. The verse of the song starts with his grandmother promising to walk her every day when she dies. The song is a grandchild’s expression of how much he misses her grandmother.

2. Four Leaf Clover — Bending Rodriguez

Genre: Folk, Rock

“Four Leaf Clover” by Bending Rodriguez is a song about a disheartened man who thought he lost everything when he met his wife. The man did not have any family left, no actual purpose, and started doubting God. At the right time, he met the mother of his children who gave him a wonderful life. He get to watch his daughter get married and eventually met his grandchildren.

1. Gravedigger — Dave Matthews

Genres: Alternative/Indie, Pop, Rock

Album: Some Devil (2003)

“Gravedigger” by Dave Matthews is a song about gravediggers. The song proceeds to tell the story of different people who have been resting in their graves. The song reminds us to make the most of our time, live our lives to the fullest, and enjoy every little moment because even the dead would ask a gravedigger to let him feel the rain for a moment.

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