21 Songs About Green Eyes (2023)

People often say that a person’s eyes are the window to their soul because they reveal their true feelings. Additionally, each individual possesses a stunningly beautiful set of eyes of their own. So it should come as no surprise that a person’s eyes are often cited as one of their most attractive features.

In accordance with that, there are various eye colors, with green being one of the rarest. This unique quality inspired musicians to create a song about it. The best songs about green eyes are listed below, ranging from slow to upbeat music.

21. Green Eyes — Coldplay

A song from Coldplay’s A Rush of Blood to the Head album will be our welcome track. It is “Green Eyes,” which came out in 2002. This alternate rock’s melody is slow and calming. It has a haunting aura that will make you feel sentimental. The lyrics are an ode to someone whom he considers his “rock” and “sea,” upon which he stands and floats. “Green Eyes” is the perfect song to dedicate to your special one.

20. Big Green Eyes — Alan Jackson

The classic country song “Big Green Eyes” is sung by the great Alan Jackson. It belongs to his Freight Train album. Listening to this song will really hit home, as it has a well-balanced tempo and melody. “Big Green Eyes” is a love song about a woman he loves, whom he describes as having “big green eyes brighter than the bluest sky.”

19. Green Eyes — Jimmy Dorsey and Tommy Dorsey & His Orchestra

Phenomenal artists Jimmy Dorsey and Tommy Dorsey & His Orchestra performed a song together called “Green Eyes.” The vintage mood of this song is so appealing to the ears. Helen O’Connell is also featured, and her contribution to the song’s jazz-influenced musicality is both beautiful and undeniably essential to its overall appeal.

18. Green-Eyed Lady — Sugarloaf

Get ready to jam to “Green-Eyes Lady” by the band Sugarloaf. It’s from the band’s self-titled album and fits the rock and blues categories. Their skill for playing instruments, which will surely leave you in awe, was showcased in the first minute and in the middle of the song. It was released in 1970, so it has the naivete and serenity of that time period’s music.

17. Green Eyes — Arlo Parks

Our next song about green eyes is a soul track released by Arlo Parks on the album Collapsed in Sunbeams. It is called “Green Eyes,” and it features the British musician’s stunning vocals. The song’s instrumentation is composed of fast yet light drum beats, slow piano chords, and minimal guitar riffs. It is a fresh track that will uplift your mood in no time!

16. Green Eyes — Kate Wolf

Kate Wolf’s album Give Yourself To Love: Recorded Live In Concert, Vol.1 & 2 (Live) includes a song titled “Green Eyes.” This song is so calming, as if someone is gently brushing their fingers through your hair, lulling you to sleep. “Green Eyes” is a mesmerizing folk masterpiece from 1983 that you have to listen to.

15. Green Eyes —Uncle Chris

If you are into jazz music, then Uncle Chris’ “Green Eyes” is something you’ve got to listen to! The lyrics of this song start with the line:But those green eyes, they don’t lie, and you’re giving me some mean butterflies” is about a woman who is nervous about expressing her feelings to someone. This title track has an inviting and relaxing atmosphere that you’ll want to feel over and over.

14. Green Eyes, Pt. II — Rex Orange County

“Green Eyes, Pt. II” is an interesting song by Rex Orange County. In the opening minute of the song, a simple rhythm plays behind a voice telling a story about a girl with green eyes who he hopes will notice him. This inviting indie pop tune was released in 2015 on the album Bcos U Will Never B Free.

13. Pink Hair, Green Eyes — Balcony

The human eye is particularly drawn to pink and green. In the song “Pink Hair, Green Eyes,” performed by the band Balcony, he recalls a time he saw a woman who caught his eye, saying,

Did I see a mermaid in the crowd?
Pink hair, green eyes light up, drives me wild

“Pink Hair, Green Eyes” has a chill vibe that will make you imagine driving around town and enjoying the wind with your windows down.

12. Emerald Eyes — Fleetwood Mac

Fleetwood Mac is a rock band based in London. They have a song titled “Emerald Eyes,” which can be found in Mystery to Me. This song from 1973 features a catchy rock melody that will take you back in time. If you enjoy laid-back, classic music, this is a must-have for your collection.

11. Green Eyed Girl — Sunset Starlight

We are now halfway through our green-eye-themed songs. We present Sunset Starlight’sGreen Eyed Girl.” This indie pop is a kind of title track that is a great choice if you are looking for a track that will ease your mind and just make you enjoy music. The lyrics revolve around a green-eyed woman he fell in love with and all her positive traits.

10. Green Eyed Love — Mayer Hawthorne

We’re going to add the R&B tune “Green Eyed Love” to our playlist. Mayer Hawthorne included it on his album A Strange Arrangement, released in 2009. The song “Green Eyed Love” has a beautiful, lyrical melody with a slow progression and a basic backing track. He sings about wanting to run away with his “green-eyed love” and forget about the troubles of the world.

9. Green Eyes — Jimmy Dorsey & His Orchestra

In 1946, a timeless classic from Jimmy Dorsey & His Orchestra’s album Latin American Favorites is titled “Green Eyes.” At the beginning of the song, it makes a nice lullaby, washing away your worries and giving you peace from within, and after a few minutes, it will transition to a jazz style that will make you want to dance in the middle of the ballroom.

8. Wonderland — Taylor Swift

“Wonderland” is a song written and performed by Taylor Swift. It is part of her mega-hit album, 1989. Her words are creatively written and will indeed take you to Wonderland. Some lines in the lyrics go: 

Didn’t they tell us, don’t rush into things?
Didn’t you flash your green eyes at me?

A lot of music lovers believe that this song is an underrated track among her hundreds of songs.

7. Pretty Green Eyes — Ultrabeat

The British band Ultrabeat has made a name for themselves in the world of electronic dance music. The similarly styled “Pretty Green Eyes” can be found on the album titled Ultrabeat: The Album. The song’s catchy beat will get you up and moving at various points, but it can also serve as a soothing balm and make you fall in love with it. The song is about a woman with green eyes who he finds very attractive.

6. Green Eyes — Barry Manilow

An orchestra performance led by artist Barry Manilow is up next. “Green Eyes” is like a gentle breeze that will give you shivers in a romantic way. He also features The Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra with Rosemary Clooney in this 1994 classic ballad. You can find this track on Barry’s album called Singin’ with the Big Bands.

5. Green Eyes Blue — Randall King

Randall King dropped a new single titled “Green Eyes Blue” on the album of the same name this year. He describes a woman who caught his attention and turned his life around. He also repeats how he hates “to make those green eyes blue,” which goes to show how he loves her green eyes just the way they are. There’s nothing sweeter than starting your day with this country piece.

4. Her Eyes Turn Green — Josh Abbott Band

Josh Abbott Band is a country band that released the song “Her Eyes Turn Green” on their album titled Scapegoat. The balance of the lyrical tune and the instrumentation is perfect for the ears. “Her Eyes Turn Green” came out in 2008, and it follows a woman whose eyes turn green whenever she sheds a tear.

3. Green Eyed Boy — Dolly Parton

“Green Eyes Boy” is a groovy song by the popular country singer Dolly Parton. Her voice is as sweet as honey, and it will surely steal your heart. It is on her album Something Special. She tells a story about the first love of her life, a man with green eyes, whom she still thinks about often. It’s easy to unwind to this timeless tune.

2. Emerald Eyes — Anson Seabra

Songs I Wrote in My Bedroom is an album released by Anson Seabra in 2020 that features the song “Emerald Eyes.” The piano chords are easy on the ears and are paired with Anson Seabra’s flawless vocals as he sings about someone with emerald eyes whom he considers his “home.” “Emerald Eyes” is a mellow ballad that will give you sweet dreams before you close your eyes.

1. Green Eyes — Jake Scott

A romantic song by Jake Scott will be our final track on this collection of the best songs about green eyes. His album Live 2022 features this pop song titled “Green Eyes.” The combination of Jake Scott’s attractive voice and this song’s catchy tune sounds perfect and lovely, giving one a giddy feeling. It is a fresh release for 2023 and is one that you’ll want to always listen to.

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