21 Songs About Haircuts (2023)

Getting a haircut is vital to everyone for a lot of reasons. It gives a considerable effect on a person’s emotional well-being. It has also the power to change the mood of a person and is a form of self-expression. Hairstyles had evolved over time but the music and songs that captured their substantial role in people’s lives continue too as timeless as ever.

Here are the 21 best songs about haircuts.

21. “Hairdresser on Fire” by Morrissey

Album: Bona Drag (Compilation album) | Style: Alternative rock, Indie pop

Released in 1988, this song describes a busy hairdresser in its lyrics. The drumbeat grooves of this song make it a perfect music background in a hairdressing salon. It could uplift the hearts of a hairdresser and a client. If you have known some dedicated hairdressers in your life, you could easily relate to their struggles through this song.

20. “The Girl I Love She Got Long Black Wavy Hair” by Led Zeppelin

Album: BBC Sessions | Style: Hard rock

Sometimes, girls with long black wavy hair become the standard of beauty to most men. This song describes this quality in the woman that the persona loves, and it expresses how much this quality made him fall for her head over heels and seek her out again after a long while of being away from each other.

19. “I’m Gonna Wash That Man Right Outta My Hair” by Mitzi Gaynor

Album: South Pacific (Original Soundtrack) | Style: Pop / Musical

This classic musical theater song has a playful, jazzy feel that every girl would be able to relate to and sing along with. The song tells us how women should treat men who don’t fit to her standards. Washing a man out of her hair means canceling him out from his life and her dreams. Women’s empowerment is very much evident in this song.

18. “Can U Keep a Secret” by De La Soul

Album: Buhloone Mindstate | Style: Hip hop, Jazz rap

The whispering style of this song will make its listeners whisper as well. At first, you may find the song outrageously funny especially the mention of dandruff and the undeniable realities of hair hygiene. But metaphorically, this song is a clever wordplay of the importance of keeping undesirable secrets about someone. The playful lyrics of the song are a unique style that you cannot find in most modern songs.

17. “Haircut Economics” by Hot Hot Heat

Album: Future Breeds | Style: Indie rock

This is another song that uses clever wordplay to describe a much deeper political and social issue.  There is also a cynical message in the song which makes it even more controversial to listen to. Despite all these, the song has an overall message that could convince its listeners to take action and empower a positive change to the issues that the song is commenting on.

16. “Cute Boys With Short Haircuts” by Anneliese van der Pol

Album: Stand Alone | Style: Pop

Indeed, cute boys with short haircuts extinguish a unique charisma to most girls. In this song, the singer is describing she fell in love with someone of the exact quality only to be ditched for someone else. From that day on, she learned not to trust and fall again for cute boys with short haircuts. This song tends to connote a general idea that boys with short haircuts are those who seem to be high and mighty enough to break a woman’s heart.

15. “San Francisco” by Scott McKenzie

Album: The Voice of Scott McKenzie | Style: Folk rock

This song celebrates a symbol of cultural shift, freedom, and independence. The call of the singer to go to San Francisco with flowers in her hair is a manifestation that the place is somewhere you can act carefree and love freely. The folksy vibe in the song evokes a feeling of nostalgia, relaxation, and simple desires.

14. “Black Is the Color of My True Love’s Hair” by Nina Simone

Album: Wild Is the Wind | Style: Jazz, Folk

Having black hair connotes a lot of meaning, physically, emotionally, and psychologically.  Black hair is often related to black people who were often discriminated against by the blonds. However, in color psychology, black symbolizes power and sophistication. Emotionally though, black symbolizes anger and sadness. All these elements were combined in this jazzy masterpiece.

13. “Hair” by Larry Graham

Album: Graham Central Station | Style: Funk, Soul

The sole message of the song is to never judge someone by the kind of hair he wears. This song is not just a celebration of beauty, but also of unique individuality. It calls out freedom and self-identity which are often neglected in today’s modern society. Overall, the song is uplifting to whoever listens to it.

12. “Hair” by Lady Gaga

Album: Born This Way | Style: Dance-pop

Lady Gaga used their hair as a representation of freedom and self-identity throughout the song. It emphasizes how she is her expression of her inner self and whole being. The part of the song where she wishes to die as free as her hair is very much touching. Teenagers who are struggling to be free to be who they really are could relate so much to this song.

11. “Flowers in Your Hair” by The Lumineers

Album: The Lumineers | Style: Folk

In Hawaiian culture, flowers in your hair may mean that a woman is currently married. The song exactly describes the same thought because it talks about a couple who grew up loving each other until their old age. This song is a culmination of love so hopeful and lasting.

10. “Sister Golden Hair” by America

Album: Hearts | Style: Soft rock

This soft rock ballad is a story of a man struggling to commit to a serious relationship with a woman. Regardless, the singer wants to tell her that he really loves her and wants to seek her love too. The song’s part where he wants her to meet him halfway is proof of that desire.

9. “Emotional Haircut” by LCD Soundsystem

Album: American Dream | Style: Post-punk revival

The song offers weirdness and brutal honesty. It explores a vast idea of anxieties, doubts, and unease. The idea of having an emotional haircut is parallel to being overwhelmed by the pressures in life and the emotions that go along with it. Sometimes, we cannot help to have an emotional haircut as well, which is why this song is a thought-provoking piece to most people.

8. “Don’t Want No Foo‐Foo Haircut on My Head” by Mojo Nixon

Album: Root Hog or Die | Style: Rock

Are you someone who tends to consider having a trendy haircut without minding whether it would suit you well or not? This song will make you think otherwise and reconsider. It pokes fun at the idea that some hairstyles are disdainful and senseless. The overall message of the song, however, is to call attention to its listeners not to make haircuts and hairstyles so much of a big deal when judging a person.

7. “Haircut” by Har Mar Superstar

Album: Best Summer Ever | Style: Pop/R&B

Released in 2016, the catchy tune of this song is easy to sing along with. It talks about getting a new haircut and enjoying the hustles and bustles of city life. Hearing this song played from your playlist would give you the confidence to celebrate self-love and self-expression.

6. “Almost Cut My Hair” by Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young

Album: Déjà Vu | Style: Folk Rock

There is an evident feeling of distress in this song. To “cut the hair” means to conform to what is expected from your society. But in this song, it is emphasized to never “give an inch to fear” and just continue to be yourself, no matter how you want to have your hair on.

5. “Cut My Hair” by The Who

Album: Quadrophenia | Style: Rock

This song will remind you of High School days and teenage blues. It reminds us of those teens having an identity crisis. The song depicts the inner struggle of a person to blend with the norm despite knowing within him that the norm isn’t his norm. This song makes its listeners open-minded to the existence and harsh realities of this crisis.

4. “Devils Haircut” by Beck

Album: Odelay | Style: Rock

A devil’s haircut could be a metaphor for the vain evils, a bad haircut, or a difficult situation. Released in 1996, this song evokes a cryptic and abstract message about the difficulties of the modern world. The fast-paced rhythm of this song delivers a frenzy of energy and a sense of chaos.

3. “I Am Not My Hair” by India.Arie Simpson

Album: Testimony: Vol. 1, Life & Relationship | Style: Neo-soul, R&B

Originally, this song was written in tribute to people who lost their hair due to cancer. However, because of the universality of its message, it becomes relatable to almost everyone who, in one way or another, had been a victim of society’s idealistic judgment of physical beauty. 

2. “The Haircut Song” by Ray Stevens

Album: I Have Returned | Style: Comedy, Country

The wittiness in the lyrics of this song paints a smile on every listener’s face. It describes a disastrous experience of getting bad haircuts from barbers you are not familiar with. A lot of people can relate to the self-conscious feeling of having a new look, quite different from what they used to have since little. In the end, this song teaches us about acceptance of new looks and new experiences.

1. “Cut Your Hair” by Pavement

Album: Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain | Style: Indie rock

Cutting one’s hair could be an expression of ultimate defiance. The song describes the pressure in the music industry, but it can be related to other work industries in general. It encourages listeners to not be manipulated by these tensions and demands, but rather to remain who you really are as an artist and as a person. 

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