21 Songs About Heroes (2023)

Since childhood, heroes are entities that are looked upon. In a child’s eyes, a hero is an ultimate lifesaver. However, as we grow older and face the chaos of life, we learned to believe that heroes are not always people in fancy costumes and capes. In fact, they are the people with their own flaws and bruises trying to save us from ours. No matter who your real-life hero is, these songs about heroes will pay tribute to their unquantifiable heroism.

21. “Somebody’s Hero” by Jamie O’Neal

Album: Brave | Style: Country

This is an ideal song to devote to mothers. As simple as she is, she will always be a hero to her beloved children. The song’s expressive emotional touch connects with every motherly love in the world as much as it echoes the love of every son or daughter.

20. “Hero” by Chad Kroeger

Album: Spider-Man Soundtrack | Style: Rock

Spiderman fans will be quite familiar with this song as it is part of its soundtrack. The song describes the persona of Spiderman himself – a hero of selfless actions – and his endeavors against the evils of the world. Overall, the song calls out to its listeners as well as Spiderman fans not to rely on superhuman powers but to become heroes themselves instead.

19. “Wind Beneath My Wings” by Bette Midler

Album: Beaches Soundtrack | Style: Pop

This song is one of the most expressive songs that you could honor to a friend, a lover, a husband, or a wife whom you consider part of your success story. The title of the song is a representation of a person who gave plenty of help and inspiration to achieve her goals in life. Indeed, nobody is an island, and that is why, there will always be someone whom we owe our glories to.

18. “Something Just Like This” by Coldplay

Album: Memories…Do Not Open | Style: Pop, Electronic

Since its release in 2017, this song continued to be a popular inclusion to music playlists. The youthful approach combined with its upbeat music makes it easy for listeners to memorize the lyrics and sing along with its tune. It enumerates the typical heroes that someone may dream of having a relationship with. However, it is made clear in the song that the persona doesn’t need a hero figure, but rather, just someone he can turn to and someone he can kiss. Simplicity is still beauty, so they say.

17. “Kryptonite” by 3 Doors Down

Album: The Better Life | Style: Alternative rock

In the movie Superman, kryptonite is something that weakens the hero. In this song, the persona ironically considers someone as his kryptonite, at the same time his source of strength. The song is full of hope and encouragement as the persona compares the support of a loved one to a superhero power. This timeless rock song continues to offer comfort through its message of love and endurance.

16. “Everyday Superhero” by Smash Mouth

Album: Magic | Style: Pop rock

Everyone, from ordinary mothers to typical law enforcers, could relate to the message evoked in this song. This honors the people essential to our daily lives. It also compliments the simple acts of kindness, love, and sacrifice they give to build this world into a better and safer place to reside in. As you heed to this song, you cannot help but be thankful to all the people who happen to be a part of who you are now.

15. “My Hero” by Foo Fighters

Album: The Colour and the Shape | Style: Alternative rock

This song is another dedication to the unsung heroes in our lives. It is evident in the song’s lyrics that the hero being referred to is not someone with superhuman powers. Rather, it is someone whom the persona of the song can count on and rely on when he is at his worst times. Heroism has indeed numerous faces and stories. It just depends on a person’s perspective.

14. “Hero/Heroine” by Boys Like Girls

Album: Boys Like Girls | Style: Pop rock, power pop

This song captures the turbulent current of emotions and decision-making of a person who cannot decide whether to follow his heart or not. The overall message of the song centers on taking chances and breaking boundaries to make way for love. The song’s surreal illustration of its love spikes up curiosity and fun among its listeners.

13. “Angels” by Chance the Rapper

Album: Coloring Book | Style: Hip-hop rap

The song plays on the concept of having a guardian angel or a hero that guards him. However, this so-called angel doesn’t have superpowers because he is just an ordinary human doing extraordinary efforts to help him. How great it could be to have someone to fight your battles with.

12. “Superman” by Eminem

Album: The Eminem Show | Style: Hip-hop

Contrary to its title, this song is not about heroic acts. The term “Superman” is a personification of the unrealistic expectations of a love affair, especially relationships grounded on one-night stands and hookups. The persona in the song is called a “Superman” which equates to being a knight in shining armor, but he acknowledges that he is not and all he wants is just to get them laid and nothing more. Frankly, this song has a bold message, but fans couldn’t disagree with it because these circumstances really happen in real-life settings.

11. “Superhero” by Jane’s Addiction

Album: The Great Escape Artist | Style: Alternative rock

The song encapsulates the emotions embodied when falling deeply in love. It talks about wanting to be a superhero to someone you love. Most of the lines in the song speak deeply of how a superhero protects a loved one. How nice it would be to finally find someone who is willing to be your shield and armor!

10. “Batman & Robin” by RBX

Album: The RBX Files | Style: West Coast hip hop

Inspired by the iconic heroes of Gotham City, Batman and Robin, this song is about triumphs against all the challenges there are in life. In the song, Batman symbolizes power and strength, while Robin symbolizes support and companionship. However, the aggressive delivery of the song creates an eerie and ominous atmosphere to the overall mood of the song.

9. “Superheroes” by The Script

Album: No Sound Without Silence | Style: Pop rock

To all the fathers in the world who continually hid the pain of their everyday struggles to their families, this song is a tribute to them. The song describes a father’s love and sacrifice for his child. The music video adds up to the emotional touch of the song making you teary-eyed as you watch and listen to the song. Indeed, fathers are superheroes with no capes and superhuman powers!

8. “Wonder Woman” by Lion Babe

Album: Cosmic Wind | Style: R&B, soul

Female strength and feminine power are very much evident in this song. It pays homage to Wonder Woman, the iconic superhero that features the independence, strength, and resilience of women from all walks of life. Its lyrics are empowering, and every woman would most likely think of themselves as Wonder Woman, too.

7. “Hero” by Weezer

Album: Van Weezer | Style: Alternative rock

Everybody could relate to the song because, at one point in our childhood days, we dreamed of being a hero in a cape saving the world. As this song reflects on this same dream of the persona, it flips to a feeling of uncertainty and not wanting to play hero anymore. This song suggests that we must be resolved with who we truly are, with all the flaws and cowardice in us, and embrace our uniqueness.

6. “Waitin’ for a Superman” by The Flaming Lips

Album: The Soft Bulletin | Style: Indie rock, alternative rock

This song is an emotional piece that describes how life is getting harder to bear because of the responsibilities piling up.  It is also about feeling lost and helpless that you just want to wait for Superman to come and save you from your current turmoil. The ethereal quality of this song evokes a sense of sorrow and longing.

5. “Heroes (We Could Be)” by Alesso

Album: Forever | Style: Progressive House, Electronic Dance Music (EDM)

There is power in unity and that idea is drawn out in this song. It expresses the thought that we could be heroes in our ways. Also, at times when you face life’s battles, you can draw strength from others being the hero that they are. This song reminds its listeners to always be the heroes they could be!

4. “Not All Heroes Wear Capes” by Adam Young

Album: Cinematic | Style: Pop

The song acknowledges the impactful role that fathers have in their children’s lives. This song is an ode to fathers whom the persona looks up to for all the subtleties in him. The lines in the song portray a picture of a devoted father who gives unselfishly and pushes them to be brave and follow their aspirations. This could be one of the best songs for a Father’s Day playlist.

3. “Hero” by Enrique Iglesias

Album: Escape | Style: Pop, Latin pop

This cheesy, classic song is the kind that would make you slow dance with your lover on a prom night. It tells of an immeasurable kind of love and a promise to be a hero who kisses away the pains of his loved one. The memorable chorus and powerful message of the song will never cease to touch the hearts of its avid listeners.

2. “Superman (It’s Not Easy)” by Five for Fighting

Album: America Town | Style: Alternative Rock/Adult Alternative

Using Superman in the song is a naive way to convey the message that we are all burdened to live up to the expectations of society. It highlights the emotional toll that comes along with the pressures set by people around us. As the persona in the song speaks about the overwhelming demands in his life, he reminds the world that he is not invincible like Superman and that he is just an ordinary man like you and me.

1. “Hero” by Mariah Carey

Album: Music Box | Style: Pop ballad

This emotional ballad is a powerful message to its listeners and fans to find the hero within yourself. The real hero lies in you. No matter how hopeless life may seem and however you come to the verge of giving up, you must remember to find your own strength because deep down inside, you are the real hero of your life.

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