21 Songs About Hollywood (2023)

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when the word ‘Hollywood’ is mentioned? For sure, you will be thinking of prestige, elegance, wealth, and fancy life. You’re not wrong. All of this is Hollywood and more! Let’s find out what these artists think of it.

Here are the 21 best songs about Hollywood.

21. Hollywood — Madonna

Genre: Pop

Album: American Life (2003)

“Hollywood” is a song by American singer Madonna. She was dubbed as the “Queen of Pop,” for a good reason. The song has won multiple music awards since the ’80s. In this song, Madonna described fame in Hollywood as the most sought-after prestige in the world.

20. Hollywood Swinging — Kool & The Gang

Genre: Funk

Album: Timeless Soul: Kool & The Gang (2011)

“Hollywood Swinging” is a 1974 song by R&B/funk band Kool & the Gang. The song is about a man who came to the theatre to watch the Kool & The Gang. Many perceive this song as a dance because of its cool, fun, and funky beat.


19. Say Goodbye to Hollywood — Billy Joel

Genres: Pop rock, Rock

Album: Turnstiles (1976)

“Say Goodbye to Hollywood” is a rock song by Billy Joel about the volatility of relationships in the Hollywood industry. Many people think Hollywood relationships are temporary and fleeting and Billy Joel can attest to that. In this song, he describes how people came in and out of his life.


18. Lost in Hollywood — System of a Down

Genres: Progressive metal, Hard Rock

Album: Mesmeriza (2005)

“Lost in Hollywood” is a song by rock band System of a Down about the dark side of Hollywood. According to the song’s lyrics, you cannot trust anyone from Hollywood because you can find people who seem kind and gentle from the outside but are wicked.


17. Hollywood Nights — Bob Seger

Genre: Rock

Album: Stranger in Town (1978)

“Hollywood Nights” by Bob Seger is a song about a man who falls in love with a woman in Hollywood. The song describes a perfect, romantic night with a hint of a little sexual encounter above all the big city lights. According to Bob Seger, a woman with skills and a beautiful face will get her way no matter what.

16. Welcome To The Jungle — Guns N’ Roses

Genres: Hard rock, Glam metal, Metal, Pop, Rock

Album: Appetite for Destruction (1987)

“Welcome To The Jungle” by Guns N’ Roses is a rock song about Hollywood, which he calls the jungle. The song’s lyrics explain the reason for this. When men come to Hollywood, they forget who they are and give in to their animalistic desires and urges. And if you have the money, you will get whatever dark desires you wish for.

15. Celebrity Skin — Hole

Genres: Alternative rock, Pop rock, Power pop, Post-grunge, Indie pop

Album: Celebrity Skin (1998)

“Celebrity Skin” by Hole is a rock song about the sick side of Hollywood. The title of the song was derived from a controversial Hollywood magazine that prints stolen and unauthorized nude photos of Hollywood stars. The song ends with the line, “I’m not selling cheap.”

14. Hollywood — Michael Bublé

Genres: Pop, German Pop, Jazz

Album: Crazy Love (2010)

“Hollywood” is a controversial song by Michael Bublé where he describes the downsides of getting famous. The main theme of the song revolves around one question–Would you be willing to sacrifice everything you have for fame? It gives us a glimpse of celebrity culture that starts with teenage stars.

13. Glamorous — Fergie

Genres: Pop, UK R&B, Hip-Hop/Rap

Album: The Dutchess (2006)

“Glamorous” by Fergie is a pop song about what it’s like to party in Hollywood. Parties aren’t just about having fun with alcoholic drinks, dancing, or meeting new people. The party starts in their closets when they’re picking sparkly dresses and glamorous jewelry. It’s every woman’s dream come true.

12. Hollywood Tonight — Michael Jackson

Genre: Dance Pop

Album: Michael (2010)

“Hollywood Tonight” by Michael Jackson is a pop song about a woman getting ready for Hollywood. The song starts with the details every woman in Hollywood goes through–lipsticks, Tahitian tan, painted jeans, and a new name. These efforts are all for one thing, which is to pursue her dream.

11. Hollywood’s Bleeding — Post Malone

Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap

Album: Hollywood’s Bleeding (2019)

“Hollywood’s Bleeding” is a hip-hop song by Post Malone that talks about a powerful temptation called Hollywood. Unfortunately, even though there are dark sides to Hollywood, many people are still willing to make that sacrifice to get to the top.


10. Hollywood — Lewis Capaldi

Genre: Genres: Pop music, Blue-eyed soul

Album: Divinely Uninspired to a Hellish Extent (2019)

“Hollywood” is a song by Lewis Capaldi is a song about a love-sick man, longing for a woman he left for Hollywood. During his time in Hollywood, he concludes nothing is better than his previous relationship. He contemplates going back to her and starting over again. 


9. Hollywood Whore — Machine Gun Kelly

Genre: Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap

Album: Hotel Diablo (2019)

“Hollywood Whore” by Machine Gun Kelly is a hip-hop song about getting betrayed and manipulated. MGK explains in his song that he was rapping for an unnamed rapper when he felt his art was violated in Hollywood. Thus, the title. In this song, he proclaims he will never trust someone else again.


8. Little Hollywood Girl — The Everly Brothers

Genres: Alternative/Indie, Children’s Music, Pop, Holiday, Folk

Album: The New Album (1977)

“Little Hollywood Girl” is a song by The Everly Brothers about the struggle of women in Hollywood. As a woman who was just starting her career, the wait for a producer’s call can be excruciating. Auditions can be disheartening, especially when you get rejected. However, they comfort you with the fact that it’s okay to quit.

7. Celluloid Heroes — The Kinks

Genres: Rock, Folk

Album: Everybody’s in Show—Biz (1972)

“Celluloid Heroes” is a song by the folk/rock band The Kinks about the Hollywood district. The song paints a picture of what it’s like to walk on Hollywood Boulevard, where each star has a name of a celebrity. In the bigger picture, everyone seems to be living a fabulous life. However, if you look closely, everyone is suffering from pain in one way or another.

6. Paparazzi — Lady Gaga

Genres: Alternative/Indie, R&B/Soul, Ambient, Dance/Electronic, Pop, UK R&B, Halloween music, Hip-Hop/Rap, Rock, Tropipop

Album: The Fame (2008)

“Paparazzi” by  Lady Gaga is a song about the paparazzi’s perspective versus the Hollywood stars they follow. It reveals the nature of the paparazzi that even though they are uncertain of the photo they have, they will find a way to create a malicious and thought-provoking story out of it.

5. Hollywood — LA Vision & Gigi D’Agostino

Genres: Dance/Electronic, Russian Dance

Album: Hollywood (New Mixes) (2020)

“Hollywood” by LA Vision & Gigi D’Agostino is a song about pursuing Hollywood and letting go of tomorrow’s worry. The talented LA Vision created a dance beat with deep lyrics that tell a story. The song is about an artist’s determination to run after her dreams.

4. Say Goodbye Hollywood — Eminem

Genres: Spoken Word, Hip-Hop/Rap

Album: The Eminem Show (2002)

“Say Goodbye Hollywood” is a rap by Eminem about the paradox of Hollywood. The rapper admitted in his song that he enjoys the fame and money he earned and worked for. On the other hand, he has conflicting feelings about his achievements. As it turns out, it’s not what gives him real happiness.


3. Hollywood — Gorillaz

Genre: Alternative/Indie, Funk, Synth-pop, Psychedelic pop

Album: The Now Now (2018)

“Hollywood” is a song by Gorillaz, featuring Snoop Dogg and Jamie Principle. The song is mainly about drugs, which shouldn’t be a surprise with Snoop Dogg’s name in it. However, these wonderful minds compared Hollywood with drugs, and jealousy with gunfire. The song’s lyrics mean jealousy can ruin your career in Hollywood.


2. King of Hollywood — Eagles

Genre: Rock

Album: The Long Run (1979)

“King of Hollywood” by the Eagles is a song about a man, most probably a producer or someone with a high position in the industry, who abuses women artists with his perverted ways. The lures them with a promise of fame, a nice apartment, and a car.


1. Trailer Park Hollywood — Yelawolf

Genres: Hip hop music, Southern hip hop, Rap rock

Album: Trunk Muzik III (2019)

“Trailer Park Hollywood” is a song by Yelawolf about a man who made it to Hollywood by composing rap songs from his dirty, old trailer car. If you’re wondering how he did it, go to the next verses and chorus. This man, it would seem, was Yelawolf himself.


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