21 Songs About Humility and Being Humble (2023)

Humility is one of the most important traits a person should have. Being humble gives you the chance to listen to and understand others better, thus being more compassionate toward them. There are a lot of ways to be humble, and plenty of songs about it have already been written, with Christian songs being the most popular.

In this post, we will explore the 21 best songs about humility and being humble. From gospel songs to pop songs, these tracks will surely inspire every listener to be the best version of themselves.

21. Fix My Eyes — KING & COUNTRY

We will begin our collection with a contemporary Christian song by the pop duo named KING & COUNTRY. It is the song “Fix My Eyes” from their 2014 album Run Wild. Live Free. Love Strong. Anyone who hears “Fix My Eyes” will fall in love with its captivating musical arrangement. The lines from the lyrics, “Love like I’m not scared. Give when it’s not fair. Live life for another. Take time for a brother” are things we can only do if we put aside our pride and be humble.

20. Bow The Knee — Chris Machen

Every listener’s heart will be touched by Chris Machen’s “Bow the Knee” due to his emotive vocals and the sincerity of the lyrics. This gospel song is from Chris Machen’s album God Is Able. It preaches the importance of kneeling before God and placing our trust in Him. This lovely composition gains a sentimental effect from the backing track, making it emotional and heartfelt.

19. Cry for Humility — Christ Our Life

For us to more clearly see God’s glory and to better reach others, it is critical that we as Christians put aside our pride and practice being humble. In their self-titled album, Christ Our Life presents the song “Cry for Humility.” The first verse goes like this:

Lord, I cry for humility
Crush the pride that has blinded me
Forgive my hidden faults and bring the fear of God
Until Your dread’s in me

It has a soothing melody and minimal instrumentation that will calm your soul and make you absorb every word in the lyrics.

18. Jesus, Meek, and Humble — Ben Walther

Ben Walther’s flawless vocals will put you in a relaxed state as he sings his song “Jesus, Meek, and Humble.” This Christian song can be found on his 2016 album named Ablaze. The lyrics are all about the good things Jesus has done and the goodness of who He is. Ben Walther recorded this stunning ballad with Sara Hart.

17. Humble Heart — Matt McChlery

In 2019, Matt McChlery’s song “Humble Heart” came out as his album’s title track. This gospel song is a prayer to God to give him a humble heart, melt his pride, and make him more like the Lord. It has a gentle mood that is easy on the ears and is great to play before you doze off to sleep.

16. I Walk the Line — Johnny Cash and The Tennessee Two

Johnny Cash, also known as the Undertaker due to his choice of fashion, is also here in our compilation. On his 1973 album Johnny Cash with His Hot and Blue Guitar!, he performed the folk-blues piece titled “I Walk the Line” backed by the band The Tennessee Two. The song’s lyrics focus on his humility, gratitude, and promise of loyalty to Vivian Liberto.

15. Nothing Else — Cody Carnes and The Belonging Co

Cody Carnes released the album Awe + Wonder in 2019, and among the Christian tracks on it is the song “Nothing Else.” The following words are certain to bring you to your knees.

I’m sorry when I’ve come with my agenda
I’m sorry when I forgot that You’re enough
Take me back to where we started
I open up my heart to You

With lyrics that are like a prayer of surrender, Cody Carnes and The Belonging Co.’s emotional ballad “Nothing Else” removes the pride that frequently keeps us from connecting with our heavenly father.


14. People Don’t Want That Real – Dee-1 

Dee-1 holds “People Don’t Want That Real” from God and Girls close to his heart because he thinks it’s one of his most genuine songs. It is a hip-hop song that describes how difficult it is for us to be less spiritual and conform to the world as humans. He sings honestly that he is not proud of the things he has accomplished, showing his humility as a person.

13. Humble King — Brenton Brown

Brenton Brown released a gospel song that is lovely to listen to and will surely uplift anyone’s spirit. From Brown’s Because of Your Love album comes this heartfelt ballad titled “Humble King.” The lyrics of the song are about how humble Jesus Christ is and how the singer aspires to be like Him, as the song’s title suggests.

12. Humility — Gorillaz

Looking for a song about humility with a hint of summery vibes? Then “Humility” from Gorillaz’ “Now Now album is for you. The band released this track in 2018, which also featured George Benson. The overall musicality of this song provides a sense of relaxation, making you imagine pine trees and the summer breeze.

11. Why Me — Kris Kristofferson

The song “Why Me” from Kris Kristofferson’s album Jesus Was a Capricorn is a great illustration of a humble song. It is a beloved ballad from 1972 that expresses the tenderness of a wonderful God choosing a sinner like him to be His child. The song “Why Me” will help you get through any challenging times you may encounter.

10. Get Low — Lecrae

We have another Christian song on our list but in hip-hop style. It is titled “Get Low” by the rap artist Lecrae. He included this track in his 2006 album, After the Music Stops. “Get Low” refers to bowing down to God, whom he describes as “…the God in the flesh we supposed to praise.” The beat and rhythm of this track will surely catch your attention.

9. Humble — Audrey Assad

You’ll instantly be enthralled by the opening seconds of the song “Humble.” From Audrey Assad’s Fortunate Fall album comes this calming Christian song. Audrey’s angelic voice and soft background track make this piece effective in clearing your mind and letting go of your worries. The song “Humble” demonstrates how Jesus is the ideal illustration of a humble man.

8. Here I Am To Worship — Passion Conferences

“Here I Am To Worship” is a worship ballad that most Christians can sing along to. It was first performed by Passion Conference, featuring Chris Tomlin, in 2002 for the album Passion: Our Love Is Loud. Along the song’s lyrics, you will hear the line, “Humbly, You came to the earth You created,” which refers to Jesus Christ, who became a man and paid us for our sins. “Here I Am to Worship” is a beautiful, heartfelt song to surrender your all and worship God.

7. Ain’t Too Proud to Bow — The Ark

Heads up, rock lovers! We have a track for you: “Ain’t Too Proud to Bow” by the band The Ark. It belongs to their debut studio album, We Are the Ark, which was released in 2000. You will be tapping your toes along with the drum beats. It has an enjoyable melody and rhythm. “Ain’t Too Proud to Bow” is a rock song that is easy to adore.

6. The Prodigal Song — Cory Asbury

The prodigal son tale is one of the most well-known and remarkable parables in the Bible. If you are unfamiliar with the story, it concerns a son who left home after requesting that his father give him his inheritance in advance. After using up all of his wealth and living in poverty, the son returned to his father, who was delighted to have him back. This is also the subject of Cory Asbury’s Christian song, “The Prodigal Song,” whose melody and Cory’s country vocals are a perfect fit for the heartwarming tale. You’ll shed a tear or two listening to this masterpiece from To Love a Fool.

5. Be Humble — Akira the Don

No matter how high we soar, it is important to learn how to keep our winds on the ground. “Be humble, be grateful” are the two pieces of advice Akira the Don repeats over and over again in the chorus of his song “Be Humble.” He performed this track from his album MEANINGWAVE MASTERPIECES II with the legendary Anthony Bourdain. The lines in this pop song are delivered in a distinctive musical style that makes them sound almost conversational. You will nevertheless ponder your life as a result of this song’s powerful impact.

4. Spotlight — Andy Grammer

The lyrics in the song “Spotlight” will hit differently as they sound so raw and personal. This pop track is performed by Andy Grammer along with Swoope and Andy Mineo. It also has a rap part, and it features a memorable chorus. In the first verse, Andy Grammer sings, “Yeah, my mama raised me to be a humble man.” “Spotlight” from Andy’s album Naive will make you want to listen to it nonstop.

3. HUMBLE — Kendrick Lamar

In 2017, the hip-hop song “HUMBLE” was released by rapper Kendrick Lamar. You can listen to this song’s dope beat on his album, DAMN“HUMBLE” is a widely popular song with over 900 million plays on YouTube that preaches how we should “be humble” and “sit down.” With its infectious rhythm, you will certainly stop what you’re doing and vibe with this song. Moreover, it also won the Grammy Award for Best Rap Song.

2. On The Ground — Rosé

Rosé of the Korean pop group BLACKPINK recorded a pop song titled “On The Ground” on her album R. It came out in 2021, and as expected, it boomed on the internet, with over 300 million YouTube views as of this writing. In the song, Rosé details her journey as an artist and how she looked for missing puzzle pieces and found them on the ground. It goes to show how humble she is as a celebrity. Musically, it features techno sound effects that make this song fun to dance to!

1. Humble and Kind — Tim McGraw

Taking the top spot is a Grammy awardee, bagging the Best Country Song award. It is “Humble and Kind” by the famous country artist Tim McGraw. Tim included this track in his album Damn Country Music. He didn’t only release a song but also wrote and published a book of the same name. “Humble and Kind” is a touching song about always staying humble and kind. It is a beautiful masterpiece that should be played everywhere.

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