21 Songs About Idaho (2023)

If you’re looking for a destination where you can travel to unwind and take in some lovely scenery, give Idaho a try. This state is renowned for its breathtaking landscapes, diverse gem treasures, and abundant wildlife. Additionally, it is a state with rapidly changing weather and where the majority of potatoes are grown.

Because of this, those who have fond memories of Idaho deem it worthy to be the subject of songs. Ranging from country to rock genres, these songs about Idaho are gems worth treasuring, like the state itself.

21. My Little Idaho Potato – Mike Bryant

For our first song about Idaho, let’s listen to Mike Bryant’s “My Little Idaho Potato,” where he mentions several U.S. states, including this Gem State. This classic country vibe is what this song, which is from the album I Need You Strong For Me, brings to its listeners. As he describes a unique woman whom he calls “My Little Idaho Potato.”

20. Idaho – Josh Ritter

Isn’t it heartbreaking to have to leave both the place and the person you’ve learned to love? American singer-songwriter Josh Ritter describes that feeling as “haunting” in his song “Idaho.” It is a wonderful folk song for unwinding because of the mellow and gentle guitar melody and poetic lyrics. This track is part of Josh Ritter’s album called The Animal Years.

19. Nowhere in Idaho – Rednex

In 1995, the Swedish musical group Rednex also released a country song titled “Nowhere in Idaho.” It can be found on their album titled “Sex & Violins.” While you are listening to this song, you will be overcome with feelings of longing for your past memories and the good times spent with your loved ones.

18. My Idaho Home – Ronee Blakley

What place can you describe as your “home?” In Ronee Blakley’s 1975 song, it is clear that it is Idaho. She penned a touching piece about her childhood memories as a child in Idaho, where she centers on her parents’ love and life. “My Idaho Home” is a folk song that was released for another great work of art, the film Nashville.

17. Twin Falls – Built to Spill

“Twin Falls,” from Built to Spill’s rock album There’s Nothing Wrong with Love, was released in 1994. While the main musical component of this rock song is the lead guitar, which has a rock melody, the lines are delivered gently. As a result, this rock song is not loud and is best played while closing your eyes.

16. Idaho State Fair – Johnny Granger

The original Johnny Granger recording of “Idaho State Fair” dates back to 1951. In 2009, this song was reissued as part of the American Yodeling album. This amusing song is about a woman he met in Idaho but later lost. You’ll undoubtedly be reminded of classic songs from a bygone era.

15. Lady Idaho – Brenn Hill

Let’s take a short break from classic pieces and give Brenn Hill’s soothing country song a listen. This song from Brenn Hill’s ReRides album was released in 2018. You will imagine some honey flowing as you listen to his beautiful descriptions of this state’s scenic landscapes, which will also make you want to visit it.

14. Sweet Potato – Mustard Plug

“Sweet Potato,” a track from the ska band Mustard Plug’s album “Skapocalypse Now!” that opens with intriguing guitar riffs and then transitions into jazzy instrumentation, will undoubtedly awaken every cell in your body as they sing the lines:

I can’t stop dreaming about you,
how I love you so.
I can’t stop dreaming about you,
my girl from Idaho.

This tune, originally released in 1992, is fantastic for getting your groove on.


13. Idaho Girls Aren’t Real – renowho 

In 2022, a rapper known as renowho released this song with a catchy beat. The song “Idaho Girls Aren’t Real” has that contemporary feel that today’s generation adores. This title track, which lasts 2 minutes and 39 seconds, is both upbeat and laid-back at the same time, making it a great addition to your chill beats playlist.

12. PERFECT PLACE – Kai Hydro

Off of Kai Hydro’s 2022 album Lord of the Fly comes this song titled “PERFECT PLACE.” It’s about meeting someone at a perfect place but at the wrong time, describing her as this:

She a dancer girl at idaho state
We met up outa the states
Couple thousand miles away
From all my thousand mistakes

This track also falls under the hip-hop category and will boost your spirits as you listen to it.

11. Private Idaho – The B-52’s

Another rock song we have about Idaho is from the album called Live Studio Jam, 1978 (FM Radio Broadcast) released by the band The B-52’s. Since “Private Idaho” was released in 1978, it has ’70s-inspired music that will make you want to relive those moments and groove to it.

10. Idaho Says Hi – Tyler Scruggs

“Idaho Says Hi” is a song that can be found on Tyler Scruggs’s album titled Televangelist. Scruggs is a multi-talented artist who works in the fields of music and film. Listening to this alternative pop song with its rock music track features a catchy tune, which is why you will undoubtedly feel energized after listening to this song.

9. Cranky – Winterpills

“Cranky,” a heartfelt song written and performed by American indie rock band Winterpills, is about to break your heart. This indie song from their album Winterpills is about a friend named Cranky who is moving to Idaho, and it is about how he feels lost about her being miles away. This is both a depressing and soothing song that will hit you hard.

8. Interstate – The Refreshments

Let’s take a listen to the performance of the band The Refreshments in the year 1996. This track is taken from the band’s album titled “Interstate.” The rock song, which is a part of their Fizzy Fuzzy Big & Buzzy album, has anthemic lyrics and a vibrant musical track where it mentions the Gem State.

7. Idaho – Arbour Season

Arbour Season, a folk husband-and-wife duo, also has an acoustic song about Idaho. The alternative song “Idaho,” which honors the state in which they grew up, is incredibly moving and pleasant to listen to. They recently released it as the title track of their album this 2023. If you want to feel the fresh air through music, you’ve gotta listen to this piece!

6. Let Love – Audio Adrenaline

Playing the song “Let Love” by the band Audio Adrenaline will give you a rush of adrenaline if you listen to it. You will hear the line “Let love, soak down through Idaho” while the upbeat instrumentation is playing in the background. It is a rock song from their album Don’t Censor Me, which was released in 1993.

5. Spirit Bend – Escape the Stake

This 2021 song by the folk musician Escape the Stake, “Spirit Bend,” is played through a ukulele and has that vintage feel. You can hear this stunning and honest song from the album The Outsider, where the lyrics go, “I’ll follow the winding road
It’ll take me through Idaho.” This song’s words are wise and skillfully written.

4. Saddle Tramp – Marty Robbins

The following song, “Saddle Tramp” by Marty Robbins, will help you relax and feel more at ease. This single is best played just before going to sleep because it will make you want to sleep right away. The soothing voice of Marty Robbins and the sparse instrumentation make for pleasant listening.

3. Idaho Superstar – Donald Holton

Feel free to snap your fingers as you enjoy this upbeat country song titled Idaho Superstar.” This track about Idaho was released by the artist Donald “Donny” Holton from his 2021 album Don Holton Collection. It’s worth listening to because it strikes the ideal balance between enjoyable instrumentation and comforting vocals.

2. All the Debts I Owe – Caamp

Caamp, an American folk band, features this alternative track with a mixture of fast and slow-paced melodies of a banjo and a guitar being played, which also gives off those country song vibes. “All the Debts I Owe” was released in 2016 on their self-titled album and contains the following lines:

Keep your lights down
Keep your voice down low
Wear your hair down
Whichever way you go
And I’ll meet you in Idaho

It is an emotional song with a powerful plot about someone who is willing to do anything to give his family a better life, even if that means doing things they shouldn’t.

1. Idaho – The New Amsterdams

As we close the curtains, we will conclude this list of best songs about Idaho with yet another laid-back song. In the year 2000, The New Amsterdams issued the single “Idaho.” Because of its sorrowful melody and lyrics, this track from their album titled “Never You Mind” has a gloomy feel to it. Surely, this track will leave a lasting mark on you.

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