21 Songs About Indecision (2023)

Making decisions is one of the parts of life that everyone considers the hardest. No matter how big or how small the decision we have to make is, it will make or break us. In addition, some people tend to make decisions quickly, while others suffer from being indecisive.

Whenever artists have a hard time making up their minds, they express themselves through music and write songs about indecision. Listed below are the finest songs about indecision:

21. Should I Stay or Should I Go —The Clash

To kick off this list, we have a famous punk rock song that tackles a romantic dilemma a lot of us can relate to: whether to stay or to leave. It is titled “Should I Stay or Should I Go,” performed by The Clash. The track appeared on the group’s studio album, “Combat Rock,” which was released in 1982. Everyone will undoubtedly enjoy this song’s catchy guitar riffs, rousing rhythm, and contagious chorus.

20. I Can’t Make Up My Mind — The Zombies

Let us jam with “I Can’t Make Up My Mind,” another fun classic from the group The Zombies’ Begin Here album. Listening to this track is guaranteed to make you feel rejuvenated. It is a song about indecision, as evident from the lyrics, such as:

I can’t make up my mind; someone has to help me

I never seem to know what to do; I just can’t decide for myself

It was 1965 when this cool classic track was released, and it has since received love from music lovers.

19. Did You Ever Have to Make Up Your Mind? — The Lovin’ Spoonful

Even though The Lovin’ Spoonful’s song “Did You Ever Have to Make Up Your Mind?” is only a two-minute-long track, it is more than enough to satisfy our ears because of the clever use of time that makes it seem like you have been listening to it for a while. Do You Believe in Magic, the band’s debut album, contains the timeless folk-rock song.

18. Paradise by the Dashboard Light — Meat Loaf

The classic rock song “Paradise By The Dashboard Light” was recorded by American musician Meat Loaf for his album“Bat Out of Hell,” which was released in 1977. Its lyrics tell the story of two lovers deciding whether to take it to the next level or not. Its delightful musical quality will erase your problems in an instant!

17. I Fall Apart — Elton John

“And I fall apart with this threat of indecision hanging in my heart,” were the exact words Elton John put in his song “I Fall Apart.” This emotional song is the final track on Elton John’s 1986 album The Leather Jackets. “I Fall Apart” falls into the category of pop-rock with flavorful instrumentals that add tenderness to the song’s mood.

16. always be you —  David Byrne and Montaigne

Let’s take a brief break from the classics to admire the vocal talent of David Byrne and Montaigne. In 2022, they worked together to create the song “always be you” for making it! album. Its musical genre is hyper pop with a touch of techno sound effects. Despite the fact that the first verse claims that the other partner initially seemed to have made the wrong choice, it comes to a satisfying conclusion with them always choosing one another.

15. Indecisive — Snoh Aalegra

Snoh Aalegra’s “Indecisive” is on its way to a million plays on YouTube since its release in 2021 for her album Temporary Highs in the Violet Skies. Her expressive delivery and vocal range are highlighted in this soul song. After its intro, the song’s backing track switches from a mellow one to an upbeat one. The song “Indecisive” focuses on her current relationship and its ambiguity.


14. The Dilemma — You Me At Six

The rock song “The Dilemma” by You Me At Six was released in 2011, and due to its upbeat rhythm and relatable lyrics, it immediately became popular. It appears on the album Sinners Never Sleep by the British group. In “The Dilemma,” a romance between two people is depicted from a different angle, which the singer considers “a very different version than you’ve ever heard.”

13. Hot N Cold — Katy Perry

The song “Hot N Cold” established Katy Perry in the pop music genre. She sings about being in a toxic relationship with someone who isn’t sure whether he is ready to spend his life with her as her husband. This catchy pop single from her album One of the Boys is enjoyable to dance to and listen to, not to mention its amusing music video.

12. My Dilemma — Selena Gomez

Playing this audio still feels brand new, even though Selena Gomez’s pop song “My Dilemma” was published eight years ago. When the Sun Goes Down, her 2011 album, featured this song. The lyrics show how she is in a pickle because of a guy. Many people, especially Selenators, believe that “My Dilemma” is one of her undervalued songs. Overall, you’ll be mesmerized by Selena’s distinctive vocals and the energetic pace of the song.

11. Say Yes — Elliott Smith

Elliott Smith’s “Say Yes” from the Either/Or album is an excellent pick if you’re looking for a calming song about making decisions. You’ll be drawn to his soothing voice as he somberly discusses the fallout from their recent breakup. Because it only lasts two minutes and 19 seconds, you’ll want to listen to it again when it’s over. Whether you are experiencing the same thing or not, this alternative piece is sure to make you feel emotional.


10. Jenny — The Click Five

Do you know someone who is hard to read? That’s the subject of our next entry. It is the song “Jenny,” which is featured on the album Modern Minds and Pastimes by The Click Five. This timeless pop-rock song is about a woman named Jenny, who confounds him with her ambiguous words and deeds. You will love playing “Jenny” over and over again because of its excellent lyricism and seductive rhythm.

9. Chasing Pavements — Adele

“Chasing Pavements” is a track from Adele’s 2008 album “19,” which helped launch her career. The song talks about having a hard time deciding whether to let go of something or keep trying. The song’s lyrics are heavy and personal, with Adele’s powerful vocals adding to the vulnerability of this track. As a result of its enduring appeal to listeners all over the world, “Chasing Pavements” has become a timeless classic.

8. Do I Have to Come Right Out and Say It — Buffalo Springfield

Feel free to sway your body while the famous rock band Buffalo Springfield’s “Do I Have to Come Right Out and Say It” is playing. It features mesmerizing instrumentals and the members’ harmonious vocals. The song’s lyrics discuss the dilemma of whether to confess his love or not. This 1966 track is off the band’s self-titled album.

7. Torn — Natalie Imbruglia

Back in 1997, Natalie Imbruglia presented her song “Torn” to the public. It is a pop track on her Left of the Middle album. Since then, “Torn” has become a famous heartbreak and resilience song, thanks to its emotive lyrics and Natalie’s impressive vocals. This song will make you feel nostalgic and bring memories flooding back.

6. How Far I’ll Go — Auliʻi Cravalho

“How Far I’ll Go” is a soulful soundtrack for the popular Disney film Moana. It was performed by singer and Moana voice actor Auli’i Cravalho. Its lyrics explore the idea of having the guts to go against the opinions of others and follow your heart and passion. You can’t help but want to keep singing this uplifting and sentimental song.

5. Confused in Love — Keyshia Cole

Our next track is the R&B song “Confused in Love” by Keyshia Cole. In the lyrics, she shares her confusion over a prior love and her realization that she doesn’t want to grieve about it once more. This song was made available in 2010 as a part of the Calling All Hearts album. Her passionate voice and the upbeat nature of the song make for a delightful mix.


4. Complicated — Carolyn Dawn Johnson

Carolyn Dawn Johnson recorded “Complicated” in 2001 as her second single from Room with a View. It’s a mellow ballad about falling in love with someone who leaves her uncertain as to whether or not her feelings are reciprocated. Playing this song brings back fond memories, and it also has a lot of emotion to it.

3. Dilemma — Dave Luxe, Kelly Rowland, and Nelly

The Grammy Award for Best Melodic Rap Performance went to this R&B song titled “Dilemma” by Nelly and Kelly Rowland. This song can be found on Nelly’s Nellyville album. Despite having peaked in the early 2000s, it is a timeless song because of its memorable melody, which you won’t be able to resist singing along to as soon as you hear it play.

2. Indecision — Sampha

The English singer-songwriter Sampha’s R&B track “Indecision” is a perfect entry for our list of indecision-themed songs. This alternative track is a melodious piece that will give its listeners a certain sense of peace. The song appeared on his first studio album, Process, in 2017. “Indecision” shows Sampha’s versatility both as a singer and as a pianist.

1. Indecisive — Newton Faulkner

We hope you decided to stay with us until this first spot because we present to you a beautiful masterpiece by Newton Faulkner. It is titled “Indecisive” from Newton Faulkner’s Studio Zoo album. This pop song’s memorable hooks will surely make you fall in love with it and play it on repeat. You will realize how Newton deserves more exposure due to his unique craftsmanship.

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