21 Songs About Insomnia (2023)

Do you remember a time when you couldn’t sleep? The human brain is said to be at its most productive at night. As a result, people have a hard time sleeping, and some resort to medication in order to get some shut-eye. Many different things can cause someone to have trouble sleeping.

Since this is a situation that affects a lot of people, we’ve compiled the top songs about insomnia just for you. After all, it makes sense to spend those restless hours listening to music you will surely enjoy.

21. Insomnia — Craig David

One of the songs one will first think of when it comes to the subject of insomnia is this pop-dance song by Craig David. “Insomnia” is from his album Greatest Hits, which then became a dance craze after its release in 2008. The infectious beat of this track, along with Craig David’s soulful voice, makes it an irresistible song to groove to!

20. Tossin’ and Turnin’— Bobby Lewis

It is true that when one has trouble falling asleep, there is nothing else to do but toss and turn all night long, which is frustrating. In 1961, Bobby Lewis released the album Tossin’ & Turnin’, which included a song about that situation. Ritchie Adams and Malou René wrote the song of the same name. You can travel back in time with its retro atmosphere and enjoy its amazing musicality at the same time.

19. Insomnia — Faithless

A 1995 classic track is up next. It is titled “Insomnia” from Faithless’ Insomnia album. It encapsulates the struggle of dealing with insomnia. He wishes, “Insomnia, please release me and let me dream” in this trip-hop song, and it will definitely give you chills. This classic features a timeless electronic tune that everyone loves to go back to.

18. Go To Sleep (Little Man Being Erased) — Radiohead

The guitar riffs in Radiohead’s indie song “Go To Sleep (Little Man Being Erased)” will hook your interest right away. The rock band dropped this song on the Hail to the Thief album back in 2003. Its political lyrics and appealing tune make this piece one that is not easy to forget. “Go to Sleep” focuses on feeling helpless, the same thing an insomniac feels.

17. I’m So Tired — The Beatles

The legendary rock band The Beatles’ rendition of “I’m So Tired” is very expressive, and one can actually get a sense of how tired they are because of the way they sing it, as evident in the following lines:

I’m so tired
I haven’t slept a wink
I’m so tired
My mind is on the blink

This laid-back folk-rock song is from the band’s self-titled album from 1968, and it talks about being willing to give up everything “for a little peace of mind.”

16. The Lion Sleeps Tonight — The Tokens

Surely, the intro to “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” will ring a bell. This classic song was originally written and recorded by Solomon Linda and popularized by the group The Tokens in 1961, earning it a number-one spot on U.S. music charts. It offers a rhythm and blues style that will hypnotize you as you listen to it more. “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” does not directly mention insomnia, but it seems to refer to a group of people finally being freed after long, restless nights.

15. Sleep — My Chemical Romance

Let us rock out with one of the faces of rock music: My Chemical Romance. The band’s famous album,  The Black Parade, includes the track “Sleep.” “Sleep” is a punk-rock song with absorbing instrumentation and lyrics that deal with having nightmares and repetitive words saying, “Just Sleep,” as if it is a powerful order to someone having trouble sleeping.

14. Stay Up Late — Talking Heads

We have another classic from 1985. It is the song “Stay Up Late,” recorded by Talking Heads for the Little Creatures album. It features playful lyrical delivery and an upbeat backing track that will have you snapping your fingers. The song “Stay Up Late” combines elements of classic pop and rock to create an earworm.

13. Nights — Frank Ocean

Frank Ocean compares insomnia to a drug, as heard in the line of his song “Nights,” which goes, “This feels like a Quaalude, no sleep in my body.” This contemporary R&B piece can be found on his album titled Blond. “Nights” has a relaxing effect, and its mix of instruments and synths gives it a more powerful vibe that will stick with you for days.

12. I Can’t Sleep — Poorstacy

A broken heart is one of the common reasons that one has a hard time falling asleep. In 2020, Poorstacy dropped a hip-hop track titled “I Can’t Sleep” as part of The Breakfast Club. Poorstacy and iann dior worked together to record this lead single, which is about suffering from insomnia caused by someone who broke their hearts. This track has an enticing vibe that is enjoyable to listen to.

11. I Bet You Think About Me — Taylor Swift

 Taylor Swift also talks about having sleepless nights as she sings, “3 a.m. and I’m still awake, I’ll bet you’re just fine” in her song “I Bet You Think About Me.” Taylor re-recorded this country-pop piece in her album Red (Taylor’s Version), where she duets with another great singer-songwriter, Chris Stapleton. The grabbing tune of “I Bet You Think About Me” will have you pressing play over and over again.


10. Lights — Ellie Goulding

Ellie Goulding’s “Lights” is so uplifting and memorable that it may give its listener the “last-song syndrome” due to its infectious nature. The song “Lights” has been nominated for several Billboard Music Awards, including Top Pop Song and Top Streaming Song (Audio). The title track’s electronic pop rhythm and Ellie’s soothing voice strike the ideal balance between upbeat and chill that you will fall in love with as she sings, “And I’m not sleeping now; the dark is too hard to beat.”

9. Sleepless — The Decemberists

With its sorrowful melody and depressing lyricism, the song “Sleepless” by The Decemberists is a nice piece to play if you wish to feel sleepy and be lulled to sleep. The rock band’s performance of this indie folk track and its deep words can surely make anyone emotional. You can stream this seven-minute-long song on their album Dark Was The Night (Red Hot Compilation).

8. Brain Stew / Jaded — Green Day

The line “Having trouble trying to sleep, I’m counting sheep but running out” is how the rock band Green Day describes their difficulty overcoming insomnia. This alternative rock song from BBC Sessions came out in 2009 and is still being played all over the world to this day. It features addictive instrumentation and profound lyrics that will stick in your head.

7. How Do You Sleep? — Sam Smith

Sam Smith’s “How Do You Sleep?” was released in 2019, and it was an instant hit. When you take in the words “I wonder how he sleeps after breaking his heart,” you’ll feel a sharp pang of emotion. This infectious pop tune can be found on the compilation album Ultratop Hit Connection Best of 2019. Although the song itself isn’t directly about insomnia, the lyrical theme is that a person who intentionally hurts another person should have to deal with sleeplessness themselves.

6. Daysleeper — R.E.M.

“Daysleeper” is a classic indie rock song performed by R.E.M. in 1998. Their album, Up, includes this track, which is taken from the point of view of a salaryman. This piece received a nomination for the Danish Music Award for International Hit of the Year. Daysleeper‘s narrative, arrangement, and vocals show how brilliant R.E.M. are as a musical band.

5. Insomnia — Nightwatchers

Nightwatchers also recorded the classic hit “Insomnia,” which was originally by Faithless and was released in 1995. Nightwatchers’ rendition carries a gothic style that is guaranteed to send shivers down your spine. It effectively captures the struggle that comes with sleeping disorders. This version, featured on the band’s album Insomniacs, maintained the original’s electronic rhythm.

4. I Can’t Sleep — Powfu

Listening to the song “I Can’t Sleep” by Powfu at 2 a.m. will surely hit you harder, especially if you are also suffering from insomnia. “I Can’t Sleep” is a lo-fi track from the Some Boring, Love Stories album. It’s about the low point that comes after a breakup. Because of the emotional impact of the music, you will feel every single word deeply.

3. Blinding Lights — Rosalía and The Weeknd

 Here’s a song that’s been viewed over 700 million times on YouTube since it was released in 2020: “Blinding Lights” by The Weeknd. Its catchy hook and rhythm will stay in your head forever. In addition to being the album’s title track, “Blinding Lights” took home the Juno for Best Recording Engineer. It’s an extremely enjoyable song and a masterpiece that has won the hearts of people as The Weeknd’s mesmerizing voice sings, “No, I can’t sleep until I feel your touch.”

2. Can’t Sleep Love — Pentatonix

Pentatonix, an a cappella pop group, has gained international renown for its incredible harmonies. Their song “Can’t Sleep Love” from their self-titled album is a prime example of this. It has a contagious quality and a catchy tune. “Can’t Sleep Love” is about wanting to experience the kind of love that keeps one awake at night. This must be the best kind of sleeplessness.

1. Fireflies — Adam Young and Owl City

Our number one pick is an excellent choice for getting to sleep because of its soothing and comforting nature. If you like dreamy songs, we highly recommend you listen to Owl City’s “Fireflies.” This electronic band recorded this masterpiece with Adam Young in 2009 and it has been a crowd favorite since. “Fireflies” from the Ocean Eyes album is magical in the sense that it sounds uplifting and bright, but is actually gloomy and sad, as evident from the lines,Please take me away from here ’cause I feel like such an insomniac,” and “When I’m far too tired to fall asleep.” 

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