21 Songs about Kevin (2023)

Many musicians have written songs that are inspired by important people in their lives. Some people just speak about them in an anonymous manner, while others mention their actual names – just like the name Kevin. There are many songs that center on this well-known name, ranging from pop to rock and everything in between.

So, sit back and unwind while listening to this selection of the best songs about Kevin.

21. Megan & Kevin – Anne Heaton

To kick off the vibe, we have a track from the talented and clever female artist, Anne Heaton. “Megan & Kevin” is a piece from her album Black Notebook, which she penned as a wedding gift for her friend Megan. This lighthearted folk song playfully narrates Megan and Kevin’s love story, making it a fun and enjoyable tune to listen to.

20. Full on Kevin’s Mom – Soundgarden

Get ready to jam to Soundgarden’s rock song. The song “Full on Kevin’s Mom” appears on their 1989 album Louder Than Love. This track is complete with the features of a rock song, such as heavy drums and bass, a guitar solo, screams, and a fast tempo. It’s an excellent pick for a fun road trip.

19. Kevin Gates – Safari Bari

Next up is “Kevin Gates” by Safari Bari, a track released in 2020. It is a rap song that is the title track of his album as well. Although some people might find the lyrics to be too steamy, there’s no denying that the hip-hop vibe will get you moving. In the song, he mentioned his fellow rapper, Kevin Gates, saying, “Get freaky like Kevin Gates.”

18. Kevin Johnson – Margo Cilker

From the Pohorylle album by Margo Cilker comes this catchy folk-country song titled “Kevin Johnson”. The lyrics start introducing a certain Kevin Johnson, from where he was born until he became a father himself. At first, it seemed pleasant, but as the song goes on, it takes a darker turn, as if he ends up turning out to be a toxic father to his children. Your interest will be piqued by this song’s captivating narrative and melodic hook.

17. Free Kevin – Dono Vegas

A bit similar to the earlier song “Kevin Gates” is Dono Vegas’ rap song titled “Free Kevin.” Dono Vegas’ album No Excuses released in 2020 contains this, track which also involves explicit content and profanity. Moreover, the American rapper Kevin Gates is also mentioned, saying “Kevin Gates be on repeat.” If you’re into hip-hop songs, then give this upbeat track a listen.

16. Mephisto and Kevin – Primus

The American rock group Primus performs “Mephisto and Kevin” for the American animated television program titled Chef Aid: The South Park. It includes a quick, entertaining narration about Dr. Mephesto, a character in the said TV series, in between the chorus. You’ll enjoy this five-minute song for its distinctiveness.

15. Kevin Carter – Manic Street Preachers

You’ll certainly jam to this lively song by Manic Street Preachers called “Kevin Carter.” This rock-pop track belongs to their Everything Must Go album. It features flavorful instrumentation that will uplift your spirits as you listen to it. This is a tribute song to Kevin Carter, a photojournalist from South Africa who committed suicide not long after being haunted by the horrifying pictures of the Sudan famine where he took home the Pulitzer Prize.

14. Cousin Kevin – The Who

The band The Who released “Cousin Kevin,” an alternative rock song, in 1969. It is a song off of their album Tommy and centers on accounts of bullying as the singer prescribes cruel measures to be used against a particular cousin named Kevin. You’ll be amazed by the vocals and the instrumentation, despite the song’s allegedly sadistic lyrics.

13. The Kevin Song – The Guy Who Sings Your Name Over and Over

Our next song is rather peculiar. “The Kevin Song” is written and performed by Matt Farley under the band The Guy Who Sings Your Name Over and Over. This hilarious pop song was released in 2012 and lasts for one minute and 16 seconds. Don’t be mindblown if you check his album Fun With Names Songs and find that all the hundred songs of names used the same song duration and the same backing track. You’ll either burst out laughing or scowl at this song.

12. Kevin’s Heart – J. Cole

J. Cole sings the first verse of “Kevin’s Heart” over a very basic backing track at the beginning, followed by the drum beats after about 30 seconds. This rap song, which appears to be an allegory of American comedian Kevin Hart’s 2017 infidelity, is from his 2018 album KOD. This tune will bring you mixed emotions as you listen to it.

11. Free Kevin Kjonaas – Goldfinger

The American punk-rock and ska-punk band Goldfinger released their album Hello Destiny in 2008. One of the songs on it is a rock song called “Free Kevin Kjonaas,” an upbeat track that will move you because it was motivated by Kevin Kjonaas’ arrest, a young animal rights activist. Musically, its beat is catchy and features amazing vocals and arrangements.

10. Kevin Durant – T. Slack

T. Slack features this hip-hop title track on his album Kevin Durant, which was released in 2019. It’s a homage to popular basketball player Kevin Durant. The energetic rap beat and catchy phrases like “I feel like Kevin Durant” make it an engaging song to get your groove on.

9. Kevin Barry – Hank Locklin

The following song will make you feel things as Hank Locklin sings about 18-year-old soldier Kevin Barry, who was executed in Dublin. This martyr’s name is used as the title of this holiday song from the album Irish Country. As you listen to this tune, chills will spread throughout your entire body.

8. Kevin’s Song – The Goo Goo Dolls

The Goo Goo Dolls, a group best known for their hit single “Iris,” come next with Kevin’s Song, a punk song from their 1990 album Hold Me Up. Even though it is only an instrumental piece, you’ll enjoy how the drumbeat and the other instruments’ pleasing harmony give it the quality of good music. There has never been an official explanation from the band as to why it is called Kevin’s Song.

7. Kevin – Pansy Division

Performed by the American rock band Pansy Division is a pop-rock piece titled “Kevin”. It is a single from the band’s album Wish I’d Taken Pictures released in 1996. It features upbeat instrumentation as the vocalist sings about a myserious, attractive man named Kevin. This is a nice song to add to your playlist of joyous tracks.

6. R.I.P. Kevin Miller – Isaiah Rashad 

Coming up is a song performed by an American rapper named Isaiah Rashad as a tribute to Kevin Miller. “R.I.P. Kevin Miller” belongs to his 2014 album Cilvia Demo and features the tune from P’s 1997 track “Weed & Money.” This is both a touching and an entertaining ode that highlights Isaiah Rashad’s skill as both a rapper and a storyteller.

5. Hi My Name Is Kevin – Otis Julius

American musician Otis Julius (formerly Big O) released this rap song “Hi, My Name Is Kevin” for the classic and all-time favorite movie Home Alone. This song can be found on Otis Julius’ self-titled album, Otis. With its vibrant performance and infectious rhythm, this track proves to be a great choice for revitalizing your day.

4. Give My Love to Kevin – The Wedding Present

This alternative rock song from the band The Wedding Present narrates the story of a man who discovers his partner’s infidelity with another man named Kevin. Titled “Give My Love To Kevin,” the track features impressive instrumentation that is sure to uplift your spirits. It was released in 1987 as part of the album George Best, and remains one of the standout singles from the album.


3. Kevin – Mares

In 2022, Mares, a Swedish boy band, unveiled a new track called “Kevin” as part of their album Svanesång, which translates to “Swan Song.” While the lyrics may not be in English and only the name Kevin may be recognizable, the song’s instrumentation is enough to deliver a relaxing and uplifting vibe to the audience. Overall, “Kevin” is a great addition to the album and a testament to Mares’ musical talent.


2. All Up on Ya Lips – Kuntkevin

Right from the get-go, this song demands your attention. “ALL UP ON YA LIPS” is a rap track by Kuntkevin, featured in the album of the same name. The production is dominated by a powerful bass and drums, lending a groovy and seductive feel to the track. The lyrics are centered on Kevin, highlighting his desirable qualities in an alluring and suggestive manner.

1. Kevin – Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

Down to our last track is “Kevin” by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. This alternative-rap track showcases the duo’s prowess for creative lyricism and profound songwriting. Touching on themes of politics, social issues, and personal struggles, this introspective piece delivers a hypnotic effect to its listeners. “Kevin” can be found on their 2016 studio album titled This Unruly Mess I’ve Made.

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