21 Songs About Low Self Esteem (2023)

Songs about low self-esteem are very common among musical artists because it somehow reflects their own experiences as a singer or songwriter. These songs could have varied genres, musical histories, and inspirations. Regardless, they build a powerful emotional impact on their listeners, young and old alike. So, whenever you feel so critical of yourself, just hold on to these best songs about low self-esteem and you’ll surely be uplifted.

21. “Guess I’m Dumb” by Glen Campbell

Album: Burning Bridges | Style: Pop

This song speaks clearly of how one feels to be not himself, probably someone who feels dumb for being in love. The short but concise narration of the lyrics is a direct expression of a person’s low self-esteem that listeners can easily comprehend. Overall, the song deserves the credit it must have had.

20. “Nowhere Man” by The Beatles

Album: Rubber Soul | Style: Pop Rock

To note, this song isn’t a love song, but fans just love it as much because it talks about something more humane. The song describes a man who is out of direction in his life and who doesn’t have concrete plans for his life, vividly representing someone with very low self-esteem.  A lot of listeners could see themselves in this person’s shoes. Generally, the song evokes a sense of empathy for those who may be struggling with feelings of isolation or aimlessness in their own lives.

19. “I’m A Loser” by The Beatles

Album: Beatles for Sale | Style: Rock

This is another song that features a persona with very low self-esteem. The song describes him as a failure for losing both love and life and resigning to just whatever fate decides for him.  A reinforced sense of hopelessness lures within the song all through the end. Despite the bleak message, this song remains to be a fan favorite over the years.

18. “My Stupid Mouth” by John Mayer

Album: Room for Squares | Style: Pop

Just like the persona in the song, we also have the same tendency to be so reckless and hasty with our words that all we could wish for is to take them back. Of course, words said cannot be taken back so easily, so that is maybe the reason why this song continues to be so appealing to most audiences. It is a reminder for everyone to think before we speak.

17. “Down In A Hole” by Alice In Chains

Album: Dirt | Style: Grunge, alternative rock

For people who feel so low esteemed due to isolation and despair from addiction, this song is very much compelling. It describes someone stuck in a downward spiral of addiction who struggles to find a way out. It spirals into feelings of hopelessness and emotional devastation. However, it still gives us hope that despite the seemingly deep hole we are in, we can always find the courage to creep out of it.

16. “Insecurities” by Jess Glynne

Album: Always in Between | Style: Pop

It could be inferred that the song centers on feelings of insecurity and self-doubt as it talks about a woman wondering whether she is good enough for her partner or not. There is also a hint of worry in the woman’s perspective as she fears her partner to leave her if she does not stand up to his expectations. Many people have likely experienced the negative impact of comparing themselves to others which is why we should remember to support and uplift each other rather than tearing each other down.

15. “Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself” by Jess Glynne

Album: I Cry When I Laugh | Style: Pop

This very encouraging song reminds us that nobody is perfect and everyone makes mistakes one way or another; thus, we do not have to be so hard on ourselves whenever we do not measure up to the standards of others. Who cares, anyway? As long as we are happy and we possess high self-esteem, we surely are going to be fine.

14. “Scars To Your Beautiful” by Alessia Cara

Album: Know-It-All | Style: Pop, R&B

Surely, we all have flaws and scars that somehow, we shy ourselves from people because of these. However, Alesia Cara in this song, encourages us to embrace every scar and flaw, literally and figuratively, within ourselves and love ourselves with all these imperfections. This song has become famous among teenagers struggling with their self-confidence and self-esteem.

13. “Insecure” by Sauti Sol

Album: Midnight Train | Style: Afro-pop, R&B

Both personalities in the song reflect on their insecurities, however, from different perspectives. The woman is described to be insecure with her looks because she doesn’t see herself as beautiful. On the other, the man sees her beauty but feels so insecure about it and feared that the woman may try to look someone better than him. Ultimately, this song emphasizes the importance of communication and self-love in overcoming insecurities.

12. “Unpretty” by TLC

Album: FanMail | Style: Pop

“Unpretty” is an empowering song for women dealing with body image and self-confidence while trying so hard to conform to certain beauty standards. The song delves into the negative impact of this experience on one’s mental health. Overall, the song urges its listeners to treat themselves with utmost respect and kindness and to always look in the mirror to reflect on one’s prettiness above all else.

11. “Where Is My Mind?” by Pixies

Album: Surfer Rosa | Style: Alternative rock

Many listeners find this song to be a thought-provoking and emotionally impactful song about feeling fucked up in life and struggling to relate to one’s own emotions and thoughts. It inspires listeners to reflect on their own mental state and seek help if needed. This song is a re-statement of the fact that whenever you do not know where your head is headed up, don’t tolerate it, instead do something about it and stir things around to your advantage.

10. “Self Esteem” by The Offspring

Album: Smash | Style: Punk rock

This song is endearing with a kind of honesty that is both vulnerable and heartbreaking. It illustrates a kind of toxic relationship where only one partner is in total control while the other partner is insecure and trampled on. There is a speck of emotional violence depicted in the song. Fortunately, this song had its chorus resound the person’s need and desire to break free from this cycle.

9. “Rock Bottom” by Eminem

Album: The Slim Shady LP | Style: Hip hop

Many of us could relate so much to this song because no matter where we are right now, we sure have experienced hitting rock bottom once in our lives. The song vividly describes the typical life struggles of someone who is so broke and the struggles of finding a way out of such a difficult situation.  More than the depressing life, this song talks about resilience and perseverance on another note.

8. “Low Self Opinion” by Rollins Band

Album: The End of Silence | Style: Alternative Rock

“Low Self Opinion” is about the destructive nature of low self-esteem and negative self-talk. It laments the societal pressure and validation that a person experiences. The aggressive and intense sounds of this song capture the equally intense message of its lyrics. Most fans find comfort in this song as it speaks about how others may see you differently from what you may think of yourself.

7. “Crawling” by Linkin Park

Album: Hybrid Theory | Style: Alternative Rock

Some people are victims of circumstances, and this song is dedicated to these people battling the demons in their lives. It states the idea of how hard to be crawling out of one’s skin and the helplessness that comes along with it. Although the song grapples with the persona’s fight for self-esteem, it offers a glimmer of hope and determination.

6. “Cry Pretty” by Carrie Underwood

Album: Cry Pretty | Style: Country Pop

This deeply moving song resonates with people who experienced life events that shook their worlds but unfortunately, they cannot cry out loud on it for some reason. “Cry Pretty” reminds us that it is okay to cry and to show our vulnerability occasionally. However, when we lose control of our emotions, we must remain at our best self with the most remarkable self-esteem.

5. “She Hates Me” by Puddle Of Mudd

Album: Come Clean | Style: Alternative Rock

This touches on the themes of frustration and self-pity as a result of betrayal and loss of relationship. The title itself connotes the idea that the man felt that the woman hates her so much to have hurt him so badly. The sarcastic tone and lyrics offer a sense of validation and release to these emotional fallouts.

4. “I Suck” by Mark Ronson

Album: Late Night Feelings | Style: Pop

The title itself suggests that the persona in the song has very low self-esteem and is suffering from the inner turmoil of self-doubt and inadequacy. The song’s honest and vulnerable lyrics create a bittersweet atmosphere. Yet, the song inspires listeners to embrace their imperfections and move forward with optimism.

3. “Loser” by Beck

Album: Mellow Gold | Style: Alternative rock, folk rock, hip hop

This song has been interpreted by a lot of fans as a parody of everything negative, specifically Beck’s lack of rap skills. The sarcastic commentary in this song can also be associated with the desperation of those who feel left behind by society in general. So, for people who always feel they don’t fit in, this song is a comfort.

2. “Stressed Out” by Twenty One Pilots

Album: Blurryface | Style: Indie Pop

The transition from childhood to adulthood could undeniably be something stressful as the song implies so. It reflects on the wishful thoughts to become a better person during childhood, only to find out during adulthood that it would have been better to remain in the confines of childhood. It’s quite ironic how a person feels so insecure and burdened when he already achieves what he wished for. Musically, “Stressed Out” creates a unique and memorable sound in the hearts of its audience.

1. “Creep” by Radiohead

Album: Pablo Honey | Style: Alternative rock

This song speaks for someone who has always been an outcast, someone who always wishes to be special. The persona in the song regards himself as someone weird, someone who is a creep, and someone who doesn’t belong to anyone or anything. Released in 1993, the song continues to be a timeless cultural touchstone, inspiring artists and listeners alike to embrace their inner “creep”.

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