21 Songs About Miami (2023)

Everyone wants a good life. When you ask people how they picture an enjoyable life, a lot of them would say that it’s hanging out by the beach, listening to awesome music while partying with your friends. Most of us live far from the beach and only experience vacations like this a few times a year. Not for folks from Florida! Miami, to be exact. They can go to the beach everyday if they want to.

Here are 21 Best Songs About Miami which can bring you to that wonderland.

21. Miami by Will Smith

With 75M views on YouTube, this old song still holds true. When you’re feeling cold, you dream of the beach, and like Will Smith, you’d like to ride a plane and fly straight to Miami. Enjoy the beach, ride your speedboat, go to exclusive parties, and drink in that Miami life.

20. Move to Miami by Enrique Iglesias ft Pitbull

These two Latinos sang together about this woman who is so fine that she’ll make you fall in love and move in with her. Guess where? “She’ll make you move to Miami.” The music video of this song featured a lot of dancing and partying. This song is a part of Enrique Iglesias’ 2021 album Final (Vol. 1)


19. I’m in Miami Trick by LMFAO ft Pitbull

LMFAO became so popular because of their fun and upbeat party songs. Will they miss out on Miami’s party scene? Nope! “Drink all day, play all night” is the recurring line in this song. Its video shows a timeline of how partying would look like in Miami. This song was featured in the Kardashian sisters’ reality show “Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami.”


18. Miami 2 Ibiza by Swedish House Mafia ft. Tinie Tempah

This song is about the twin beach party destinations – Miami and Ibiza. With 97M views on YouTube, it is a refreshing video of a woman who parties all day in Miami, rides her yacht, swims in the ocean, and does it all over again in Ibiza. This song is from Swedish House Mafia’s 2010 album Until Now.

17. 305 To My City by Drake ft Detail

From his 2013 album Nothing Was The Same, Drake sings about one of his favorite places in the US. 305 is Miami’s area code and he has mentioned Miami in so many of his songs. This song in particular talks about this woman who Drake encourages. Her profession is NSFW but Drake gets her, understands her, and is even proud of her.

16. 305 Till I Die by Pitbull

An ode to his hometown, Pitbull sings about Miami, as he does in a lot of his songs. He is proud of where he is from. Life hasn’t been easy for Pitbull but he aims to inspire others that even if he came from such humble beginnings, achieving success is still possible.

15. Damn I love Miami by Pitbull and Lil Jon

Mr. 305, Pitbull is at it again. As the title suggests, this is a party song about how fun it is in Miami. Pitbull mentions places like Calle Ocho, Cutler Bay, Perrine, Miami Heights, the Grove, and Overtown. The entire city has a party vibe. This song was also played in the 2020 movie Bad Boys for Life featuring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence. It’s the third movie installment of the Bad Boys franchise.  

14. Miami – U2

U2 sings of a woman from Miami. She seems like a woman that you’ll never forget, much like the place itself. The song is peppered with so many details about Miami, such as the cigars, the big hair, and southern accents. As they say – there’s no place like Miami. This song is included in their album entitled Pop that was released in 1997.

13. Born and Raised in the County of Dade by DJ Khaled ft Pitbull, Trick Daddy, Rick Ross

Florida is known as the county of Dade. Its history came from Florida being named after Major Francis Langhorne Dade back in 1836. DJ Khaled lived a great portion of his life in Florida and he would even mention that “Miami raised him.” Born to immigrant parents, his is a story of success. They started out hard up on cash but he was able to hone his talent and be a DJ to the world. This song is featured in his 2006 album, Listennn…The Album.

12. Defend Dade by DJ Khaled x Pitbull x Casely

These guys truly love Miami. Their loyalty is fierce and they sing about it proudly in their songs. Here is another ode to Miami from these men. This song is in DJ Khaled’s album entitled We Global, which was released in 2008. It features Casely and Pitbull.

11. Miami, My Amy by Keith Whitley

Let’s take a short break from club music and listen to this adorable country song by Keith Whitley. This is a short love song about a girl named Amy who lives in Miami. Not coincidentally, Miami sounds exactly the same when the singer calls her “My Amy.” He lives in California but he is willing to forget it and leave his city in a heartbeat to be with his Amy in Miami.

10. Hablame de Miami by Gente de Zona ft. Maffio

Here is a reggaeton song about Miami that will surely make you want to dance. Let’s listen to reggaeton this time around. It’s such a fun genre that’s almost impossible not to dance to. It’s all in Spanish but it translates to how fun it really is in Miami. Miami has a lot of Latino influences given its location. A lot of the famous singers and rappers from 305 have a rich heritage. The music video of this song shows how to party in Miami. What an exciting party place! The music, the parties, the beach, and the bars. No wonder Miami is so famous! 

9. International Love by Pitbull ft Chris Brown

This party song is one for the books. Pitbull has become well-known globally, hence from Mr. 305, he is now known as Mr. Worldwide. International Love is a song about a woman whose love is better than anywhere else in the world. What’s almost touching here is Pitbull always pays homage to Miami. He has lines such as “Fo’ sho three oh five to the death of me, Cremate my body let the ocean have what’s left of me” and “Been all around the world But I ain’t gonna lie there’s nothing like Miami’s heat.” Talk about loyalty.

8. Down to Miami by Emotional Oranges

This song is part of Emotional Oranges’ 2021 album entitled The Juicebox and it features the artist Becky G. It’s a slow R&B song of a strong woman who takes care of herself and can travel anywhere on her own without needing anybody. She has learned that her previous entanglements are not good for her. So she travels and thinks about flying down to Miami or other places like Ibiza or Paris.

7. Wasted in Miami by Moonshine

This song sings about licking your wounds after a heartbreak. No other place better to do that than in Miami! It invites us to forget about everything, to get wasted, and make foolish decisions. Never mind about the reasons or the aftermath. The phase after a break up is a limbo of some sorts.

6. Miami by Caroline Rose

From her 2023 album, The Art of Forgetting”, Caroline Rose sings about her heartbreak in detail. Her beloved has been cold towards her for a long time and has finally broken things off with her, nowhere else but in Miami. The way she deals with her misery is so honest. She sometimes has her mother’s support but her mother sometimes cannot take her pain anymore. This song shows the realization that end of relationships are also hard work. It is full of stress and you always question your worth in the end.

5. Miami – Baxter Dury

This song is slow and relaxing. It’s from the album Prince of Tears, which was released in 2017. It’s an alternative indie pop song which seems to be pretty egotistic and definitely NSFW. It has such a simple music video but audiences still watch it until the end. Play this song at your own risk.

4. I Met Her in Miami by Liberty City

Released in 1990, under their album Liberty City FLA, this song is a pretty relaxed R&B song about a girl in Miami. She’s one of a kind, drives a Ferrari, has such rare beauty. The guy fell in love in the best place in Miami – South Beach. Who wouldn’t want to be with an independent girl like that?

3. Swimming in Miami by Owl City

This is a song that is included in Owl City’s album Of June which was released in 2007. It sounds similar to their hit song Fireflies, with electropop elements. The lyrics to this song are cryptic and are subject to the listener’s interpretation. One thing’s for sure, as the title suggests, this is Miami inspired.

2. Miami by T-Pain ft Ace Hood

Pretty much NSFW, T-Pain and Ace Hood sing about how someone stays too long in Miami and gets trouble for it in their own personal lives. The women in their lives know how things go down in Miami; and if you overstay, there truly is something fishy going on. Take it from these rappers.

1. Miami Dolphins Fights Song by T Pain

Each US football team has a loyal fanbase. Here is the fight song of the Miami Dolphins! There is so much more to Miami than beaches and parties. They are mighty proud of their football team too!

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