21 Songs About Mirrors (2023)

The word “mirror” is frequently used in the context of music as a symbol for a number of different concepts, including the soul, reflection, vanity, the truth, and a lot more. Consequently, songs that are created about mirrors or one’s reflection are typically profound and sentimental in nature.

Although not everyone likes to see themselves in the mirror, listening to songs about it can have a lasting impact. Here is a list of the best songs about mirrors, in case you are interested in finding out more about them:

21. Mirror — Bobby

Let us hit it off with a hip-hop song from Bobby’s Dusk Till Dawn album. The lyrics are about a woman she loves, whom he sees in the mirror. Lil Wayne also sang the rap part for this 2012 track. While listening to the song, you will certainly be unable to press the stop button because of its contagious beat and rhythm.

20. Dancin’ With My Mirror — Corey Hart

Our first classic song entry for this collection is one recorded by Corey Hart. It is titled “Dancin’ With My Mirror” from Fields of Fire. It has a pop-rock style that will make you dance to it across the room. Lyrically, it revolves around how the mirror reflects the truth and how he chooses to dance with it.

19. Mirror, Mirror — Diana Ross

One of the world’s best-selling artists, Diana Ross, is also here to join the fun with her song “Mirror, Mirror.” It is a classic soul track from the 1981 album Why Do Fools Fall in Love, and its lyrics are inspired by the iconic line, “Mirror, mirror on the wall.” The inviting instrumentation and Diana’s mesmerizing voice will make you play it on repeat.

18. Objects in the Mirror — Mac Miller

A masterpiece by the late Mac Miller deserves our collective respect. The song “Objects in the Mirror” appeared on his 2013 album, Watching Movies with the Sound Off. This song’s heartfelt lyrics come from the singer’s own struggle, in which he vows to help himself and make positive changes to his life. Mac Miller’s skill as a musician is highlighted in this hip-hop track because of the sincerity with which he conveys his feelings.

17. I’ll Be Your Mirror — The Velvet Underground

Isn’t it nice to have someone who is willing to be your mirror, guide you, and light your path? That is what the classic song “I’ll Be Your Mirror” It was recorded by The Velvet Underground for The Velvet Underground & Nico. It is a romantic and comforting song from 1967 with a folk-style quality. You will go to bed feeling safe and sound with this track.

16. Mirror in the Bathroom — The Beat

Here is yet another timeless piece of music! Next up is “Mirror in the Bathroom” by The Beat, which can be found on their album titled I Just Can’t Stop It. This pop-rock tune is so inviting and enjoyable that it will make it difficult to stay still and not move your body while it is being played. The vocal and lyrical arrangements, as well as the musical accompaniment, are flawless.

15. Killer in the Mirror — Set It Off

Set It Off released a song titled “Killer in the Mirror” off their Midnight album. Cody Carson’s distinctive singing style gives this indie-rock tune a lot of character. In addition, the music’s instrumentation and tempo are striking. The lyrical use of the word “killer” isn’t meant to be taken literally; rather, it conveys the idea that we need to be mentally and physically strong to conquer the world. It’s the sort of tune you’ll want to write down and store away for later.

14. In the Mirror — The Interrupters

Stop what you are doing for a moment and jam to the song “In the Mirror” by The Interrupters. It has a lively melody and lyrics that will hit you hard. According to the lead vocalist, Aimee Interrupter, it is a personal song about her childhood and how long it took her to finally open that “ugly” chapter of her life. This band’s alternative rock song “In the Mirror” can be found on their album titled In the Wild.

13. Mirror — Sigrid

If you want to boost your confidence, psychologists recommend practicing self-compliments in front of the mirror by looking yourself in the eyes and saying encouraging things aloud. Sigrid, a Norwegian singer-songwriter, has a song called “Mirror” in which she declares her adoration for the person she sees in the reflection. From her album How to Let Go, this optimistic pop song helped Sigrid win the Danish Music Award for Danish Producer of the Year.

12. Broken Mirrors — Chromatics

Kill for Love is an album released by Chromatics in 2012. Among its tracks is “Broken Mirrors,” which will have you imagine walking in the middle of a forest while breathing in the oak-moss scent. Despite the absence of words, it has a musical quality that can instantly relieve your stress. It is an indie instrumental piece that is worth playing!

11. House of Mirrors — David McCallum

Up next is a musical gem from the Swingin’ Sixties! A wave of nostalgia will rush to you as you play “House of Mirrors” by David McCallum. It is a classic piece of music from his album Music: It’s Happening Now! Listening to the harmonious balance of the instruments’ sounds will make you relaxed and inspired.

10. Mirror Master — Young the Giant

Young the Giant’s album Mirror Master, which was released in 2018, features a song about mirrors and is titled “Mirror Master.” It is a great illustration of how a single song can awaken your very own soul. This indie piece centers on the idea that you are your own master, so no matter how complicated things can get, you can control how to respond to them.

9. Shit Mirror — Nine Inch Nails

In 2018, the rock band Nine Inch Nails dropped a single titled “Shit Mirror” on their album, Bad Witch. It possesses a rousing arrangement of instruments, as well as lyrics that are deftly written and go as follows:

Hey look what’s staring back at you
Caught reflecting in your eyes

Well I’m becoming something new
It’s getting hard to recognize

This piece of alternative rock has a soundscape that is absolutely mind-blowing, and you owe it to yourself to check it out!

8. Mirror Mirror — Dollar

Feeling down? You’ll feel better after listening to Dollar’s upbeat song, “Mirror Mirror.” It comes from The Dollar Album, which came out in 1982. This song has that holiday spirit that will bring back memories. “Mirror Mirror” is the product of Trevor Horn’s masterful production, which makes the song seamless and one that will endure for many years to come.

7. Mirror — Ider

Ever felt like you were not yourself despite looking at your own reflection in the mirror? You’re not alone, because the duo Ider has also gone through that. Their alternative rock song titled “Mirror” talks about how she keeps looking at the mirror but still finds a stranger. The brilliant lyrics, their stunning harmony, and the melody make this song a heart-touching one. Make sure to check out this song on their album, Emotional Education Make.

6. Fractured Mirror — Ace Frehley

Guitarists will certainly be impressed with Ace Frehley’s guitar skills as you play the track “Fractured Mirror.” It is a rock guitar solo from his self-titled album, which he recorded in 1978. The vulnerability in this song indeed resembles a fractured mirror. This piece was so masterfully orchestrated by this musical genius that it will help anyone who is struggling with depression or anxiety.

5. Devil in the Mirror — Black Veil Brides

The band Black Veil Brides will help you be invincible with their powerful track “Devil in the Mirror” from their self-titled album. This metal rock song was released in 2014, and it features insane drum beats and guitar riffs. In addition, Andy Biersack’s voice, as the vocalist, will also make you turn up the volume even more. “Devil in the Mirror” is about fighting your own demons.

4. Tears in the Mirror —Buckethead

The twelfth track from the album Captain Eo’s Voyage is “Tears in the Mirror.” It is an instrumental piece by an American guitarist named Buckethead. Its title is perfect for the feeling and effect this song gives because “Tears in the Mirror” can be an effective outlet for one’s deep-seated emotions. Despite the fact that it has no lyrics at all, the healing it provides is worth a thousand words.

3. Mirror — Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne’s rap song “Mirror” has a very great piece of advice. It is a message about the importance of looking at yourself in the mirror and being there for yourself through your darkest times. The lyrics are deep and will definitely hit you hard. Bruno Mars is also featured in this track from Tha Carter IV.

2. Hall of Mirrors — Siouxsie and the Banshees

Are you into Gothic style? If so, you will enjoy “Hall of Mirrors” by Siouxsie and the Banshees. Haunting is the best word to describe this indie pop-rock tune’s mood. The line “Even the greatest stars discover themselves in the looking glass” is repetitive, leaving a lasting mark on listeners. If you haven’t heard of their rendition of this 1977 classic song, you can find it on the album titled Through the Looking Glass.

1. Mirrors — Justin Timberlake

When it comes to songs about mirrors, Justin Timberlake’s masterpiece is the first track people think of. What’s the proof? It’s got more than a billion views on YouTube! It is an iconic song titled “Mirrors” from Justin’s The 20/20 Experience. “Mirrors” will give you eight minutes of beauty and nostalgia. This contemporary R&B song is about her partner, who serves as his own mirror, so this track is a wonderful choice to dedicate to your long-time partner.

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