21 Best Songs About Money (Of All Time)

Songs about money revolve around a wide spectrum of themes and experiences regarding money, whether it’s about having it, not having it, or its effects on people and society in general. The songs range from country ballads to hip-hop rock. Over the years, money had become an infamous motivation for songs to be sung and written by creative songwriters and singers alike. These artists had written countless songs about money to highlight people’s perspectives and sometimes criticize the culture that surrounds it.

Nevertheless, these 21 best songs about money would lead you to a lot of money-thinking and money-chasing.

21. “Easy Money” by Billy Joel

Album: An Innocent Man | Style: Pop rock, R&B

This song plainly talks about gambling and the point of view of a gambler who wants to have an easy source of money. In the song, this man could be assumed to be out of his best luck in finances which is why he resorted to gambling in desperation. Despite the negative activity implored in the song, The persona is obviously unapologetic because he even stated how he found pleasure in his newfound wealth. However, many listeners find this song to be a plain and simple reflection of the realities that poor people struggle with.

Easy money

With your figure and your face

Strutting out at every race

Throw a glass around the place

Show the colour of your crimson suspenders

20. “Money in the Bank” by John Anderson

Album: Money in the Bank | Style: Country Pop

If you are someone contented with the love you are getting from your partner, this is the perfect song to check out. The song talks about a man who is very loyal to his woman because he would in no way exchange her for any money in the bank, no matter how heap the offer is. Its lighthearted but infectious beat will surely make you groove and dance your soul out.

I got money in the bank (yea)

Shawty what you drank?

I got money in the bank (yea)

Shawty what you drank?

I got money in the bank (yea)

Shawty what you drank?

I got money in the bank (yea)

Shawty what you drank (crank it, ay)

19. “Bitch Better Have My Money” by Rihanna

Album: Anti | Style: Trap  / R&B

Released in 2016, this song was a product of the collaborative musical prowess of other rappers and songwriters like Kuk Harrell, Travis Scott, and Kanye West among others. In this song, Rihanna seems to be unforgiving to whoever owes her money and she is demanding payment urgently. The title itself of the song seems to utter a warning to whoever dares to cross her. A lot of listeners find this song controversial at the same time very easy to jive along with.

Bitch better have my money

Y’all should know me well enough

Bitch better have my money

Please don’t call me on my bluff

Pay me what you owe me

Ballin’ bigger than LeBron

Bitch, give me your money

Who y’all think y’all frontin’ on?

Like bra, bra, bra

18. “Take the Money and Run” by Steve Miller Band

Album: Fly Like an Eagle | Style: Classic Rock

The narrative style of this song follows a story of a couple, who decided to rob a bank due to boredom and probably to being high on drugs and alcohol. Though they seemed to succeed in their criminal act, they end up being on the run for most of their time because someone in authority is up on their tails. Listening to this song will somewhat take you to an imaginary movie scene full of cheeky action adventures.

Hoo-hoo-hoo, go on, take the money and run

Go on, take the money and run

Hoo-hoo-hoo, go on, take the money and run

Go on, take the money and run

17. “About the Money” by T.I.

Album: Paperwork | Style: Rap

Although this song seems to depict a boastful vibe of the singers’ financial status, a lot of their fans also find it an understandable reflection of the upbringing they got wherein they have the typical rags to riches story. Through this song, the singers emphasized that they do not have time to waste on things that will not gain them money. Despite the upfront declaration of power and status, the song’s catchy and energetic feel celebrates financial success and the benefits that come along with it.

If it ain’t about the money

Don’t be blowin’ me up, nigga I ain’t gettin’ up

If it ain’t about the money

Ain’t no use in you ringin’ my line, stop wastin’ my time

If it ain’t about the money

Nah I can’t even hear what you say, I ain’t finna do shit

If it ain’t about the money

Bitch, you can miss me with it, bitch nigga miss me with it

16. “Money Trees” by Lamar ft. Jay Rock

Album: “Good Kid, M.A.A.D City” | Style: Hip-hop Rap

This song reflects on Lamar’s humble beginnings and how he made his musical career as his shade on money trees. Money trees could also be metaphorically understood as a desire for easy money which leads to criminal activities. Although the song talks about a dark subject matter somehow, it still contains viable moments of hope and optimism making it a stand-out track among its fans.

And I been hustlin’ all day, this a way, that a way

Through canals and alleyways, just to say

Money trees is the perfect place for shade and that’s just how I feel (now, now)

15. “Make the Money” by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

Album: The Heist | Style: Hip-hop, rap

The song points out a lot of smart remarks regarding money and its influences. The chorus itself reminds us to stay true to our values amidst the financial temptations that come our way. A lot of artists could easily relate to the song as it focuses on one’s struggle to balance artistic integrity and financial success. Undeniably, this song brings out a powerful message about the interconnection of money, art, and social justice.

Make the money, don’t let the money make you

Change the game, don’t let the game change you

I’ll forever remain faithful

All my people stay true

14. “For the Love of Money” by The O’Jays

Album: Ship Ahoy | Style: Soul

Money is not evil by itself but the love for money is, and this song highlights this theme all throughout. It boldly discusses how hunger for money can destroy a person’s life and corrupt his soul. In today’s world where economic inequality and financial corruption are major issues, this song prompts its listeners to re-evaluate their own priorities and aim for a more balanced lifestyle.

For the love of money

People can’t even walk the street

Because they never know who in the world they’re gonna beat

For that lean, mean, mean green

Almighty dollar, money

13. “C.R.E.A.M.” by Wu-Tang Clan

Album: Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) | Style: Hip hop

The song’s title stands for “Cash Rules Everything Around Me,” which is a phrase that encapsulates the struggles faced by inner-city youth growing up in poverty, crime, and violence in their neighborhood, while also expressing their desire to escape these hardships through financial success despite the odds against them. Some listeners may find the song’s message unsettling or even depressing, but still, others reflect on it as their own lived experiences.

Take you on a natural joint

(C.R.E.A.M. get the money)

Here we here we go

(Dollar, dollar bill y’all)

Check this shit, yo!

12. “Mo’ Money Mo’ Problems” by The Notorious B.I.G.

Album: Life After Death | Style: Hip hop

The song is an outright commentary on the common notion that the more money you have, the more problems you got. It discusses the downside of having too much money as much as how relationships could be complicated with money involved. Typically, this theme reflects on so many fans which made this song unforgettable and recognizable since its release.

I don’t know what they want from me

It’s like the more money we come across

The more problems we see

I don’t know what they want from me

It’s like the more money we come across (yeah, yeah, a-ha)

The more problems we see

11. “Money” by Pink Floyd

Album: The Dark Side of the Moon | Style: Progressive rock, psychedelic rock

At a certain angle, this song can be viewed as something based on the dichotomy of how appealing money can be even to people who care so much for their fellows. It centers more on the idea that a lot of people are capitalists by nature. For some listeners, the song’s message about the lurking dangers of materialism and capitalism struck back to them in one way or another.


Get away

You get a good job with more pay and you’re okay


It’s a gas

Grab that cash with both hands and make a stash

10. “Rich Girl” by Hall & Oates

Album: Bigger Than Both of Us | Style: Pop rock

This 1977 hit song follows the story of a woman who tends to use money to get away from every nasty thing she does. The simple but potent music of this song spits out the singer’s disdain for such spoiled acts with ironic musicality all compiled in a delightful package of apocryphal notoriety. Whatever the reason, “Rich Girl” remains a beloved classic of the pop-rock genre and a testament to the enduring appeal of Hall & Oates’ music.

You’re a rich girl (rich girl), and you’ve gone too far

‘Cause you know it don’t matter anyway (rich girl)

You can rely on the old man’s money

9. “If I Had a Million Dollars” by Barenaked Ladies

Album: “Gordon” | Style: Comedy Rock

If you have a million dollars and be rich, what would you buy for your loved one? The humorous effect of the lyrics of the song is beloved by so many fans worldwide due to its playful and tongue-in-cheek suggestions of the things that the singer would likely buy with a million dollars on hand. Tagged to be a fun sing-along song, it continues to be one of the most fan favorites among Barenaked Ladies’ audiences.

If I had a million dollars

If I had a million dollars

Well, I’d buy you a house

I would buy you a house

And if I had a million dollars

If I had a million dollars

I’d buy you furniture for your house

Maybe a nice chesterfield or an ottoman

8. “I Need a Dollar” by Aloe Blacc

Album: “Good Things” | Style: R&B

For people who had experienced to be in dire financial situations before, this song would give more impact and emotional depth. The song echoes an overall feeling of hopelessness as the persona in the song even wonders how he is going to survive in the tomorrows to come.  Probably, all of us would similarly pray for someone to help us get through the financial difficulties of our time.  

I need a dollar, dollar a dollar is what I need

(Hey hey)

Well I need a dollar, dollar a dollar is what I need

(Hey hey)

And I said I need dollar dollar, a dollar is what I need

And if I share with you my story would you share your dollar with me

7. “Can’t Buy Me Love” by The Beatles

Album: “A Hard Day’s Night” | Style: Rock and roll

This hooky song rolls out the idea that no matter how many material possessions you may have, they simply cannot buy you love. Love, in this song, is depicted as something so valuable that it is indeed the ultimate ceiling to real happiness. “Can’t Buy Me Love” features the signature harmonies of The Beatles which leads this song to be a timeless classic that inspires and delights music fans of all ages.

I’ll buy you a diamond ring, my friend

If it makes you feel all right

I’ll get you anything, my friend

If it makes you feel all right

‘Cause I don’t care too much for money

But money can’t buy me love

6. “She Works Hard For The Money” by Donna Summer

Album: “She Works Hard for the Money” | Style: Classic / Dance-pop

This song is a perfect tribute to all hard-working women all over the world as it showcases the many hard works and struggles, they go through in their respective workforce. “She Works Hard For The Money” remains to be one of the most uplifting songs about women’s rights and empowerment up to this day. As a woman, you’ll surely take pride in who you are. As a man, you’ll really take a moment to appreciate every woman in your life.

She works hard for the money

So hard for it, honey

She works hard for the money

So you better treat her right

5. “Money Changes Everything” by Cyndi Lauper

Album: “She’s So Unusual” | Style: Pop Rock

We may all be too familiar with the cliché that money can’t buy love, but this song takes the opposite side of the lane because it talks about how money could trump love and human relationships. This is illustrated by the imagery in the song of a woman leaving her man for someone richer despite their vows for eternal love. Cyndi Lauper’s distinctive vocals spice up the thought-provoking aura of this song.

Money changes everything

I said money, money changes everything

We think we know what we’re doin’

That don’t mean a thing

It’s all in the past now

Money changes everything

4. “Money, Money, Money” by ABBA

Album: “Arrival” | Style: Pop

It is human nature to desire financial stability and independence, and in this song, a woman tells her similar story of dreaming of a life of wealth and luxury. In this song, the persona is describing how she has worked all day and night but still struggles to make ends meet. Thus, she came to believe that her only ticket to financial freedom id by marrying a wealthy man or winning a big-time gambling spree. With its ironic humor, a lot of listeners poke fun at these absurdities.

Money, money, money

Must be funny

In the rich man’s world

Money, money, money

Always sunny

In the rich man’s world


3. “Billionaire” by Bruno Mars

Album: “Doo-Wops & Hooligans” | Style: Pop

What would you probably do and who would you probably help if you were suddenly made into a billionaire? As this song was released during the time when America was facing a recession, it had become a more humanitarian statement especially when its lyrics mostly talk about using the money to aid in global rehabilitation like that of Hurricane Katrina. Overall, “Billionaire” is a fun and uplifting pop song that continues to be a favorite of Bruno Mars fans around the world.

Oh, every time I close my eyes

I see my name in shining lights

A different city every night, oh, I, I swear

The world better prepare for when I’m a billionaire

2. “Money For Nothing ” by Dire Straits

Album: “Brothers in Arms” | Style: Rock

There is a broader story behind the making of this song than what we normally expect, as this song is based on a true encounter of the band with a store employee.  From the store employee’s perspective, the singers (or artists) received money for practically doing nothing extraordinary, and they even get free services, as well. With these interesting commentaries, “Money For Nothing” remains a classic rock anthem on the hard-hitting critique of consumer culture.

See the little faggot with the earring and the make-up

Yeah buddy that’s his own hair

That little faggot got his own jet airplane

That little faggot he’s a millionaire

1. “Price Tag” by Jessie J

Album: Who You Are | Style: Pop

“Price Tag” encourages listeners to prioritize the things that truly matter in life, like love and relationships, over material possessions. Modern society is illustrated in this song as so frustrating enough that everything seems to have a price and this price seems to define its status. Thus, Jessie J encourages us to think and act otherwise because love and relationships are still the most important aspect of one’s life after all.

It’s not about the money, money, money

We don’t need your money, money, money

We just wanna make the world dance

Forget about the price tag

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