21 Songs About Montana (2023)

Because of Montana’s abundance of natural wonders and valuable resources, it is also known as the “Treasure State.” Montana is a great getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city because it provides peace and quiet that urban areas can’t.

Moreover, songs that celebrate the beauty of Montana, including its history, culture, and way of life, can also provide you with a sense of serenity. For your convenience, we have compiled the best songs about Montana as listed below:

21. Montana Song — Hank Williams Jr.

A great song that proves how relaxing living in Montana is “Montana Song” by Hank Williams Jr., as he sings, “I’m going to Montana to rest my soul.” This country singer included this song in his Hank Williams Jr. and Friends released in 1975. It has a lighthearted melody that captures the peace he also longs for.

20. Montana State Anthem — Chris Aable

Chris Aable, a singer-songwriter, has also written an ode to the treasure state, in which he praises all of the wonderful things that the state of Montana has to offer. The song is titled “Montana State Anthem” and is featured on his 2020 album, Montana State Songs. This country song is easy on the ears and can effectively put you in a good mood.

19. Montana Crossing — John Stewart

It is best to listen to Montana Crossing by John Stewart with your eyes closed to better absorb its soothing effect. Even though this is just an instrumental piece, its absence of lyrics is not a hindrance for you to feel the calmness of its melody. This song can be found in American Sketches, released in 1984.

18. Montana Sky — White Heart

The album Emergency Broadcast was released by the Christian rock band White Heart in 1987. “Montana Sky” is one of the tracks from it and is a great addition to your solemn worship songs. The lyrics of this song compare God’s unconditional love to an endless Montana sky. Listening to this song will certainly bring you hope and comfort.

17. Montana Lullaby — Ken Overcast

Ken Overcast, a versatile music performer, has a song called “Montana Lullaby” from his Montana Cowboy album. This country song is indeed a perfect lullaby that will give you sound sleep. Its backing tracks are so enticing and beautiful to listen to. In 2007, Montana itself chose this song to serve as the official state lullaby.

16. Goodnight Montana — David Walburn

It’s impossible not to jam with this groovy country track titled “Goodnight Montana,” performed by David Walburn. From the album MONTANA: Life Under the Big Sky, this melodious song talks about the entrancing magic of Montana, saying it is a place you can never say goodbye to, just good night.

15. Meet Me In Montana — Marie Osmond & Dan Seals

Dan Seals’ flawless vocals will take away your stress as he sings “Meet Me in Montana” with Marie Osmond. It has romantic lyrics and a mellow melody that will make you realize how even more beautiful this song becomes the more you listen to it. There’s No Stopping Your Heart features this timeless classic that will capture your heart.

14. Montana Rodeo — Chris LeDoux

Our Montana playlist also includes “Montana Rodeo” by Chris LeDoux. If you’ve never been to Montana or any other rural state, Chris will take you there in this song from his album Thirty Dollar Cowboy, in which he describes in detail what it’s like to live there. This tune from 1983 is just as easy on the ears.

13. Montana — Frank Zappa

Alright, let’s take a short break from country songs. We now have a rock song titled “Montana” from Frank Zappa’s Over-Nite Sensation. Frank has the charisma to win you over with his humorous take on music and then blow you away with his dedication to the craft. Listening to “Montana” is guaranteed to make you forget about all your troubles for a while.

12. Livingston Saturday Night — Jimmy Buffett

On a road trip with your friends and looking for a classic tune to crank up the stereo to? If so, then you need to listen to Jimmy Buffett’s ‘Livingston Saturday Night.” This folk tune, which gives off a lively and funky vibe, is featured on the album, Son of a Son of a Sailor. In addition, Livingston is a city in Montana where Jimmy Buffett visited and performed.

11. Montana — Youth Lagoon

Like the previous song, the next one is also called “Montana,” but this track by Youth Lagoon has an entirely different musical style. It was released in 2011 in the album The Year of Hibernation and has a touch of an alternative-mellow tune. It has a hypnotizing atmosphere and a unique identity. Youth Lagoon’s “Montana” is a melancholic and profound song with the lyrics, “There’s a spirit in Montana and in your chest, a soul.”

10. Cut Bank, Montana —Hank Williams Jr.

Going back to the country genre, let’s put “Cut Bank, Montana” on play and take in his musical prowess. In 1992, Hank Williams Jr. recorded this song for his album Maverick. Hank’s voice is comforting and warm, like having a blanket around you as you brave the night.

9. Big Sky Country — Acoustic Alchemy

Acoustic Alchemy made a song so beautiful and relaxing that you will certainly be refreshed while listening to it. It is their New-Age song titled “Big Sky Country,” which can be found in The Beautiful Game. This smooth jazz band played the instruments skillfully, effectively bringing you to a deep, sound sleep. “Big Sky Country” is another term people use to refer to Montana. 

8. My Home’s in Montana — Wylie & the Wild West

Wylie & the Wild West released an album called Cowboy Ballads and Dance Songs, on which one of the more relaxing tracks is titled “My Home’s in Montana.” This country song will make you feel at home wherever you are. The protagonist’s life in rural Montana is the inspiration for the song’s lyrics. It was released in 2006, but the music sounds like it originated in the 1800s due to its nostalgic quality.

7. All Through Montana — John Craigie

An eight-minute-long track is up next. It is “All Through Montana” from John Craigie’s Montana Tale. Though its duration is long, you will never feel bored at any point as this folk track is calming and captivating. In addition to John Craigie’s low voice, the piece’s melancholy atmosphere is created by the gradual progression of the lines.

6. Hey Montana — Eve 6

Eve 6, an American rock band, released “Hey Montana.” Max Collins wrote the song’s depressing lyrics, which detail the bleak existence of a woman at her darkest times. The combination of the song’s lyrics, vocals, and instrumentation creates an indie song with emotional depth. “Hey Montana” is on the album It’s All in Your Head, and is a song worth listening to.

5. Montana Cowgirl — Emmylou Harris and The Nash Ramblers

Let’s bring some cheer back into the room with “Montana Cowgirl,” performed by Emmylou Harris and The Nash Ramblers It has a colorful backing track, and it has a country feel that’s uplifting. It was included on the album At the Ryman, which came out in 1992. “Montana Cowgirl” is a stunning piece that will help you relax and forget your worries.

4. Big City — Merle Haggard

Feel free to tap your toes and groove along as we play the country song “Big City” by Merle Haggard. This song centers on a man who tried to follow his dreams in the big city but found himself wanting to go back to his hometown, MontanaIf you are a working man, you will undoubtedly resonate with and be moved by this 1981 title track.

3. I’ll Wait For You — Joe Nichols

Joe Nichols’ song “I’ll Wait For You” will have you weeping with its heartfelt lyrics. This country song from his album III follows the story of a married couple where the wife always waits for her husband, who is always away and was even stranded in Montana due to a snowstorm. Joe Nichols’ talent for effectively telling a story is highlighted in “I’ll Wait For You.” If you pass up the chance to hear this moving masterpiece, you will be missing out.

2. Rox in the Box — The Decemberists

In 2011, the rock band The Decemberists dropped a single called “Rox in the Box” on their album, The King Is Dead. This alternative folk-rock song tells the tale of the Speculator Mine disaster that occurred in Montana in 1917. “Rox in the Box” will win you over with its captivating background music and sentimental lyrics.

1. Home Is Where Montana Is — Bruce Anfinson

Finally, we are on our final track! Dreamy, majestic, and tranquilizing are only a few words to describe Bruce Anfinson’s “Home Is Where Montana Is.” It serves as the title track of his 1991 album and has lyrics about his love for Montana and how he considers it his home. This folk track has such a comforting quality that you will want to listen to it all night long.


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