21 Songs About Overcoming Obstacles (2023)

Listening to songs about overcoming obstacles conveys a feeling of determination and perseverance amidst the adversities of life. This kind of powerful music could easily lift up and encourage struggling souls to fight their inner battles.

At times when you feel like giving up because you are caught up with life’s seemingly unending loop of struggles, you can surely draw up strength from this song compilation.

Here are the 21 best songs about overcoming obstacles.

21. “Go The Distance” by Michael Bolton

Album: Hercules Soundtrack (1997)

Style: Pop ballad

Who wouldn’t feel like Hercules while immersed in this powerful, emotional ballad? The song vividly evokes the feeling of being lost and struggling to find one’s purpose in life. However, avid listeners of this song always find comfort and inspiration from it to follow their dreams. Michael Bolton nailed it in this song!

20. “Don’t Stop Believin’” by Journey

Album: Escape (1981)

Style: Rock, pop

This classic rock song would always make its listeners hopeful and happy. The lyrical narrative of the song talks about how life is a journey that goes on and on, and some are bound to win while some lose. Yet, despite this truth, just don’t stop believing in yourself and continue through life.

19. “Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor

Album: Eye of the Tiger

Style: Rock, Hard Rock

Do you have the will to survive? Eye of the Tiger is perfect for those who want to feel like a fighter – fierce and determined to win. The song’s lyrics are a message of power and determination to overcome obstacles in life, no matter how big. We never should lose grip on the dreams of the past.

18. “It’s My Life” by Bon Jovi

Album: Crush

Style: Pop rock

Indeed, this pop-rock song is not a song for the broken-hearted of the faithless. This song has a captivating notion of living one’s life the way they want it to be. It has a note of encouragement to seize life no matter what it takes, regardless of the consequences, and never allow anyone to dictate a route.

17. “You Are Loved [Don’t Give Up]” by Josh Groban

Album: Awake

Style: Pop

If you know someone who is currently suffering and going through a difficult phase in life, this is a perfect dedication song. It offers comfort and reassurance of being loved no matter what. More so, this song supports the idea of never being afraid to speak out your real emotions.                                                                      

16. “Here Comes The Sun” by The Beatles

Album: Abbey Road

Style: Classic

The coming of the sun in its lyrics suggests hope of a new beginning. The positive vibe of the song is a constant reminder that behind the darkness there will always be a speck of light to pave your way out. This timeless, classic rock will continue to touch the hearts of every generation as much as the sun comes out.

15. “I Won’t Let Go” by Rascal Flatts

Album: Nothing Like This

Style: Country

This song is rich with biblical verses. It suits best people who seem to have lost all hope in the world that God is their only refuge. This brings out God’s promise that he will never abandon our side in whatever challenge and obstacle we may face. The song pours out hope, compassion, and deep love.

14. “Win” by Brian McKnight

Album: Exodus

Style: R&B/Soul

After listening to this song, you’ll never let anybody tell you that you cannot do it. The smooth vocals of this song spark motivation to never give up when you fail. It also has that boosting vibe that could uplift the confidence of young and old folks alike.

13. “Life Is Worth Living” by Justin Bieber

Album: Purpose

Style: Pop

Despite the heartaches and painful struggles, this song will convince you that life is still worth living. It is a good song to give to people who think that the end of their troubles is to end their precious lives. The narratives in the lyrics capture the vulnerability of the human soul but the song has its own powerful impact to convince you otherwise.

12. “The Comeback” by Danny Gokey

Album: Rise

Style: Pop

Listeners find this song inspiring and motivating. As the title implies, this song is a celebration of second chances, new beginnings, and returning back. This is perfect for people who need a boost on their fresh start after falling apart. Nonetheless, this upbeat music is a reclamation of life.

11. “You’re Going To Be OK” by Brian & Jenny Johnson

Album: After All These Years: A Collection

Style: Pop

You sure are going to be okay after hearing this song. All throughout, there is a constant reminder that every suffering has its end and that you’ll get past your problems one step at a time.  The song evokes deep comfort and understanding of the pain and anxieties of humankind. Yet, it has an underlying meaning to be at peace and trust God for deliverance.

10. “Made A Way” by Travis Greene

Album: The Hill

Style: Gospel

Sometimes, when we are facing insurmountable challenges, our faith kicks in. This song exactly does that.  The mere thought that god has the power to make a way to get past your troubles is enough source of strength to overcome obstacles in life. No matter the circumstance, we just have to believe and walk passionately in the way made for us.

9. “Everything’s Gonna Be Alright” by Bob Marley

Album: Exodus

Style: Reggae

Legendary singer Bob Marley made his message clear through this song – that every little thing will be alright. Regardless of the intensity and severity of your current struggles, they will eventually work out in the end. This reggae music continues to remind today’s youth to keep pushing forward and endure the limits.

8. “When You Believe” by Whitney Houston feat. Mariah Carey

Album: The Prince of Egypt: Music from the Motion Picture

Style: Pop, R&B

Believing in yourself no matter the circumstance is the timeless message of this Houston and Carey’s rendition. The song inspires and encourages its listeners to hold on to an unwavering faith no matter how frail hope can be. The melody of this song rises above the common emotions of the human heart.   

7. “Strong” by Sonna Rele

Album: Strong (Cinderella Soundtrack)

Style: Pop Ballad

The soundtrack of Cinderella movie could possibly remain as one of the world’s timeless inspirational music for overcoming obstacles. It mirrors an empowering energy of one’s inner strength and resilience against life’s challenges. Just like Cinderella, you can come out stronger and better if you believe in yourself and continue to be hopeful.

6. “Skyscraper” by Demi Lovato

Album: Unbroken

Style: Pop Ballad

This song could keep you alive when the world seems shattered. It talks about rebuilding one’s self and rising up like a skyscraper after falling apart. This is a perfect motivational song for those who lack physical strength but have an unwavering determination to move on from a dark moment.

5. “Survivor” by Destiny’s Child

Album: Survivor

Style: Pop

A perfect song for survivors of very devastating heartbreaks. The empowering lyrics combined with its upbeat rhythm create a sense of inner strength to rise above negativities and criticisms. The persona of the song describes how much unexpectedly better she is after the relationship contrary to people’s common belief.

4. “Defying Gravity” by Idina Menzel

Album: Original Song from Broadway Musical “Wicked”

Style: Broadway

At one point or another, we tend to break free from the limitations that define us. This song reflects that inner desire to outgrow one’s self and overcome the limitations set by the norm. It calls out to its listeners to defy life’s adversities just like defying gravity.  The song has an overall feeling of self-determination and personal freedom.

3. “I Hope You Dance” by Lee Ann Womack

Album: I Hope You Dance (2000)

Style: Country Pop

This song is full of pure motherly love. This timeless music is a great dedication to your children as it will remind them of they should approach life when the time comes for them to battle with it. It encourages listeners to never be afraid to live life to the fullest and to never lose their sense of wonder.

2. “Rise” by Katy Perry

Album: Non-album single (2016)

Style: Pop

When life seems to be impossible to survive on, you’ll find yourself rising up just like Katy Perry. The message of perseverance and resilience in the song will surely hit hard on you. Remember to not just survive, but rather to thrive.

1. “Fight Song” by Rachel Platten

Album: Fight Song EP

Style: Pop

This song reminds us of what we can do if we put our heart and brain to it. It’s a fight song that urges us to stand up with all the little courage left in us and know that we are good enough for anyone. No matter how many heartbreaks there may be, just fight your way past the big waves of emotions.

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