21 Songs About Pennsylvania (2023)

It’s incredible how a place can leave us with so many imprints that last a lifetime. As for Pennsylvania, people who call it their home or got inspired by the place have interestingly unique tales to tell about it.

If you are looking for songs to enjoy about the Keystone State, then your wish is granted! Here is a collection of the greatest Pennsylvania-related songs ever written sure to delight your ears and your heart.

21. Have You Forgotten? – Darryl Worley

The 9/11 victims are remembered in Darryl Worley’s album’s title track, “Have You Forgotten?” The emotional lyrics of this country song, especially the line “Have you forgotten some went down like heroes in that Pennsylvania field?” will give you both a lump in your throat and tears in your eyes.

20. Driving Home – Cheryl Wheeler

19. Erase All The Miles –Russell Moore & IIIrd Tyme Out

This is a bluegrass song by Russell Moore & IIIrd Tyme Out from their album of the same name. This song laments the distance between a musician and his lover as he heads from state to state for gigs, including Pennsylvania. This track has a sad ambiance, but it’s very relaxing to listen to.

18. Camptown Races – Johnny Cash

Next is a traditional track titled “Camptown Races,” written by Stephen Foster and first released in 1850 in Foster’s Plantation Melodies. This song was given a delightful country makeover by Johnny Cash. If you like timeless, infectious tunes, you should give his rendition a shot.

17. Philadelphia Freedom – Elton John

Philadelphia, the largest city in Pennsylvania, is the highlight of this song. The person shares his love and the liberty he gets to enjoy. This rock tune was featured on the album Greatest Hits Volume II by Elton John. You’ll truly enjoy listening to its flawless instrumental and lyrical arrangement.

16. Pittsburgh Sound – Wiz Khalifa

American rapper Wiz Khalifa, originally from Pittsburgh, wrote and performed the song “Pittsburgh Sound.” as part of his 2006 album Show and Prove. As you listen to this rap song, you’ll find that the beat and his lyrics flow so well together in such a way that it makes you feel sentimental.

15. You’ve Got a Friend in Pennsylvania – New Found Glory

Known for their pop-punk genre, the American band New Found Glory released “You’ve Got a Friend in Pennsylvania” in 1999. The song is included on their album Nothing Gold Can Stay and features the old-school rock sensation. Prepare to feel energized as you listen to this fantastic song.

14. Allentown – Billy Joel

The Nylon Curtain, an album released by Billy Joel in 1982, debuted in the Top 10 on the Billboard charts. “Allentown,” a classic rock song about the struggles of the town, is included. You’ll appreciate how Billy is a talented singer and songwriter, and his songs have melodic hooks and insightful lyrics.

13. Pennsylvania Guys – Sloppy Secondz Music

Now, let’s try a comical Pennsylvania song entry by Sloppy Secondz Music. As you can recognize once you listen to it, it’s a parody of Katy Perry’s hit “California Girls”. The very first few lines of this pop track, “I know a place where the roads are full of potholes,” are guaranteed to have you in fits of laughter.

12. Streets of Philadelphia – Bruce Springsteen

Bruce Springsteen’s “Streets of Philadelphia” from his album Philadelphia: Music From the Motion Picture is an award-winning country song. Overall, it’s soothing to the ears, but the storyline is quite gloomy and depressing, so make sure you’re emotionally ready before giving it a listen.

11. Motownphilly – Boyz II Men

“Motownphilly” is a song by Boyz II Men from their album Cooleyhighharmony. It is an R&B track that centers around feeling on cloud nine as they now enjoy the things they used to dream of before. This song’s upbeat rhythm and recurring lyrics are very appealing and fun to listen to.

10. Fall In Philadelphia– Hall & Oates

This pop-rock track by Hall & Oates can be found on their album “Whole Oats,” which was released in 1972. It is widely considered to be one of the duo’s best songs. Despite the saddening storyline, there’s something about the song’s flavorful and catchy instrumentals that makes you think of simpler times.

9. “Seven” – Taylor Swift

Here’s a modern song, everyone. Taylor Swift, who grew up in Pennsylvania, talks about the story of a childhood friend in her song “Seven”. This indie track is released on her album Folklore. The combination of friendship, nostalgia, and innocence will make you fall in love with this piece.

8. Pittsburgh Town –Pete Seeger

Pete Seeger’s single track “Pittsburgh Town” is a one-minute-and-thirty-second folk song about the social and environmental issues plaguing the city at the time it was written. This song has an easing effect on the ears and a feel that is reminiscent of an older era of music.

7. Summers in PA – The Wonder Years

This song was released by the band The Wonder Years from their album Suburbia I’ve Given You All and Now I’m Nothing. They recall the wonderful times they had together in the Keystone State in this song. This is an excellent track for singing along with your friends or reminiscing about the good old days.

6. “New Sensations” by Lou Reed

Lou Reed was an American musician best known for his glam rock genre. In his album New Sensations, he released a song of the same name. In its third verse, he mentioned Pennsylvania, where he rode to and wandered.  With its vibe and Reed’s soothing voice, it’s a great song to relax and chill.

5. “Harrisburg” by Josh Ritter

Harrisburg, a city in Pennsylvania, is the subject of Josh Kitter’s song on his Golden Age of Radio album. It’s a folk and country song that’s almost historical in its lyrics.  In spite of this, you will find that you enjoy listening to this song due to the upbeat tempo and catchy tune it carries.

4. “Pennsylvania Turnpike, I Love You” by Homer and Jethro

This 1969 song on their album Homer & Jethro’s Next Album is Homer and Jethro’s tribute song to Pennsylvania. The opening of the song features a playful guitar riff as they goofily sing words of adoration about this route. It’s a cheerful country song that is refreshing to hear.

3. Pennsylvania Polka by Frank Yankovich

This country polka song written by Lester Lee and Zeke Manners belonging to the album My Sweet Home became a hit in the 1940s. During those years, it was a popular song for dancing for its lively and enjoyable instrumentals. The most famous rendition of this piece is the one by Frank Yankovich.

2.  My Pennsylvania Home – Dave Kline & The Mountain Folk Band 

Listen up, and get ready to jig to the bluegrass tune “My Pennsylvania Home.” It’s the title track of an album performed by Dave Kline & The Mountain Folk Band. The joyous lyrics and instrumental arrangement give away how much they adore the state and what tremendously talented musicians they are!

1. Sailing To Philadelphia – Mark Knopfler

This Philadelphia song by Mark Knopfler took the first spot on this list. It’s a single on their album Sailing to Philadelphia. It’s so calming that it will make you feel like you’re out on the open sea, sailing and enjoying the breeze. There’s no way you’re not gonna fall in love with this piece.


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